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Black Friday: Mad Rush for Konga Yakata as Prices Fall



Konga, Nigeria’s e-commerce giant has recorded a massive rush for its Black Friday sales tagged Konga Yakata which kicked off on Thursday November 8th, as eagers shoppers thronged the company’s online and offline platforms to be the first to take advantage of the price slashes and huge deals that greeted the commencement of the mega shopping fiesta.


Konga Yakata, widely regarded as the biggest shopping event of the year, is a month-long campaign which runs every day from Thursday November 8th to Friday November 30th 2018.


Feelers from within the company indicated that traffic to the website began to record a steady spike from the early hours of Thursday as thousands of early bird shoppers kick-started the hunt for bargain deals.


Calls to the Konga customer care lines and other feedback channels also increased exponentially as a result of the increased traffic recorded on the website.


Further spicing up the Konga Yakata offer is a series of exciting attractions including periodic flash sales, treasure hunts and other freebies for shoppers.


Konga’s network of retail stores nationwide also reported heavy traffic and footfalls for the commencement of Konga Yakata, as many shoppers sought to avoid the massive rush online by carrying out their Black Friday shopping in the nearest Konga store.


In Abuja, Uyo, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Enugu, Owerri and other locations, reports show that shoppers thronged Konga stores early on Thursday to see the items and price slashes on offer, with cash payment ranking as the most preferred means of payment.


Interestingly, many in-store shoppers also chose to place orders online for delivery of their items after concluding their selection.


The case was hardly different in Lagos where Konga stores in Surulere, Ikeja, Admiralty, Yaba, Trade Fair, Ikoyi, Ikorodu and Gbagada, among others, experienced increased human traffic from shoppers keen to be among the earliest to get their hands on the products and offers available.


For the first time since it instituted the annual Yakata sales as arguably the most anticipated event in the shopping calendar, Konga has added a new dimension with its network of retail stores also affording shoppers an opportunity to take part in the month-long sales.


In addition, the stores also provide a useful outlet for millions of unreached and under-served Nigerians in up-country locations who cannot partake in online shopping to experience the Konga Yakata sales.


The month-long shopping extravaganza will come to an end on Friday November 30th 2018.


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CRD Revokes Licences of 30 Courier Operators




The Courier Regulatory Department of the Nigerian Postal Service has revoked licences of 30 courier companies in the country.

Dr. Ishaya Diwa, General Manager, CRD, made the disclosure at a media briefing in Lagos yesterday.

Diwa said that the licences of the companies were revoked because the operators were not complying with the rules and regulations governing courier services.

“For the past two years, the CRD of NIPOST has consistently been trying to sanitise the courier industry with its continuous events, such as clamping down on companies.

“We need our courier operators in the country to work with the best standards, as courier business is a worldwide business and any form of infringement will tell bad for the country.

“This revocation is also a means of making the environment conducive and worthwhile for operators to thrive,’’ he said.

He said that the revoked courier operators were spread across the country, but the majority of them were in Lagos.

Diwa said that the criteria for revoking the licences were based on lack of renewal of licence upward to three years and activities done not in tandem with rules and regulations of NIPOST.

He cautioned the public to be aware of the revoked operators and desist from working with them.

Diwa said that revoking an operator’s licence was not a death sentence, noting that if an operator changed the mode of operations, it would have to meet certain criteria, pay the backlog of the penalty; before it would be restored to service.

Diwa said that the biggest challenge facing the CRD was that the smaller operators did not have fixed addresses where they could be seen physically.

He said that economic hardship were not good reasons for the operators to be cutting corners.

“The department has always been relaxed in enforcing rules, but, unfortunately, Nigerians like to take advantage of things with impunity.

“It is good to have a small and neat courier business in the country than having the proliferation of services.

“Presently, we have 108 courier companies that are healthy and financially stable, unlike when they were 300.

“The operators’ renewal fees in the country is about the cheapest in the world at N350,000 per annum. It is just that our people like cutting corners and that is not good for business,’’ Diwa said.

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Nigerian Study Wins WhatsApp Misinformation Award Grant



WhatsApp has announced the recipients of its $1 million research grants to academics from around the world for the purpose of studying misinformation and its impact on society. Fake news, calls for violence, election-related propaganda and other topics come under the different proposals for which the grants were given.

The goal of the research award is to facilitate high quality, external research on a wide range of topics by academics and experts who are in the countries where WhatsApp is frequently used and where there is limited research on the topic.

Tagged ‘WhatsApp Misinformation and Social Science Research Awards’, approximately 600 proposals were submitted and reviewed with the awardees representing the highest quality projects across several relevant research areas.  WhatsApp awarded 20 grants up to $50,000 each to researchers in several countries including Nigeria, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.

Among the winning projects is the research topic; ‘The use and abuse of WhatsApp in an African election: Nigeria 2019’, an international collaboration put together by Jonathan Fisher (University of Birmingham), Idayat Hassan (Centre for Democracy and Development, Abuja), Jamie Hitchen (AREA Consulting) as well as Nic Cheeseman (University of Birmingham).

The study employs multi-method social science research instruments including in-country interviews, focus groups and surveys to explore how WhatsApp is used by political candidates, and their campaigns and supporters to tailor messages to key audiences during elections.

The research will focus on two gubernatorial elections in the upcoming 2019 Nigerian polls – those of Kano (northern Nigeria) and Oyo (southern Nigeria).

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FIIRO Seeks for More Government Support on Infrastructure Upgrade, Cutting Edge Research



Mrs Gloria Elemo, Director-General, Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO), on Monday called for more support from the Federal Government to remodel, re-equip and re-tool its laboratories and workshops.


Elemo revealed that due to the age of the institute, most of its infrastructure had become obsolete and needs upgrading with state-of-the-art equipment.


She said this would enable the institute undertake cutting edge research and evolve the appropriate technology to make Nigerian youths and the economy more competitive globally.


“I want to commend the Federal Government, they have been very supportive. However, the institute still needs more funds for more inventions for the betterment of the institute and Nigerian youths.


“Science and Technology does not come cheap at all, a lot of funding is needed to create the best of technologies and also to come up with meaningful researches.


“Having enough fund will also enable the Institute to do more in terms of job creation for Nigerian youths,” said Elemo.


The FIIRO boss said the country could only survive through industrialisation, adding that investing in it would be beneficial and provide rapid results for economic growth.


Elemo said more support from the government would go a long way in making the plans of the institute for the development of youths and the country at large possible.


The FIIRO boss disclosed that, in order to rightly position the youth to contribute to the economy, the institute was collaborating with Lashone Links Communications Limited on an Industrial Reality Television show, targeted at the youth.


“The reality show is targeted at youths because they are the main drivers of the economy and the future of the country.


“The availability of more funds will help us replicate programmes like this from time to time for the benefit of Nigerian youths.


“We are also out to show that industrialization is not only the biggest employer of labour, but also results in huge economic prosperity,” Elemo said.






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