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Drama Continues On Sunlight’s Tv Drama Series

peter oluka

The Hausa Language TV drama series (with English sub-titles) from Unilever’s Sunlight detergent, has been on air for nine weeks now in various northern TV stations across Nigeria.

The drama series features intriguing story lines woven around Laraba (a school teacher) and the women in her community on how she helps resolve issues on crisis and relationship management for members of her community, in an educative and entertaining way. Through wit and charm she helps the people in her community navigate through the intrigues in their lives, teaching viewers important life lessons in the process.

In episode 8, Kande a 14year-old school student creates chaos by accusing Corper Aisha of snatching Ahmed - a teacher in her school - from her.

This leads Kande’s Aunt to report Aisha to Laraba and confront the accused. Aisha is devastated and packs out of Laraba’s house as a result. Well, this is a very interesting situation because in reality no such commitment exists between Kande and teacher Ahmed! Apparently she has a crush on him!

In this week’s episode, Laraba manages to convince Aisha to come back to the house but Ahmed would not let her be and she plays hard to get. Finally, Kande apologizes to Aisha through Laraba’s insistence and there was peace between them once more.

Jummai the Laundry woman also gets into trouble with one of her clients and Laraba through wisdom, helped to solve the crisis by offering a reward of One thousand naira (N1,000) to anyone who apprehends the thief. Laraba sure has a way of making things right and calming tensions around her!

According to the Brand Manager of Sunlight, Ojeabuo Akhiojemi the drama series replicates a story of a true Sunlight woman (Laraba) who is wise, versatile and resourceful as she helps her neighbors overcome the issues they face.

In his words: “The storylines are not only entertaining, but also reflect every¬day situations that every woman can relate to, and of course, our listeners have a chance to win prizes when they watch the drama series and interact with us via our Facebook page: