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KairoswebTV to Unleash Nigeria’s 1st Online PR Distribution, Radio, Other Services

peter oluka

Starting January 2017, KairowebTV will provide simultaneously the “start your own onlinetv channel and online radio” (SYOOCOR) service and the “DigitalPR Online News Distribution. Monitoring and Analytics”(DIGITALPRWIRE) services.

The disruptive nature of digitisation is about to bring the entire structure of conventional television and traditional press crashing down – and people can pick up the pieces, said Mr. Celestine Achi, founder and chief digital marketing strategist at Cihan Group‎, said the moves were driven by the believe that harvesting essential big data adds real value to business. "That’s why Kairoswebtv is designed to increase the value of your content and data. Because what real value does 1 million views on a general video or news platform mean, if in the end you do not own the accounts and data nor are the real time analytics available to you?‎

"Starting January, the new service SYOOCOR, which will be available to anyone, any agency or any brand, willenable you to launch your own interactive onlineTV channel and online radio station with a full web-based channel management system. It offers 24/7 availability, real-time statistics with unique interactive layers added to your content. Start disrupting your market today,

"Reposition your strategy and quickly Pre-Subscribe here to get more details".

He also said they discovered a gap between TV and online video. "The internet is full of independent videos, on-demand solutions but lacks real time TV experience. The traditional television offers no room for countless niche markets, topics or target groups in particular because of the specialised expertise, high costs of equipment in both broadcasting and content production.

"SYOOCOR becomes the sought-after solution. We deliver all our technology straight from our cloud. No more four-story buildings, packed with all kinds of expensive equipment and staff. KairoswebTV SYOOC makes it easy and cheaper to exploit and manage your own TV channel on the internet".

He added that within the same period, the Nigerian DigitalPRWireService which is the global Online News Distribution, Analytics and Monitoring service will be available for PR and communication professionals in Nigeria.

"The vision of the DigitalPR Wire service is to help you announce, distribute, amplify, analyse and monitor your newsworthy press releases, stories and events on over 300 online news portals across industry-leading online syndication networks, which include big names such as Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, CNNMoney, MarketWatch,Newsweek, Readers Digest,  CNBC, Reuters Health, CNET News,,,, WebMD, Wired, Tech Crunch, Engadget, Computerworld, InformationWeek, R&D Magazine and more in the Tech industry that attract a large viewership.

"As we look forward to a fulfilling 2017, we wish you and your dear family unspeakable joy and continued open heavens".