Google’s eMail App Gets Smart Reply

Google's e-mail app will soon suggest responses to e-mails, which will allow users to reply timeously and appropriately while on-the-go. The feature, called Smart Reply

WannaCry: Kaspersky Records Over 45,000 Attacks in One Day

Barely a week ago, the world, saw the beginning of the Trojan encryptor WannaCry outbreak. It appears to be pandemic — a global epidemic. “We counted more than 45,000

5 Reasons Your Smartphone Needs a Screen Protector

Everyone knows smartphones are on the pricy side and it can be quite frustrating to spend a large chunk of money on one and end up with a scratched or cracked screen.

Microsoft to Deliver Cloud Services from Datacentres in Africa

Last Night, Microsoft revealed plans to deliver the complete, intelligent Microsoft Cloud for the first time from datacentres located in Africa. This new investment is a

Digital Assistants Will Outnumber Us All by 2021- Report

The number of devices with digital assistants built-in will grow to over 7.5 billion in 2021, according to new forecasts by the research and consulting firm Ovum. That

Ericsson Collaborates with Microsoft Azure to Accelerate IoT Globally

Ericsson will further strengthen the global Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem with Microsoft by enabling enterprises to speed up the time it takes to launch mobile

WhatsApp Slammed with $122m Fine over Data Sharing with Facebook

The European Commission (EU), Thursday, sanctioned Facebook with $122 million fine for misleading information about its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014.

IS to Create Network-Agnostic IOT Platform

Internet Solutions (IS) has said it has a roadmap to create tech-agnostic Internet of things (IOT) platform to enable the vision of "hybrid IOT". In partnership with

SophosLabs Analysis Shows How Customers Can Overcome ‘WannaCry’

The team at SophosLabs said they analyzed the “WannaCry” attack shortly it began wrecking havoc across the globe and immediately issued a detection update for customers

 Yele Okeremi, MD/CEO, PFS

PFS Achieves CMMI-DEV Rating, Strengthens ICT Sector’s Trust

Having satisfied the requirements of all process areas of Capability Maturity Model Integration [CMMI] appraisal, Nigeria software powerhouse, Precise Financial Systems