Dayn Amade, Founder and CEO of Kamaleon

Kamaleon, Tech Start-Up Develops Solar Powered Mobile Computer for Africa

The Internet is one of the most important enablers of social development and education. While Internet services have been quite phenomenal in the rest of the world,

Smart Device Safety Paradox, Other Ericsson’s Hot Consumer Trends for 2017

Aside consumers expecting artificial intelligence (AI) to move from assistants to managers; virtual reality becoming indistinguishable from physical reality in only

1 Out Of 3 Companies Underprepared for Digital Transformation- Ovum

A new study from leading global data, market research and advisory firm Ovum has found that one third (33%) of enterprises globally are underprepared for “digital

Microsoft Nigeria Trains Over 10,000 Youths on Coding

In a bid to make computer science more accessible to millions of youths around the world, Microsoft Nigeria has trained over 10,000 Nigerian youths on Minecraft Hour of

Internet of Things in Utility Market Nears $11.73Bn

According to a market research report published by MarketsandMarkets, Internet of Things (IoT) in utility market size is estimated to grow from USD 4.63 Billion in 2015

Microsoft Foresees AR Tracking Your Keys, Entire Life

A patent filing by Microsoft hints at tech that would automatically keep tabs on everyday objects so you don't have to. The technology described in the patent filing,

Facebook, Google Top out Most Popular Apps in 2016

Facebook might not be as cool as Snapchat, but it still has the most popular app in the US, according to a Nielsen report for 2016 published Wednesday. In a year where

Cloud Communication Platform Market To Hit $4.45Bn by 2021

The report "Cloud Communication Platform Market by by MarketsandMarkets Shows the market is estimated to grow from USD 1.36 Billion by 2016 to USD 4.45 Billion by 2021,

Ransomware of Things', Jackware & Other l Activities to Impact IT security in 2017- ESET

Abusing information systems to extort money is almost as old as computing itself, however, Stephen Cobb, ESET Senior Security Researcher said that one of the most

CWG Pledges Commitment to Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

CWG Plc, Pan-African Information and Communications Technology company, said it decided to power the Small Medium Enterprise Resource Planning (SMERP) solution, in order