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Controversy @ COSON as Okoroji, Omorogbe Lay Claims to Chair



The last big news to come from the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) in 2017 was the replacement of its long-term head Tony Okoroji with artist manager Efe Omorogbe.

Efe Omorogbe.


According to, for some, the news might have come as a surprise: Okoroji had come to be synonymous with the body.


For others, the report might have come on the wings of predictability, as the former boss and the organisation he presided over had been in and out of several lawsuits over the years.


But according to a statement issued by Omorogbe, Okoroji, who was voted out of his position on 7 December by the COSON board, was deposed for other reasons, including the board’s “dissatisfaction with the clear conflict between him acting as Executive Chairman of COSON, and him acting as a contractor and consultant to COSON”; “Dissatisfaction with the continued engagement of companies owned by fellow directors”; and “Disapproval of the manner of handling of an earlier petition by Premier Music Publishing Company Ltd”.


The statement, which is titled Beyond The Noise, Mob Action And Drama: Why Okoroji Was Sacked As Coson Chairman, also noted that the board was unhappy with the terms of negotiation pertaining to the renovation of the COSON building in Ikeja, Lagos. Omorogbe’s statement was partly a response to an earlier article by Okoroji titled Take 5 Efe Omorogbe.


Following his removal, Okoroji convened a meeting on 19 December in which he was reinstated as head of COSON, a move Omoregbe describes as “showcasing Okoroji’s desperation to remain board chairman at all cost” because he is afraid of “the possibility of probe”.


Omorogbe also sets down his personal impression of Okoroji, writing that, “After a decade of dealing with Okoroji one-on-one, my opinion of him is crystal clear – he has become the biggest threat to the process of growing COSON into a world class organization”. Nonetheless the current head of COSON acknowledges that “Okoroji has done some measure of commendable work in the growth of COSON.”



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Suspected Herdsmen Kidnaps, Tortures Nollywood Star



Calabar Chic

A victim of kidnapping along the Benin Bypass-Lagos highway, Calabar Chic, Nollywood actress and entertainer, has questions what the security operatives are doing to safeguard the lives and properties of Nigerians.


In an emotional Instagram post raw with feelings of despair, the actress called on the government to “wake up to its responsibilities.” She admonishes the federal government to “stop cooking excuses and take action.”


The actress made the call after she and friend she identifies as Dozie were kidnapped by heavily armed Fulani herdsman who robbed, beat and starved them of food and water. She revealed that the incident took place along the Benin Bypass-Lagos highway.


She stated they were held hostage for 4 days and were released after a ransom was paid on their behalf. She also said the men heavily armed have access to “different kinds of guns” and she wondered about “who supplies them with those weapons.”


The actress also said that the Fulani herdsmen boasted about killing them and having no regard for the sanctity of human life, saying no one will touch them.


Her words: “We go continue dey kill una all of you, nothing go happen! We no care about any human life we slaughter you into pieces and bury you nothing go happen“, the Fulani herdsmen told them.


See the post in full lightly edited for clarity

@calabar_chic:SO MANY QUESTIONS I WANT TO ASK BUT WHO WILL PROVIDE ANSWERS? OUR SECURITY AGENCIES? FEDERAL GOVT OR THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF?Because I’m still in shock, confused and wondering if we are safe in this country at all! “WHY HAS THE GOVT NOT SHOWN ANY WILLINGNESS TO CHECKMATE THESE MURDEROUS FULANI HERDSMEN? WHY? ATTACKING, MAIMING AND KILLING PEOPLE FREELY! “THESE ANIMALS WHO SEE KILLING AS A HOBBY! THEY ARE NOT SHAKEN OR SCARED LIKE THEY TOLD MY FRIEND DOZIE AND I WHEN THEY HELD US HOSTAGE IN THAT FOREST: ‘We go continue dey kill una all of you, nothing go happen! We no care about any human life we slaughter you into pieces and bury you nothing go happen’ My heart froze, I was paralyzed with fear!These animals as I will forever refer to them carry out these operations at ease as this happened just a few poles away from SARS office on Benin Bypass/ Lagos road.

On that Monday they stormed the highway around midday opened fire on our car took us off the highway after robbing us of cash and other valuables. At first, we thought they were just armed robbers until we walked for almost 2hrs deep into the forest with them then it dawned on me that this was not just robbery.

“(They) kept us for 4 horrible days inside that scary dangerous forest, starved us – no food or water for 2 days until the third day when they served us unclean water to drink. MY GOD!!!

“Or the unripe pineapple they forced us to eat on the third day that got my whole mouth teeth and gum bleeding! How could I even sleep? With ants, bugs spiders and other deadly insects crawling all over your body and you dare not scream!

4 horrible days accompanied by constant slaps and kicking at the slightest provocation. The different kinds of guns they had on them, and I kept asking myself ‘HOW DO THEY GET THESE AMMUNITIONS? WHO SUPPLIES THEM THOSE WEAPONS? Different rifles including their daggers and cutlass with which they flogged us with.

“We survived through all of it not because of sheer luck! Of course, money was involved but some other people might not get so lucky.






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9mobile Fights Illiteracy with ‘CLOSED’, a Short Film



In furtherance of its commitment to promoting education and raising the level of literacy across the nation, 9mobile has gone one step further, with the production of a short film titled ‘Closed’. The film, focused on fighting illiteracy, has been aired on the DSTV platform.

‘Closed’ is produced as part of the footprint of the telco’s flagship pan-African literary prize, 9mobile Prize for Literature, and it seeks to raise awareness of illiteracy as a huge societal problem, as well as inspire collective positive action to stem it.

The production and airing of the short film also further affirms 9mobile’s unwavering commitment to innovation in solving social problems, one of which is low literacy as affirmed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), which estimated that over 65 million people in Nigeria are illiterates.

Speaking on ‘Closed’, Adebisi Idowu, Vice President Marketing, 9mobile, said the short film points to the power of words and how they unlock meaning for people who can read.

“At 9mobile, we recognize that the ability to read and appreciate the written stories around us is a gift that over 65 million Nigerians are deprived of. Celebrating literacy begins with acknowledging this issue and that a lot needs to be done to address the problem in Nigeria that is why annually we celebrate the written word through the 9mobile Prize for Literature; the first ever Pan-African Prize celebrating first time writers of published fiction books. The Prize aims to serve as a platform for the discovery of new creative talent out of the continent and invariably promote the burgeoning publishing industry in Africa”.

Idowu added that 9mobile is committed to continuously innovate ways to reduce illiteracy in Nigeria, thereby supporting government in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 which is, ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.

‘Closed’, a moving short film, tells the story of a young man – Juwon, an illiterate but skillful welder, who is cut off from the world around him and unable to appreciate a precious gift he holds just because he cannot read. But as the story unfolds, viewers step into his world, cheering him on as he overcomes the taunts of primary school pupils to learn the rudiments of the English language, until he eventually conquers this challenge in a dramatic way, and acquires the ability to read.

Juwon’s transformation was profound, as the messages written on billboards along the highways that he commutes to and from work, which previously appeared encrypted to him, suddenly become clear.

Very elated, Juwon reads one of the billboards, which has the inscription: ‘See the world differently’ and then he frantically pulls out of the pocket of his trousers, the photograph of a young lady, which had triggered his pursuit of knowledge, and realises that he can finally read the message written on it: ‘I love the man I see in you’.

That moment sparks a flurry of emotions as the film ends with the message: ‘For 65 million Nigerians, illiteracy robs the world of meaning. Spare a thought for them’.

Since its debut, ‘Closed’ has won accolades as a masterpiece in creativity. The film won four awards – three Gold and a Bronze – at the 12th Annual Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival (LAIF) Awards held recently. They include Gold in Film Craft – Best Production and Art Direction, Gold in Film – Corporate Image, and Gold in Film – Promotions Editing as well as Bronze in Film Craft – Best Film Editing.

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All set for WCF, Global Communications Forum



Communications Experts, Top Managers, and Local Market Leaders, amongst others will be identifying the power of communication and its influence on the modern world at the 2018 World Communications Forum (WCF) scheduled to take place at Geneva, Switzerland between March 21st and 22nd.

The forum will analyze critically the power that goes hand by hand with the future development of the society in many ways, from technical improvements to advocacy of human rights.

The two days plenary sessions will be packed with hot discussions on the Power of Communication and Young Leadership Power, Country Branding, Agenda 2049 and Global Health Promotions, Media for All, Social Media Influencers, the Future of Learning, amongst others.

Outstanding communication stories and cases of 2017 will be awarded the C4F awards during the forum. Last year, professionals from about 12 countries were awarded with the C4F, and they include; USA, UK, Brazil, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, India, Italy, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Armenia, and Germany.

This year, professionals will also be awarded based on merits.

C4F awards was founded seven (7) years ago with the aim of recognizing remarkable individual communicators and/or companies with a creative professional approach and unique vision of the future of the world development. Individuals will be awarded with certain awards such as, the Grand Davos Award, Titan of the Future, Image of the Future, Talent of the future, and Relations of the future; while Corporates will be awarded with Education of the future awards, City of the Future, Pro Bono of the future, Community of the Future, Reputation of the future, Branding of the future, and Anti-crisis of the future.

The President, Founder and Content Director of the World Communications Association, Yanina Dubeykovskaya, reiterates, “In 2017 it became obvious that the communication industry has finally changed.

There no longer exists any traditional corporate PR. New industries such as social media management and virtual reality finally shaped into separate markets. However, talent, creativity and relationships – in their traditional sense – have acquired a complementary value.

Forum’2018 will discuss exactly this new structure of markets and the required new profile of the communicator as a professional.”

To make the event a memorable and eventful one, intelligent and highly respected professionals will be speakers at the event, some of which are Mr Paul Holmes, Founder and CEO of The Holmes Report and the SABRE awards, Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer , Chief Academic Officer at EU Business School Group, Sean Gardner, Co-Founder of the pioneering Huffington Post “Twitter Powerhouses Series”, Deborah Grayson Riegel , Director of Learning at Boda Group and author of the book “Tips of the Tongue”, and many other leading experts.

Some of the partners of the event includes: EU Business School (Switzerland), JSP Communications (Nigeria), Don Valley (South Africa), Kaiser Communications (Germany), RADA Research & PR (Egypt), Ideal H+K Strategies (Brazil), Communications Korea(South Korea), Africa Communications Week, C.Moore Media (USA), and Village Ventures International (Kenya).

World Communications Forum (WCF) is an annual event which commenced in the year 2010. It has successfully organized eight (8) editions, with 42% Agency Managers, 32% Corp Comm Heads, 11% University Reps and 10% Gov Reps,  5% media,  63 countries so far present,  343 speakers, 248 presentations, 190+ consultancies, 128+ companies, 138+ partners , 19 Gov units, 28 international orgs, 29 educational institutions, 51 media partners, 79 panel discussions, 37 keynotes, 140 videos, 37 personal + 19 corporate C4F awards, 30 case studies, 9 training classes,  14 regional forums , and 5 projects of the WCFA association.


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