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Addressing Business Networks Plights with Cyberoam’s CR200iNG-XP

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With the best of breed feature set, high performance, reasonable cost, Cyberoam, the Sohpos companies has provided answers to your organisations’ numerous challenges.

The new CR200iNG-XP appliance extends Cyberoam’s UTM capabilities to match steps with growing and evolving business needs.

The model’s standard six Gigabit ports cater to the high speed that businesses require today.

Its FleXi Port slot along with its four-port 10GbE model is an exceptional offering for SOHO/SMBs that provides the freedom to design networks and select the required connectivity as per business needs.

Cyberoam OS: Powerful, Simplified, Future Ready

The model’s notable new firmware stands out as more secure, simple to use and as one that provides complete network visibility.

The new firmware simplifies and makes more effective the IPS configuration. Applying IPS policies in ready to use templates is easy and quickly done with the click of a mouse.

This adds value and increases efficiency for SOHO / SMB clients facing time crunch and limited resources.

The other good part is that complexity of BOYD build up is done away with. One gets very good visibility into the event, extent and usage of different mobile platforms and devices.

The visibility in turn leads to better security.

In fact, the model in one stroke has sanitized the BOYD mess. One can say that CR200iNG-XP does away with security concerns related to BOYD that businesses are so afraid of.

Also, the model offers smooth and easy transition to IPv6.

This is assuring particularly for SMBs who will be looking for their next growth curve and expansion.

Security Features

The CR200iNG-XP offers comprehensive and best-of-breed protection through its features such as SPI firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, IPS, IM and web content filtering, IPsec VPNs and traffic management.

At the base of all its security runs the Cyberoam Layer 8 Technology that makes possible the granular control of the networks - a unique booster for security of the network.

CR200iNG-XP Deployment & Configuration

The CR200iNG-XP can be easily deployed in a gateway mode as well as bridge mode.

In the first mode it functions as full firewall comprehensively securing the perimeter. In the later mode it can be deployed to function alongside the existing security.

Installation is quick and easy through the set up wizard.

Cyberoam’s web console collates information that is easy on the eyes and makes navigation smooth.

It begins with a dashboard that displays all vital information parameters such as subscription status, CPU and memory usage, the latest security incidents etc. Navigation through features is easy.

The features are displayed on the sidebar and firewall rules can be easily applied to define security policies.

Advanced Configuration

Setting up granular policies is just as easy as the initial configuration with the Set up Wizard.

Provision for advanced rules includes antivirus and anti-spam functions, IDP policies, Internet access and Bandwidth usage controls.

Cyberoam’s layer 8 technology that runs at the base of all its features enables policies to be linked to individual user/users/user group rather than to IP addresses of the machine.

This brings unique visibility in the network tracing each and every movement of a user in the network

CR200iNG-XP Control and Reporting

The model exhibits extensive controls – a quality that bolsters up the security aspect.

The granularity is expressed in not only applying rules right up the level of an individual user but also in the fact that each and every feature rule can be applied to user/users/groups.

CR200iNG-XP tackles security pain points like Instant Messages deftly.

It can enable rules to block/allow chats, file transfers, web cam usage. All IM traffic can be configured to be scanned under a firewall policy.

 Last but not least, is the model’s reporting through iView system log.

It is remarkably exhaustive. It gives a bird’s eye view of all traffic allowed and denied. However, if the administrator wants to get the details, all information scrolls down his dashboard in an easy to understand format.

 The pie chart depiction is particularly striking and is simple and understandable. The reports specify several details linked to several parameters across all features.

CR200iNG-XP is comprehensive with standard and best of breed feature. The cost is reasonable and offers good value for your money.

Apprently, the best of breed feature set, high performance, reasonable cost has shown no signs of weaknesses.

The verdict is that CR200iNG-XP is comprehensive with standard and best of breed feature.

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