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Experts Frown at Lack of Implementation of Cybercrime Law

chike onwuegbuchi

Cyber security experts have decried poor implementation of cybercrime law passed some two years ago, they said that effective cybercrime law is necessary with the advent of the Internet of things (IOT) where key industries are bringing more operations online which increases the potential scale and impact of cyber threats.

Oluseyi Akindeinde, chief technical officer, Digital Encode, a company that assists Banks and other organizations to achieve cyber security standards, said that one can assess cybercrime law based on the conviction recorded since it became law.

“How many people have been prosecuted or jailed due to cyber hacks in Nigeria. I guess this will give us the extent to which we can begin to assess the implementation of the law,” he said.

“Having said that, I'm aware the office of the NSA is also aware of this imminent wave of attacks.”

Akindeinde expressed the need for a national cyber security framework against industry specifics frameworks.

In his own contributions, Ahmed Adesanya, IT Security and Connectivity consultant, blame poor implementation of the cybercrime law on absence of a regulator or institution for the purpose of implementing it.

“I have a concern of not assigning its implementation to a regulator. This has been a road block to its implementation.”

He added that National Information Technology Development agency (NITDA) has adopted COBIT 5 as national cyber security framework but, wondered what is delaying the implementation of the framework which according to him will protect the few national infrastructure that is online such as NIMC and FRSC database.

He urged organizations to take cyber security issues seriously. “In other to combat cyber-attacks every organization must develop a security solution that supports different mobile OS, mobile devices and Apps. Secondly organization must implement a Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) security policy,” he said.