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Five Multicloud Management Vendors Named as IDC Innovators

peter oluka

International Data Corporation (IDC) has just released an IDC Innovators report recognizing five multicloud management software and SaaS vendors with revenue under $100 million.

The five vendors recognized as IDC Innovators are Cirba, Datadog, Embotics, RightScale, and Turbonomic.

Cirba provides predictive workload pattern analytics to drive optimal workload placement across multiple public and private clouds. Datadog monitors both public and private cloud services and has recently introduced application performance monitoring for Web applications. Embotics offers an easy-to-install cloud provisioning platform for managing public and private cloud environments.

RightScale recently added a Governance model to its existing Cloud Management Platform SaaS solution and launched Optima, a multicloud cost management and optimization SaaS offering.

Turbonomic's platform analyzes real-time workload demand and matches it to available resources across multiple cloud environments using market-based economic queuing analytics.

"IDC's research indicates that over 90% of enterprise-scale organizations plan to make use of multiple clouds in the next several years. Traditional management tools and processes struggle to keep up with the levels of dynamic infrastructure scaling, pooling, and change that are the hallmark of multicloud IT operations," explained Mary Johnston Turner, research vice president, Enterprise System Management Software. "We expect over 80% of enterprises will need to purchase net new management solutions to address their multicloud management priorities over the next several years."

IDC Innovators: Multicloud Management, 2017 (IDC #US41375217) profiles multicloud management vendors with an innovative technology or a groundbreaking new business model or both. The IDC Innovators research document examines multicloud management companies with revenue of less than $100 million with a product, service, or business model with a specific use case.