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Online Car Sales Fraud Not Exclusive to Nigeria- Cheki CEO

peter oluka
Mr. Gbenro Dara, chief executive officer of
Mr. Gbenro Dara, chief executive officer of

The cyber criminals’ belligerent against online car sales market is real hence it demands collaborative efforts of stakeholders in the value chain to combat the tide, opines Mr. Gbenro Dara, chief executive officer of

Dara who spoke to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek during a recent Car Dealer Conference organized by the platform in Lagos, said that fraud associated with many online car sales platform is a serious global issue.

He said that has adopted some key measures to protect buyers who visit the site, ensuring that only genuine dealers are granted access to the platform.

Dara also told Nigeria CommunicationsWeek that education among internet users is the starting point to combating fraud.

He said, “It is a big issue. It starts from what the Government, the stakeholders and the individual can do. The issue of fraud doesn't necessarily apply to the online businesses only. In every country there is an issue of online fraud; it is never a 'Nigerian' thing.

“With the recession it was a bite accentuated, however, as a Company we are improving on our internal processes to ensure they do not get in there. We see a lot of posts on our platform, but we react swiftly, pulling them down using our internal risk management policy.

“We want to make sure anybody buying on Cheki Nigeria is buying from the reliable source. Nonetheless, there is always room for double checking to enable someone scale through the net that might have been crossed by fraudsters. Do you due diligence. For instance, it sands off when you hear 'pay me upfront'; don't just go ahead. Investigate the seller or call the Cheki's number and we shall help you check the records.

“Other thing is when in doubt come to us; we are here to provide assistance and ensure your money is safe.

Speaking on the trends in the industry, Dara emphasized that due to the economic situation in the country many buyers have resorted to ‘used cars’.

He said that through ‘Cheki Buyer Assist’, they have seen enhanced sales among dealers and satisfied buyers have testified of the ease-to-use nature of the platform.

“We recently launched a buyer's service called 'Buyer Assist'. It is to help people who find it difficult to make decisions about used cars in Nigeria.

“There are many issues associated with buying used car in Nigeria. You can buy a Nigerian used car and sell it as a 'tokunbo'; you could buy an accident-car unknowingly or even a stolen car. So, we rolled out the service where interested Nigerians are assisted to buy the right thing with their money.

“We literally take the potential buyer by the hand; check from our pull of verified dealers and select the car that meets the budget, help him/her negotiate and close the deal. We go as far as the registration of the car and insuring it.

“We have AXA Mansard as partners. We recently signed a memorandum of understanding with them as our exclusive insurance partners. It attracts a lot of values to us. So, anybody who purchases a car on Cheki is sure to have a reliable insurance partner,” Dara told Nigeria CommunicationsWeek.