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SophosLabs Analysis Shows How Customers Can Overcome ‘WannaCry’

peter oluka

The team at SophosLabs said they analyzed the “WannaCry” attack shortly it began wrecking havoc across the globe and immediately issued a detection update for customers.

The team believes this to be the first example of a commercial malware attack using ransomware techniques that took advantage of an exploit allegedly leaked from the US National Security Agency (NSA) and uses a variant of the ShadowBrokers APT EternalBlue exploit.

The widespread ransomware attack which affected several IT organizations in multiple countries is a new ransomware attack called Wanna (also known as WannaCry, WCry, WanaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r and Wana DeCrypt0r) encrypting files and changing the extensions to: .wnry, .wcry, .wncry and .wncrypt.

Sophos said customers using Sophos Intercept X or Sophos Exploit Prevention (EXP) were protected proactively against the ransomware behavior from the first instance.

“Customers using the IPS rules in our XG firewall would have been protected from the exploit spreading the infection from outside their firewall. Sophos has added identities and generic rules to Sophos Endpoint Protection since then to block all known and potential future variants of the malware. We encourage all customers to deploy the Microsoft patch that mitigates the underlying vulnerability in the Windows operating system”, the Company said in a statement made available to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek.

“It is imperative that businesses everywhere update their operating systems,” the Statement continues, “their security software and educate their users against phishing attacks. This is a best practice to reduce the risk from any attack”.

Sophos customers and partners can learn more about the Wanna attack by reading

“For home users (i.e., consumers), Sophos advises that all users of Sophos Home ensure their Windows operating system has been updated with the latest Microsoft updates and that their security software is also up to date. We also invite and encourage all home users to try our new Sophos Home Premium beta which is also free. It offers our most powerful protection against exploits and ransomware attacks”.