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Survey Ranks Robotics as Top Priority for Technology Investment in 2017

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International Data Corporation (IDC) Manufacturing Insights reveals in its latest report “Key Insights from IDC Worldwide Robotics Survey 2017 ”that robotics is ranked the highest priority for technology investment by companies surveyed from manufacturing, retail, health, and utilities sectors.

The survey covered key robotics markets of China, Japan, the United States, German, France, Italy, Thailand, and Taiwan.

"Clearly, end-user organizations are looking to deploy the latest robotics technologies to improve product quality, enhance customer experiences, and reduce operational cost at the same time," said Dr. Jing Bing Zhang, Research Director for Worldwide Robotics and IDC Manufacturing Insights Asia Pacific. "Our survey has also revealed a number of faster-growing application areas over the next two years," added Zhang.

This latest manufacturing report from the 2017 IDC robotics survey revealed greater insight into:

Landscape of robotics usage in the industry sectors; Organizational priorities and challenges; Key drivers and market trends; Current and fast growing future application areas and use cases; Level of in-house skills and expertise in robotics; Key vendor attributes influencing robotics procurement decisions; Values and services expected from vendors; Spending on robotics and return on investment, and payback period and Major benefits achieved from the deployment of robots.

The report includes an appendix section with demographics analysis of the companies surveyed, industry, company size, revenue, job role of the interviewees, and other information.