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ATM Users Around the World Dislike ATM Fees - Survey

chike onwuegbuchi

A global online poll conducted on the eve of the ATM's 50th anniversary has found that consumers in all countries expressed annoyance over ATM fees.

It also found current priorities for ATM users worldwide which include easier, intuitive and more secure ways of accessing their bank accounts.

According to a press release from poll sponsor ACI, 43 percent of consumers in Italy, 38 percent in Spain and 28 percent in the U.S. want ATMs to offer better and more secure ways of authentication.

Other services consumers would like to see from ATMs include better and more detailed information about their account, such as mini-statements; alerts for upcoming payments or overdraft fees; the ability to dispense a new credit or debit card; and the ability to access electronically signed official documents.

Specifically, the survey revealed that: The ability to dispense new bankcards appealed to 35 percent of consumers in Spain, 31 percent in France, 26 percent in the U.K. and 25 percent in the U.S.; and
  - consumers were less interested in obtaining other banking products (e.g., a new accounts or mortgage application) via an ATM. Only 5 percent of U.K. consumers and 9 percent of U.S. consumers would take advantage of this functionality.

ACI, executive vice president Mandy Killam said in the release that consumers simply want the sort of convenience they've become accustomed to with smartphones, tablets and contactless cards.

"Many of them want to use ATMs in a similar fashion. The ATM is a prime example of an enduring customer behavior, and in the future, consumers expect the ATM to continue to evolve [with an] increased prevalence of mobile-enabled features and alternatives to traditional PIN-based authentication," she said.