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Cryptocurrency: Konga Denies MoPAS MarketPlace Acclaimed Partnership

ugo onwuaso

Konga Online Shopping Limited has denied MoPAS MarketPlace's acclaimed partnership for The Billion Coin (TBC) acceptance in Nigeria.

The Billion Coin is one of the global digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) in Nigeria promoted with the launch of an initiative tagged MoPAS MarketPlace

The MoPAS MarketPlace scheduled supposedly launched in Lagos on Thursday by Sembic International Limited, a local firm, had claimed to have the backing of Jumia, Konga respectively.

The scheme, according to a statement by the firm, allows holders of the TBC to shop on e-commerce platforms including Jumia and Konga using naira and the TBC.

A statement alleged to have emanated from Sembic International Limited as reported by other online platforms, read in part, “MoPAS MarketPlace is an initiative and product of Sembic International Limited. This is the first time in Nigeria that an indigenous company has been able to create a solution for the acceptance of the currency of the not-too-long future, thereby positioning Nigeria for the financial revolution, redefinition and disruption that is about to happen through the blockchain technology.”

Commenting on the development, the Chairman, Sembic, Mr. Victor Akinbile, said, “We came up with this product in order to boost digital currencies revolution. This was why we went ahead to strike a deal with major e-commerce organisations in Nigeria through the product called MoPAS MarketPlace.

“This is meant to ensure that the TBC holders can, through the MoPAS MarketPlace, shop on e-commerce platforms (including Jumia and Konga) using naira and TBC. The TBC is now redeemable on Jumia and Komga through MoPAS MarketPlace!”

But, Oluwayemisi Mafe, manager, Brand Comminication & PR at Konga in an email to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek refuted the publication captioned "Firm partners Jumia, Konga to boost TBC acceptance".

She writes, "Konga want to make it clear that we are not in partnership with the firm and we find this headline misleading and untrue.

"Konga as a technology company is pivotal in using technology to meet business challenges as we constantly prove our commitment to deepening commerce and trade in Africa by supporting and empowering businesses but we are not in partnership with the said firm in this regard. We therefore advise the firm to desist in misleading the populace as we would not hesitate to take legal actions if they fail to give accurate presentation of what obtains".