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CWG Plc Expands E-payment Ecosystem with its BillsnPay Solution

chike onwuegbuchi

CWG Plc is presently expanding, Nigeria and potentially Africa's E-payment ecosystem with a new platform of its own called BillsnPay; a digital bills presentment -payment system with added value offerings, specifically designed to address the challenges of organizations and individuals, who send recurrent bills to their customers.

The solution, according to the Pan African ICT Company, provides a robust Electronic Bills Presentment and Payment Service that enhances customer interaction and engagement, thereby increasing the propensity for bills payment by customers and decreasing the overhead cost of manual input and followups, especially buying of stationeries and other logistics by billers.

Speaking about the solution at the Company's Head Office in Lagos, Mr. Temitayo Oduwole, CWG's Product Manager disclosed that BillsnPay takes the hassle of setting up individually hosted and branded sites, off billers and gives their customers a range of features which include viewing old and new bills, making payments, requesting receipts and storing all for future references.

BillsnPay is a repository of bills from different billers and a centralized portal where consumers can view and manage all their different bills.

With BillsnPay, customers can manage and pay their bills, check payment history and also consolidate bills from various biller, he said.

Oduwole stated that though BillsnPay is a relatively new solution, it has in the last one year addressed some of the inefficiencies associated with merchants who send physical bills.

He said with BillsnPay, the era where merchants send out physical bills, is gone.

Stressing that it was an era of great expensive, as the merchant ideally spends so much money on logistics such as stationeries and delivery, which most of the times doesn't get to the consumers and many a bill do not get paid as at when due.

However, with the introduction of the BillsnPay solution, he explained that Organizations like Lawma and PHCN with a large pool of customers who receive recurring bills; all that is needed is for these Organisations to sign in to the platform and upload the basic details of its teeming customers.

He said the details to be uploaded include names, phone number and email addresses to which the respective bills would be sent.

We have designed BillsnPay in such a way that once a costumer receives an email or SMS notifying them about their bill, they can pay via various platforms such as; Internet banking and online payment; whilst a receipt will be generated immediately for the costumer, Oduwole said. He further added that the solution reconciles the merchant account in such a way that it helps him to get every detail of the customers who have paid their bills and those who are yet to pay.