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FXTM Continues to Lead the Charge of FX Education in Nigeria

peter oluka

Global, award-winning forex broker FXTM continues to lead the charge of FX education in Nigeria with an Ultimate Trading Formula roadshow in July.

Presented by Andreas Thalassinos, FXTM head of Education and renowned forex educator,  the tour was comprised of a seminar and a 3-day workshop in Port Harcourt, followed by the same seminar and a more comprehensive 4-day workshop in Lagos.

Collectively, the events attracted an impressive 600 attendees, confirming FXTM’s status as a key player in the evolution of forex education in the region.    

As the global broker with a local touch, committed to keeping its clients informed through in-depth education initiatives since its foundation, FXTM’s latest success in Nigeria fits into an ongoing trend. Combined with efforts from the broker’s local team in the region – who offer Basic, Applied and Advanced courses in Financial Market Trading on a continual basis, alongside free Investment Seminars and Trader Forums – the Ultimate Trading Formula roadshow with Mr. Thalassinos places FXTM in the top tier of brokers who actively promote and offer a forex education to traders of all levels.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced traders are welcomed to participate and engage in the seminars and workshops, where the information presented ranges from the basics of opening a trade to thorough explanations of complex trading theories.

Beginning in Port Harcourt on 8 July, Mr. Thalassinos and the local team organised a near               six-hour seminar that was free to attend. During the seminar, attendees explored a variety of trading theories, the know-how of developing trading strategies, risk management techniques, how to correctly identify high-probability entry and exit points of a trade and methods to maximise potential trading results. An identical seminar was presented in Lagos, on 15 July.

Both seminars were followed up with a respective Advanced Workshop for traders with activate accounts. Geared towards more well-versed traders, the first workshop took place in Port Harcourt on 11-13 July and ran for three days.

Traders learned about Tops and Bottoms identification and delved deeper into Fibonacci Retracement Levels, among other topics. The Advanced Workshop that followed the seminar in Lagos, held between 18-21 July, included an extra day where participants learned about Elliott Wave theory.          

Commenting on the success of the Ultimate Trading Formula roadshow in Nigeria, Mr. Thalassinos says, “It’s always great to be back in Nigeria! The crowds that come to our seminars and workshops are always eager to learn and ask questions about forex, which shows they have a great sense of how complex the world of trading is and the risks involved. At FXTM, we are determined to continue spreading forex knowledge to traders of all levels and in all corners of the world.”

In addition to on-location educational events, FXTM offers continuous online webinars – some of which are also localised in non-English languages such as Farsi and Arabic – eBooks written by Mr. Thalassinos, Educational Videos presented by LLC Learning Markets’ John Jergeson, and tutorial articles, all available on FXTM’s website.