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Payant Disrupting Nigeria’s Invoicing & e-Payment System

peter oluka
Aminu Bakori, founder/CEO of Friendstie Concept
Aminu Bakori, founder/CEO of Friendstie Concept

Payant, offering a painless way to create invoices and receive payments has debuted in Nigeria.

Aminu Bakori, founder/CEO of Friendstie Concept, the ‘disruptor’ behind Payant is a Kaduna based developer, who has built his own OS – Cloudiora, Buzz- an offline, video and chat messenger and document sharing app, Friendstie Enterprise Management System.

Bakori described Payant as a product of user behaviour data, feedback and suggestions from his EMS clients, who use the invoicing module a lot.

Payant is web-based invoicing software that helps freelancers, small, medium and large businesses to create beautiful invoices, automatically send payment reminders and lets them accept instant payments faster online.

“Payant was created out of the necessity of an invoicing software that connects directly to Nigerians bank accounts. A lot of freelancers in Nigeria use Wave, an accounting tool that does not allow them receive payments directly into their bank accounts,” he said in an email to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek.

Beyond invoicing, Payant operates as an e-payment gateway for websites and mobile application developers to accept instant online payments from their users directly from their applications.

Payant’s Features
According to the developer, Payant is designed to make invoicing and accepting payments super fast and easy. Here are the features:

Quick Invoicing: Create and send beautiful invoices within minutes.

Get Paid Around the World: Grow your business, go global and get paid by anyone, anywhere and anytime online using credit and debit cards.

Automated Reminders: Send friendly reminders to your customers and get paid on time.

Instant Bank Settlement: Get credited into your bank account the minute you get paid.

Dashboard: See and manage every payment, customer, invoice, products and more from your dashboard.

Intelligent Reports: See all transactions summary from a single view to help you make faster decisions.

Security and Fraud Protection: Enterprise grade level encryption is built into Payant with modern tools employed to protect you from fraud.

Simple Pricing: Simple pricing. Yet incredible features.

Payant has extendable APIs to help developers accept instant payments directly from their application with concise and easy to read documentation “to help you and your developer get started in no time”.

Payant which is currently available at, “is effortlessly simple, with it’s uncluttered user interface and elegant design, it has made invoicing and receiving online payments fun”, he said, “Payant users can earn money by referring their friends to the service and for every online payment their referrals receive, they earn a commission of 5% which can be withdrawn at anytime from their dashboard”.