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PMAN Selects Verve, Unveils Multipurpose Card for Entertainment Industry

peter oluka

Having provided a multifunctional card for University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) in 2014, Verve International is poised to developing an array of identity solutions to address various indigenous challenges faced by industries in the country.

The claim is substantiated as it partners with PMAN and Heritage Bank to provide payment identity card.

Based on its innovation, the card is designed to globally authenticate each artiste’s involvement in the Nigerian music and entertainment industry.

It also offers members the opportunity to protect their works and intellectual property through the Global System One ﴾GSI﴿, to prevent unauthorized duplications (piracy) or usage.

Heritage Bank’s relationship with the PMAN led to the introduction of the PMAN Membership Biometric Identity Card (PMBIC).

Following the partnership, indigenous payment card brand, Verve has been named the official card provider.

The Membership Card is aimed at driving accessibility, security, trust, convenience and cost effectiveness and it enhances global recognition and authentication of artistes in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and is opened to the general public especially those in the music and entertainment industry.

Speaking about the development, Enyioma Anaba, marketing manager, Verve International stated: “This is an innovation that is undoubtedly apt for the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. Apart from the fact that it is a payment card, it also serves the same identification purpose as an international passport. We achieved a huge success at the University of Ilorin in 2014; this is another major one. We look forward to addressing identity challenges in different sectors in the country.”

The scheme additionally qualifies every user and four members of their family for a special annual renewable health insurance package; personal and accident insurance scheme worth N5, 000, 000; hassle-free access to embassies and high commissions in Nigeria for visa services and pension plan for aged and retired members to the tune of N100, 000 monthly and access to PMAN legal services for local and international contract reviews and personal matters.