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Quickteller Rewards Advocates in Promo

chike onwuegbuchi

3 outstanding individuals have become millionaires as reward for referring the highest number of new users on Quickteller.

The Quickteller Referrals Consumer Promo seeks to grow the number of Nigerians paying bills, transferring funds and buying airtime via electronic channels.

Chinedu Amos, Precious Eboh and Ogundipe Akinwale In addition, Quickteller users are empowered amidst the current state of the economy by earning consistent bonus from advocating and completing a simplified referral process.

The Nigerian economy is predominantly cash-based providing a very huge opportunity for the adoption safe and secured electronic payments. The grand prize presentation, which took place on Friday, April 28th at The George hotel in Ikoyi, saw three winners claim their cash prizes.

Commenting at the event, Cherry Eromosele, the Chief Marketing Officer, Interswitch Group stated that: ‘For us at Interswitch, it is about enabling and promoting the adoption of safe, seamless and secure electronic payments.

We hold our loyal customers in high esteem and have created platforms that would empower them.

Congratulations are in order; our Top 3 winners went the whole nine yards amongst 81,787 participants.

We already look forward to Season 2, which commences May 2017’ The three lucky winners independently expressed their gratitude and joy to Quickteller for making them millionaires.

Chinedu Amos, a student of Enugu State University of Technology stated that ‘This is one of the most remarkable days of my life, making my first million through Quickteller; I feel very happy.

I now see myself as a Quickteller ambassador and I really appreciate this’ The Quickteller Referrals Consumer promo, Season 1 ran from January 12th till April 12th.

Participants embraced the program as an opportunity to influence electronic payments while earning additional income; that was the case of Precious Eboh, a student of Enugu State University of Technology.

He recounted that “a lot of people in my location lacked access to Internet connection or even a smart phone, so it was a really difficult task for me.

However, I didn’t relent, I referred those I could and it even happens that one of those I referred is here as a winner. I don’t even know what to say, I am so overwhelmed right now. It is pertinent to note that the Quickteller Referrals Consumer promo recorded a lot of participants and has particularly raised awareness for financial literacy.

Ogundipe Akinwale, a medical lab scientist at the Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta recalls that ‘this platform will go far in empowering individuals across the country. I jumped on the opportunity and I am a millionaire now. I am very happy it is not a loan so I have no worries.

Following the success of the prize presentation to season 1 winners, a lot of people are looking forward to participating in Season 2 which is set to kick off in May 2017. Participation info is available via N1million each.