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ConSol & Mellanox Partnership is Symbolic- Adeoye

Bankole Orija
Abiodu Adeoye, managing director, Contact Solutions
Abiodu Adeoye, managing director, Contact Solutions

Abiodun Adeoye is the Managing Director of Contact Solutions Ltd “ConSol”. He has consulted for various telecom operators around the globe (KPN-Orange Belgium, Vodafone Netherland, SBC Technologies, Vodacom SA, Vodafone Australia, Vodafone NZ, Vodafone Hungry, Telsim Turkey, Turkcell, etc.) also held intermediate and Senior Engineering positions at One2One (now T-Mobile) in the UK.
He briefly spoke to peter ugwu on how a new partnership between ConSol and Mellanox will benefit the enterprises in the Nigerian market.

ConSol and Mellanox Symbolic Partnership
One of the synergies with our business is that we also run data centres. Our contact centre services are datacentric.
The whole operation is powered from the data centre. So, we have that as an advantage. Now, the founders of ConSol were the same people that built the MTN network.
We understand technology and what BIG DATA is all about. Having operated in this environment, pre-ConSol, we understand some of the challenges that organizations have. It is not actually so much as in infrastructure deployment, rather throughput.
So, a customer wants a service not excuses. For example, you go to an ATM, slot in your card and expect to withdraw cash; there is a failure along the line.
A lot of the time, it is because the pipe tries to carry a lot of transactions at the same time and there is a jam along the line.
The typical example is traffic gridlock we witness on the road daily. With that understanding, we came across Mellanox Technologies.

Why InfiniBand, Ethernet and Other Mellanox Products
They have solutions that can triple the capacity and upgrade the network, so that you can increase the pipe and allow much traffic go through.
So, they are interested on how you manage the BIG DATA. The ICT industry in Nigeria is getting that.
Fortunately, we had a Government that set the pace and we are keenly interested in seeing continuity of the ICT blueprint by the present Government.
In fact, we are at a par with the world in terms of technology. We have the infrastructural challenges that have held us back. But in terms of technology deployment, we are not lagging behind as such; LTE is there in USA, it is here in Nigeria.
However, the biggest challenge is how we are deploying the technology, and we need to prepare for BIG DATA. There is a lot of activities revolving around the concept such as the National Identity Number (NIN); Bank Verification Number (BVN); data capture by the Police, FRSC, and national population census is around the corner.
There is a lot of data. It used to be in the oil sector that we harvest data, presently; every sector is feeling the impact of the concept.
Thus, for quality of service, we should start looking at Mellanox technologies that can help us manage data and throughput in a more efficient manner.

Opportunities for SMEs
If you look at their range of products, it is very wide. The reason for that is that there is a solution that can be tailored for each level or size of organization; whether you are SME, medium or large size organization.
The complexity of your data increases as you get better. From that point of view, they have low-cost solutions for SMEs, where you have solutions like CloudX that allows and SME to plug in without necessary spending the capex to deploying a data centre large infrastructure to benefit from the same services.

Critical Challenges to Be Tackled
Power, network optimization and, of course, bandwidth are challenges many enterprises face. What is critical at the end of the day is how that data centre should be able to deliver services.
If you look at the financial services, when one demands for a service and there is a downtime while people are doing transactions online, it could cost the company millions of naira.
 In other words, half a second downtime can cost a company millions of naira lost…

…In Other Words, The Solutions Guarantee Optimal Time?
They offer zero downtime, faster throughput, low latency, which are the important factors to keep organization’s network up and running.
If you are allowed to know the numbers, you will be amazed how inefficient data centres are, especially, how much it costs organizations.
So, Mellanox is one of the organizations we partner with because of the range of products. We have others with great deed of products and load-balancing applications that allow you move traffic across your network, while optimizing the bandwidth.
So, we are specifically targeting this kind of technology to deliver value added capability within a data centre or cloud-based environment to unleash better quality service delivery.

Data Security & Trust: Mellanox’s Promise
You only need to look at their existing clients’ list such as e-Bay, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba. The volumes of traffic on those e-commerce spaces are phenomenal.
Security is critical to them. Therefore, if this is their product of choice, we don’t need to say more.
Out other partner’s product is used by the FBI in US; Cisco has now adopted and integrated it into their platform. So, we did our homework.

Value Proportion for Nigerian Enterprises
Obviously, we need to create awareness for the development of domestic companies that can compete globally.
However, we already have multi-national players investing in organizations in the country. The likes of Konga, Jumia, Yudala, PayPorte, Kaymu, OLX, etc; they are offering seamless services like e-Bay, Amazon. So, the products will be critical to them too.
Apart from the back end of logistics and delivery, when the customers go on their websites to buy products, they would want to ensure there is throughput, no cyber security lapses.
The oil industry will embrace the products too, due to the nature of the industry that requires protection and seamless operations.

While we are hoping for improved broadband penetration, we can optimize what we have now for better throughput. I think that should be the approach in every industry.

ConSol’s Unique Services
What differentiate us from others are the quality and efficient service deliveries. Our customers remain with u s for year, because they trust our processes.
So, the better value added service implies we are not just there to make money from them, rather to deliver cost-saving services.