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Eke, Sidmach Technologies’ Chairman Bags NCS Professional Fellowship Award



*Chijioke Anthony Eke, chairman and co-founder, Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited (2nd from left), during the NCS Professional Fellowship ‎Award at NITMA 2015

Mr. Chijioke Anthony Eke, co-founder and chairman‎, Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited, has been conferred with the professional fellowship of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS).

Eke was conferred with the award at the 2015 Nigeria Technology Merit Awards (NITMA) held in Lagos on Thursday‎.

In 1994, he teamed up with four other colleagues to co-found Sidmach‎ and was at various times executive direct and also managing director of the Company.

Speaking to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek immediately after collecting the award, Eke dedicated the award to his immediate household, management and staff of Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited, for their resilience and efforts in facilitating his acceptance for the award.

‎According to him, future of the Nigerian ICT industry revolves around “Nigeria-centric” and local content driven companies and individuals who are ready to put their intellectual property prowess to work.

He further described the ‎honour done on him as inspiring and pledged to put more efforts in deepening ICT industry growth in the country.

Eke’s Biography
Mr. Chijioke Anthony Eke was born in 1957 in Lagos and had his early education variously in Lagos, Owerri and Enugu. ‎

He attended the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile-Ife where he graduated with B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science/Economics in 1982.

He served in the compulsory NYSC scheme at the Kaduna Refinery Computer Center, Kaduna State.

Thereafter in late 1983 he joined KPMG Consulting as a Programmer from where he progressed to the position of Systems Analyst.

In the process, Mr. Chijioke Eke was an important member of the teams that developed and operationalized various commercial software systems and solutions for NNPC and the Banking industry.

In 1987, he was seconded to The Shell Petroleum and Development Company (SPDC) as a Consultant from KPMG Consulting Nigeria at that time.

While at SPDC, he was a pivotal member of an all Nigerian team of Software Engineers that delivered several landmark ICT projects such as implementing the first Enterprise Clustering / Networking System in Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria (1988) at Warri and later Port Harcourt.

At that time these were the only such installations anywhere in Africa except the then Apartheid South Africa.

This was an era of IT revolution and expansion in SPDC. He later left KPMG Nigeria for PERRY Consultants in 1990 as a senior Consultant and remained at SPDC to help deliver several firsts in the area of System Resource Management, Networking and Integration.

In 1992 he joined Data Sciences Nigeria Limited as a Manager in the Software Development Department of the company.

While in Data Sciences, he led the team that delivered an integrated national network of enterprise systems for the then National Provident Fund (now NSITF) as well as re-designed, re-developed and ported their entire contributory pension software systems to online interactive platform.

In 1994, Mr. Eke teamed up with four other colleagues to co-found Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited (SIDMACH) and was at various times Executive Director and also Managing Director of the company.

He is currently the Chairman of the company.  Eke, a core professional, Networking and Integration expert, played key roles in the visioning and development of the company’s suite of software solutions and services that have significantly and positively impacted lives, particularly in the Educational Sector.

These solutions span across the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors of the Education spectrum.

Mr. Eke also played decisive roles in the development and implementation of Payroll System, Personnel Records System and Ammunition Records System for the Nigerian Army as well as setting up a national network of systems for the Nigerian Corps of Army Finance and Accounts.

Some of these creative achievements he helped midwife at Sidmach have elicited interest and commendations for the country from as far as Kenya.

Presently they are cooperating with Sidmach and Nigeria Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) in the area of online e-Curriculum development. 

Eke is very passionate about Education, Human Capacity Development and Social responsibility.

He has over the past 30-plus years of cognate experience attended countless ICT trainings and conferences locally and abroad.

He is also a Director of WaveTek Nigeria Limited an ICT Infrastructure and Green Energy Development Company.

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek believes that technology makes life more exciting and helps improve the lives of people around Nigeria and indeed the world. So since 2007, we have devoted our energy to independent reportage of technology and how they affect lives.

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Nigeria’s Online Travel Booking Space in Search of Real Value



Although boasting a lot of potential, Nigeria’s travel and tourism industry has remained in a state of near-misses and failed projections occasioned by the glaring gap and huge vacuum in the online travel booking space.


According to available statistics, the direct contribution of Travel and Tourism to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was N2,29bn, approximately 1.9% of total GDP in 2017 –  a figure that is expected to rise by 2.9% in 2018 and 4.3% per annum from 2018-2028, to N3,605.7bn, effectively representing 1.9% of total GDP in 2028.


On the other hand, the total contribution of Travel and Tourism to GDP was N6,205.8bn representing 5.1% of GDP in 2017 and is forecast to rise by 1.6% in 2018 and 4.8% per annum to N10,094.5bn from 2018-2018, representing 5.4% of GDP in 2028.


While the figures appear promising, it is worth considering where the Nigerian travel industry stands in the global scheme of things.


Ranked on a global list of 185 countries, Nigeria presently stands at positions 48 in total contribution and 163 in relative contribution respectively to GDP from the Travel and Tourism sector. In terms of expected real growth in the sector, Nigeria stands at a poorly 168 position and 59 in long-term growth forecast (2018-2028) in the sector.


Compared with global indices, Travel and Tourism represents 10.4% of global GDP while one-tenth of jobs worldwide are supported by the industry, representing 9.9% of global employment. Furthermore, one-fifth of all of all global net jobs created in the last decade have been within the Travel and Tourism sector.


It is an open secret that travel and tourism is an important global economic activity, with the potential to contribute significantly to a nation’s GDP.


Added to this is the immense employment-generation opportunity it holds when harnessed efficiently – a point aptly embellished by Gloria Guevara Manzo, President & CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council when she enthused that “inclusive growth and ensuring a future with quality jobs are the concerns of governments everywhere. Travel & Tourism, which already supports one in every ten jobs on the planet, is a dynamic engine of employment opportunity.”


Here in Nigeria, the engine of economic prosperity inherent in the Travel and Tourism is yet to be unleashed, owing predominantly to the vacuum in the online travel booking space which holds the key to transforming the sector.4


In real terms, only a small proportion (about 13%) of Nigerian air travelers currently book travel products online – a damning statistic for a country boasting a population grossing over 190 million.


For the four components of the Travel and Tourism sector which include Leisure travel (inbound and domestic), Business travel, Domestic travel and Foreign travel, the outlook remains the same: total contribution of the sector to GDP is nearly three times greater than its direct contribution.


Aligned to this is the poor experience of most Nigerians, many of whom have expressed their dissatisfaction with the level of service in the online travel booking space, despite the existence of a glut of players. For many corporate travelers, a segment that represents the overwhelming majority of online travel service consumers, the prevailing opinion is a glaring lack of real value. Same sentiment dominates among leisure travelers – many of whom are frustrated by sub-standard service and the limited choices of packages/offers available among current players – two of the most recurring pain-points that have drained confidence among customers in the sector.


Considering the nexus between technology and value-offerings in the online travel booking space, there is a growing need for a strong player backed by cutting-edge technology to fill the vacuum in the sector and take the industry to the next level. Further justifying this need is the undoubted influence of a world-class online platform and innovation in service delivery which has transformed the entire value chain of an allied sector such as e-Commerce in Nigeria, as seen in the rise and dominance of strong local players such as Konga which has re-defined the scope of offerings and customer experience in the industry.


The global travel and tourism industry is a multi-billion-dollar establishment which relies heavily on innovative technology and world-class customer experience in delivering a wide range of value offerings to all classes of travelers.


Nigeria is due for this disruption which has the potential of growing the sector’s contribution to GDP. Digital innovation is the way forward.





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TechX Innovation Hub Unveils Office in Enugu



Technology Extra, TechX, Innovation Hub, a global organization that is concerned with the slow adoption of technology in the developing countries especially Africa has opened office in Enugu, South Eastern part of Nigeria.

Tech X is focused on four key areas of technological advancement; Awareness, Access, Adoption and Application.

Speaking at the unveiling of the office, Tony Ojobo, founder, TechX Innovation Hub, said that a key strategy that addresses the issue of low ICT penetration is awareness.

“People need to be aware of the power of ICT to transform lives, businesses and the economy at large. The most capitalized firms in the world today are playing in the ICT space. The capacity of technology to lift peoples and nations out of poverty is phenomenal.

In recognition of these tested facts, we decided to start from the area where penetration is low and scale up to other regions in the country.

“Nigeria however, has the market, the people and local innovations that can disrupt business models around the world. We are on track to making this happen,” he stated.

According to him, “TechX shall create a platform for people with ideas to incubate, startups, business developers, coders, programmers and techies to perfect and scale up their innovations through a structured mentoring process, training and knowledge development programs.

“Our focus will encompass the following; Coding, Gaming, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT’s) Robotics, Digital Innovations, Business Development, ICT Training, Software Development, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing etc.

“Our teeming youths can focus their creative energies more positively with a platform such as TechX Innovation Hub to give them a head-start in live. ICT has become the new oil and countries that have depended on oil as the economic main stay are beginning to embrace technology.”

“We have examples from UAE, Qatar and other countries in the Gulf region. The federal government has been making efforts towards diversification of the economy; however more still needs to be done through the encouragement of innovations, startups and SMEs.

“In realization of this need, TechX was set up to play our part towards the economic development of our people and thus contribute to poverty reduction in the region in particular and the country at large,” he said.

Ojobo noted that TechX will be collaborating with relevant Stakeholders, such as; the Media, Regulators, Hub owners, Tertiary Institutions, State Governments, Federal Government, SME’s, Multilateral Agencies, Embassies, Equipment Manufacturers, Ministries Departments and Agencies.


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NSE Trading Platform Suffers 4 Hours Technical Glitch



Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on Monday encountered a technical glitch which impacted trading activities for about four hours.


Mr. Bola Adeeko, head of Shared Services Division, NSE, said the glitch was resolved and market transactions continued at 1:45pm.


Due to the lost trading time, Mr. Adeeko explained that a decision was taken to extend the trading hours on Monday to 3:30p.m, from the usual time of 2:30p.m.


He further confirmed that the root cause of the disruption has been fully rectified.


According to Mr. Adeeko, NSE has a robust business continuity framework in place with processes designed to forestall and reduce the impact of such unpredictable technical glitches when they occur.


“The Bourse has a solid track record of high availability and systems resilience, whilst working with some of the cutting edge technologies required to power up a modern Exchange and will continue to work to enhance this”.


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