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How iSON Fosters Outsourcing Culture in Africa



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Enterprises in Africa are constantly looking at digitization strategies to drive operational excellence, improve customer satisfaction and expand operations to play a greater part in the global economy.

To achieve this, most of these companies have embraced outsourcing of some of their services. Consequently, in the last few years, outsourcing has become a common trend in information technology and other industries across Africa.

The emerging Africa outsourcing stories filled with endless opportunities cannot be told without iSON BPO as a flag bearer in the journey to birth Africa’s dreams.

Today, iSON Group has pioneered the reverse trend in current BPO services by taking “Knowledge to Work”, rather than the economically draining norm of taking work to known knowledge bases, as obtains in other climes. By marrying the best practices of India’s BPO industry with the available resource pool in Africa, iSON Group is charting a whole new pathway in developing Africa’s business ecosystem.

As a truly multi-cultural organisation, iSON’s unique approach to service delivery in IT and BPO combines building and managing call and data centre infrastructure, as well as global manpower outsourcing and call centre operations.

It helps clients with experience-centric solutions that empower them in enhancing business efficiencies, streamlining operations and reducing cost. It offers enterprise customers systems integration, managed services, BPO and strategic outsourcing solutions using end-to-end Information Technology (IT) services to numerous clients around the globe.

iSON caters to several industry verticals such as Telecoms, BFSI, Utilities, Government, Oil and Gas with a growing portfolio in several niches such as Property & Real Estates. An integral part of iSON’s growth is its work ideology; on-shoring as opposed to the more popular but less advantageous offshoring practice.

On-shoring as practiced by iSON, is employing and upskilling local capacity to handle the work which is available within the specific country of operation.

iSON Group’s strong presence in Africa dots the landscapes of big economies like Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco and Kenya.

For iSON, Information Technology is a platform to bring in the latest technology to clients in Africa through its “Partner Enablement” Program.

The big blue chip IT companies like AVAYA, Oracle, Huawei, Cisco, IBM, Dell are benefitting through iSON Technologies skillsets in 25 countries in the region. iSON as a system integrator has enabled these companies to offer their world- class products to clients in the region.  

Some of its marquee clients on the IT side are: MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, GT Bank, AXA Mansard, Kenya Tourism Board, Ministry of Kenya, Crown Beverages, Uganda, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, Tanzania & Botswana.

Ramesh Awtaney, the founder and chairman of iSON Group, is executing his own vision of ‘Digital Africa’ inspired by the Indian government’s digital drive. With over 28 years of experience in global technology, market development and business process outsourcing (BPO), he is working on moving Africa up the value chain towards Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), which is more cerebral and offers a better price.

According to Ramesh, “Unlike most BPO and Tech services companies which take work and jobs to IP, ISON has pioneered reversing the trend by taking IP to the work without compromising on world-class quality.

As part of our core strategy, we have invested in developing local systems and empowering local talent to foster a better future for the African continent. We do not outsource local work outside of Africa”, he said.

Ramesh further stated that Third Party Outsourcing Industry is getting established in Africa and iSON has emerged as Market Leader. The region has started catching the attention of the leading outsourcing countries like USA and Europe.

“We have been able to get some assignments from some of the largest US companies which are being executed from African countries.  iSON as an On-shoring partner in Africa, for Africa is not only dominating the market but redefining business processes and how they are offered and also improving the market, defining its niche, while offering the best of superior services to the end- customers.”

As such, 99.5% of the iSON workforce comprises nationals in all African footprints, affording the twin benefits of long term employment generation and capacity development. This unique work practice not only accounts for iSON Group’s phenomenal growth since inception in 2011, to become a pace-setter in IT and ITes services but also an evolving driver  of employment generation across Africa and beyond.

Ramesh believes that Africa can replicate India’s growth story in IT/ITeS in just 10 years.

According to him, “We saw this opportunity early and have been investing in new centres across Sub-Saharan Africa over the past seven years, which have helped catalyse the ecosystems for growth in these countries”.

In less than 8 years of operation, Ramesh’s led iSON Group has rapidly grown to become Africa’s leading IT and ITeS organization. The company which is present in 25 African countries, operating with over 10,000 employees all over the continent.

The company has been on an expansion spree and has invested over 20 million dollars in Africa in the last seven years and plans to invest an additional 20 million dollars to set up four new centres across Africa which will create additional 4,000 jobs.

On the future outsourcing business in Africa, Ramesh said he is optimistic of its growth. “It is not a business trend, it is more of something that is fast becoming a staple in ensuring that organizations conduct their business in the best way possible. More of our clients have come to the realization that outsourcing is really the best way to go in terms of building capacity in their business,” he said.

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Konga Appoints Ijogun Chairman



Olusiji Ijogun

Konga, Nigeria’s leading e-commerce giant, has announced the appointment of frontline corporate guru, Olusiji Ijogun as Chairman.


The appointment takes effect from April 1st, 2018.


Konga has dominated the news recently after its recent acquisition by the Zinox Group, Nigeria’s foremost technology conglomerate, in a move that several industry watchers believe will position the company on a stronger footing and raise the profile of e-commerce in Nigeria.


A seasoned and widely experienced technocrat, Ijogun boasts over three decades of top-notch performance in finance and management which he has brought to bear on the fortunes of a number of thriving businesses across various sectors.


His sterling career has seen him hold several top positions including Senior Group Manager, Unilever Audit, Divisional Managing Director, UAC Foods, Group Finance Director, UAC of Nigeria Plc and Commercial Director, Lever Egypt. He was appointed to the Board of Honeywell Group where he positioned the Group in the foods sector of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) segment.


Mr. Ijogun holds a B.Sc (Hons.) degree from the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Lagos. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants UK and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. He currently serves as the Chairman of Ackmen Nigeria Limited and CEO of Innodel Consulting


His wealth of experience across several brands and sectors is expected to come in handy in positioning Konga on a path of sound corporate governance and a greater share of the e-commerce market in Nigeria and beyond.

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JAMB Warns as Fraudster Urges UTME Candidates to Pay for Scores ‘Upgrades’



As the writing of the 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination came to an end on Friday, fraudsters have invaded the Internet, asking candidates to call some numbers through which they could “upgrade” their results.


In a post shared on social media on Sunday, one Mr. Magaji who calls himself JAMB Upgrade Director, urged candidates to call his alleged telephone number 09038747733 for payment instructions for the “upgrade” of their results.


He goes ahead to provide names of candidates and their alleged scores which were supposedly upgraded from low marks to high ones.


The impostor writes in bad grammar unexpected of any official of an examination body whatsoever:


“Attention, attention, attention. This is to inform those who score below 180 in JAMB, the exam board has officially release the upgrading system for those who did not do well.


“Scores has already been upgraded. Congratulations to these following names for your result has been upgraded, please contact upgrading board on 09038747733 Mr. Magaji or WhatsApp me.


“Note: you have to see your previous result before payment.”


The fraud then proceeds to provide what he calls candidates’ names, their previous scores and the ‘upgraded’ ones.


He writes, “You can check your name out — Desmond Samuel 111-280; Chukwu Glory 174-320; Loveth Jude 144-290; Adams Godstime 123-322; William Samson 136-290; Akpan Johnson 156-312; Roland Felicia 170-285; Emeka Queen 171-384; Vivian Hudson 163-299; Mary God’swill 152-321; Doris Gabriel 122-291; Adams Chuka 132-242.


He then calls on UTME candidates who wish to upgrade their results, saying, “If you wish to upgrade your JAMB score, please contact JAMB Upgrading Director (09038747733). Thank you.”


When contacted, JAMB spokesperson, Dr. Fabian Benjamin, warned that the information is false in its entirety.


Benjamin said, “Obviously, this fraud is so ignorant and she or he definitely misunderstood the 2016 incident in which the parameters used for the examination were wrong and therefore had to be corrected.


“In the process of transforming the grades of candidates for the 2016 exams, the examiners used the wrong parameters.


“What we call ‘transformation’ is actually a measurement instrument. So, when we discovered the problem, we did the right transformation but people took it out of proportion to interpret it as addition or subtraction of marks. We only did the right thing.


“It was never an upgrade, as this fraud and others in his category deemed it to be.


“Even in the 2016 incident, the candidates affected were not up to 60,000 out of the 1.5 million that wrote the exams.”


Benjamin warned that no one should listen to the lie, saying that the examination body is busy reviewing the CCTVs in each of this year’s exam centres to ascertain how much candidates and supervisors complied with rules and regulations.


“The CCTVs will reveal any infractions that the supervisors might not have noticed.


“Once we are satisfied with the review, the results will be released without any delay.”


He said the results of over 1.2 million candidates are currently being collated, and that as such, no one can possibly claim to be in charge of any upgrade whatsoever.


He said, “There could be nothing called results upgrade because in JAMB, no one fails or passes. It is a selection exam, which is dependent on general performance.


“Though you may not score enough to get you admitted into a tertiary institution, no one fails.”


He disclosed that the cut-off point for the 2018 exam would likely be 180 or 190.


He also said the results would be released late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning.

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FG to Use ICT to Curb Unemployment



Dr. Isa Pantami, Director General of NITDA

Federal government has said it is aware of difficulties in securing white-collar jobs by youths in the country and this has compelled it to look inward to build technology entrepreneurs.


This was revealed by Dr. Isa Pantami, director general, National Information Technology Development Agency ([NITDA), during the ninth edition of Startup Friday event for Akwa Ibom youths in Uyo, the state capital.


According to him, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become inevitable. The future of the country’s youths depends on ICT.


The Director General said the Startup Friday programme was created to encourage every Nigerian to look inward in tackling

Nigeria’s economic problems, stressing that, “ICT is the global driver of all aspects of the economy”.


“We are aware of the harsh condition in securing white-collar jobs in the country. So, it has become apparent for the government to focus more in building technology entrepreneurs. A developed indigenous ICT eco-system would help the country to diversify its economy from oil.


“Data is the new oil. With the two local content-related Presidential Orders, we need to focus on locally-produced innovations for our local markets. NITDA intends to encourage and support ICT entrepreneurship and promote it as an attractive career option for the teeming youths”, he said.


He said the startup was brought to Akwa Ibom to encourage the youths to eke a living through ICT, adding that plans had reached advance stage to establish a Digital Job Centre in the state.




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