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Internet users hit 98.3 million in December –NCC



Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has said that, internet users increased marginally to 98.3million in December.


The NCC made this disclosure in its Monthly Internet Subscribers Data for December 2017 on its website on Thursday in Abuja.


According to the data, Airtel, MTN and Glo gained more internet subscribers during the month in review while 9mobile was the big loser.


The data also showed that overall, internet users increased by 98,391,456 in December from 94, 818,553 in November showing an increase 3, 572,903.


The data breakdown revealed that MTN gained the most with 2,642.666, new internet users increasing its subscription in December to 36,069,597, from 33,426,931 in November.


It showed that 9mobile lost 68,341 internet users in December decreasing its subscription to 11,338.839 as against November when it recorded 11,407,180.


It said Airtel gained the most with 911,040 new internet users in December amounting to 23,985.203 users as against 23,074,163 users in November.


The data showed that Globacom also gained 87,538 new users in December as the figure recorded was 26,997,817 as against 26,910,279 in November.

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Skool Media Begins Major EduTech Revolution in Nigeria



Group photo of Skool Media and partners, at a recent media parley in Lagos.

Skool Media, an ICT solution-based Company, is now poised to change the face of education in Nigeria using technology.

The Company recently unveiled its plans to the media and partners in an attempt to redefine technology-enabled education; to transform how learning is practised and expand the range of measures in student’s achievements.

Mr. Moses Imayi, CEO/Project Director Skool Media Nig Ltd, Speaking at the October ‘Business Mixer’, said that with about 24 project locations in the six geo-political zones of Nigeria, and four projects in each zone, Skool Media has further enhanced its collaboration with other stakeholders passionate about developing Nigeria’s educational system, leveraging on ICT tools and applications.

Mr. Imayi reiterated that changing the landscape of educational space with the adoption of technology to improve and reposition average Nigerian child for competitiveness in the global space cannot be overemphasised.

He said: “Skool Media advocates for an integration of a Digital Classroom, Library Upgrade, Capacity Building and an Educational tablet as a core of academic in consonance with the 21st-century framework for learning”.

“Skool Media aims to provide infrastructural support to a range of educational institutions including digitalization of classroom, library upgrade, upgrade of laboratory & teaching software, capacity building and creation of a common room/training room”, the CEO/Project Director said.

He explained that in these schools, they have tech experience centers where students and teachers can engage in critical thinking in order to bridge the gap between among and counterparts across the world.

He further disclosed that Skool Media has developed a platform called; a digital learning platform that would address their engagements with private institutions and private schools.

In his words, “The Edufirst platform is suppose to address the gap in the educational space, part of what we are doing on the Edufirst platform is to create like a school portal management system that allows you to have good interactions, student teachers interactions, parent teachers interactions, stakeholders interactions as well.

“The platform is also useful for parents to access performance of their children in schools and then have conversations with teachers on how happy or displeased they are with their children performance.

“Under that platform we also have what we would be tagging Edufirst blog, it’s a component under the platform.

“The blog is supposed to have conversation or narratives of treads occurring in the educational system both indigenous Nigeria and globally as well.

“So the platform is quite big and it’s meant to be all encompassing to all key participants provided you are an individual that has passion for one level of education, you get access to the blog.

“If it’s based on you being a proprietress you will get access to signing up on the platform to engage with it.

“We’re also trying to develop on that platform what we call scholarship schemes.

“So the portal will also help students to be able to access on the spot scholarships with certain partnerships we’ve built.

“This is supposed to be like a support scheme Edufirst is offering to the general public”.

Also speaking at the event, Adaeze Sokan, Director of Policy and Learning at Ventures Platform explained that the Startup industry if well-funded and positioned will help grow the Nigerian economy.

According to Sokan, Nigeria is moving into ‘Startup Leadership’ era where young people with technological milieu will determine the fate of the country.

This, she emphasised, will become possible through a 21st Century education system powered by technology.

She further extolled Skool Media’s edu-tech initiatives, adding that these will change the narratives on how the educational system functions in Nigeria.

In his remarks, Mr. Charles Dungor, Partnership Implementation Manager at Skool Media, said they have made a number of efforts to define the essential knowledge, skills and dispositions needed for Nigeria’s increasingly information-driven and technologically powered societies.

This, he said, has spurred Skool media to partner or become membership of a number of organisations such as the Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) and Lagos State Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), to see how best they can advocate for improved quality education that will cut across Nigeria to ensure that e-learning is being adopted into the curriculum of schools.

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Data Science Could Improve Nigeria’s Foreign Exchange – Adekanmbi



Olubayo Adekanmbi, the Convener of Data Science Nigeria (DSN) has said that data science could be a major Foreign exchange earner for the country if it’s well harnessed.


He said that data science is the fastest growing in the world and by implication has huge demand for data scientist, this means that Nigeria can become an outsourcing hub for data scientist just like India is in software.


He stated this over the weekend at the Award night for the intercampus machine learning competition and deep learning hackathon organized by Data Science Nigeria in Lagos.


According to him, “The fact is that today in the world data science is the number one carrier, it is the fastest growing in the world.


“So the implication is that demand for data science is not met in the US, in the UK and in Canada, they are all looking for data scientist.


“Interestingly it’s predicted that by 2020 US will have about two million data analytic vacancies that they cannot fill.


“Why can Nigeria not become an outsourcing headquarters, where these projects can be outsourced because these things are virtual projects, they are data projects, they are not jobs that you have to there physically.


“So we can begin to create outsourcing businesses in Nigeria that will be doing these projects for all these international companies, like what is already happening in India and as we do that we will bring more forex into Nigeria and increase our GDP as a country and the multiplier effect of that will drive massive micro economic impact that will bring incremental social welfare and actually make our country much better.”


He added that aim of Data Science Nigeria is to raise new breed of experts who will contribute to driving the Nigerian narratives as far as Artificial intelligence is concerned.


Adekanmbi explained that in a few years from now greatness of any country will be directly proportional to their use of AI.


He said “if you look at what is happening in China, UAE and America, you will realize that the future belongs to the countries that use AI.


“This is why we’ve taken time to start investing in our talents before we go through another second slavery because we failed to uplift ourselves.”


He explained that Nigeria has raw talents that need to be harnessed so as to create the effect that will drive economy impact in the country.


Speaking on the sideline, Ismael Kone, Ivorian national who came to Nigeria from morocco to participate at the boot camp, explained that his reason for participating in data science Nigeria boot camp is in line with the common goal of solving African problem by Africans using AI.


Kone commended organizers of data science boot camp for putting together such gathering that will help Africans solve African problems,


He added that if this is sustained in Nigeria in the near future the country will becoming an AI Hub in Africa.


According to him, “we have the same mindset here in Africa of using AI to solve problems and this is something that have been in phases during this boot camp.


“I met a medical student in this camp and we are thinking about how we can do something about malaria and we know that, it is a big threat in our society right now, Ivory Coast is not left behind, we have the problem.


“So I think that with this kind of gathering, it will help us to empower Africans to talk about solving our problems.


“And I see in the near future a bright future for Nigeria, with all these people that came here to just learn about AI, Nigeria will eventually become an AI Hub in Africa”.


He added that his experience at the data science Nigeria boot camp has been amazing, stressing that before he came to Nigeria he had an unpalatable image about Nigeria but now that he is here everything is different.


He noted that Nigerians are very hospitable and accommodating people.

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NCC to Sanction Illegal Auto Tracking Solutions Providers



The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has warned against illegal operation by automated vehicular tracking (AVT) operators, saying it would invoke sanctions against anyone operating without licenses.

Emilia Nwokoro, Enugu Zonal Controller of the Commission, disclosed that it was illegal for people to operate vehicular tracking services without registering with the commission, stressing that registration would help regulate their services.

Speaking during the unsealing of the D-Tech Multi Services, she stated that the commission’s enforcement procedures empowered it to seal off AVT services operating without license, explaining that D-Tech Multi Services was sealed off on October 31, last, following the refusal of its managers to regularize their operations with the commission.

She explained that the aim of registering the operators was to enhance security of services and ensure that vehicle owners deal with genuine auto- trackers in the state and called on members of the public to furnish her office with information concerning illegal operators in the state.

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