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ISON to Solidify Footprint in Nigeria with 4 More Call Centres




ISON Group, the leading Customer Experience Management provider in the Africa, Middle East and ASEAN region, offering systems integration, managed services, BPO and strategic outsourcing solutions using end-to-end IT services, has further reinforced its presence in Nigeria with the announcement of three additional ISON BPO Call Centres.

ISON has also indicated interest  in other service offerings through “ISON Technologies and ISON Investments”.

ISON Group is registered in Africa and has presence in 25Sub-Saharan African countries.

ISON BPO,which provides Call Center Outsourcing services, has over 7,000 employees across 12 countries, in which 4,500 employees are in 10 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

ISON BPO is the largest BPO Companyin Sub-Saharan Africa. Some of the countries ISON BPO operates in includes Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. In 2015, the company plans to add nine more centers with an additional 5,000 employees in this region.

Since its establishment in Nigeria, ISON has employed 1,300 people, of which 99% are Nigerians.

Its key clients in Nigeria include Airtel and AIICO.

ISON Technologies is equally a Pan African Outsourcing player, providing end to end IT services and solutions across Africa, Dubai and the Middle East.

ISON Innovation and Investments (I3) focuses on driving consumer internet businesses in Africa.

Through this initiative, we embark on a new journey to help entrepreneurs from the internet fraternity.

Collectively, ISON Group has on ground presence in 25 African countries as well as the Middle East, and ASEAN regions.

The ISON Group offers BPO services through ISON BPO.  The robust BPO services infrastructure is built on global delivery framework to deliver voice, non-voice and other knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) servicesthrough local presence and on-shore/remote support,leading to superior customer experience, highly satisfied customers and growth in business. 

The services are offered to all business sectors including Telecoms, Retail, Aviation, Government, Oil&Gas, Banking and Financial Services.

The company has committed to setting up four state-of-the-artfacilities in Ibadan,Abeokuta, Ilorin, and Kano.It plans to employ about 4,000 employees in these call centers with an additional investment of $20 million this year. 

ISON BPO has excellentCall Centre facilities around the worldincluding one in Ibadan and plans to recreate the same standards everywhere in Nigeria.

ISON BPO is known for its ability to deliver cost-effective outsourcing solutions to its clients, globally, thus enabling its’ clients to focus on growing and developing their key business mandates. 

Their focus on employee training and capability development means that they are able to train & develop their staff to world-class standards.

Mr. Ramesh Awtaney, founder and chairman, ISON Group said, “Unlike most BPO and Tech service companies which take work & jobs to IP, we have pioneered reversing the trend by taking the IP to the work without compromising on world-class quality. As part of our core strategy, we have invested in developing local systems and empowering local talent to foster a better future for the African continent. We do not outsource local work outside of Africa.”

Global CEO of ISON BPO,Mr. Pravin Kumar comments on their expansion in Nigeria thus, “Nigeria has a huge potential for growth and development, especially with the availability of strong, vibrant and talented workforce. One of our visions for Nigeria is to upskill &develop local human talent thus enablingthe countrybecome an Offshore Call Center hub which willadd significant value to our customers, internally and externally.It should not be difficult to create 25,000 jobs in 1 to 2 years in this space and generate export revenue of around US$ 400 million in same. It can then grow from there.”

ISON Group main line of business includes Consulting and Systems Integration Services, Managed Services, and Outsourcing Services.

ISON BPO offers IT enabled outsourcing services including Call Center and Back Office services across verticals namely: Communications Service Providers, BFSI, Government, Retail and Aviation Sectors.

ISON Technologies is a pan-African system integrator, managed service provider and strategic outsourcing player providing end-to-end IT services and solutions across the continent with an on the ground presence in 25 African and Middle Eastern countries to Communications Service Providers, Tower Infrastructure Providers, BFSI, Government, Retail, Aviation and Oil & Gas segments.

ISON Innovation and Investments (I3) has been created to focus on driving consumer internet businesses in Africa.

Through this initiative, we embark on a new journey to help entrepreneurs from the internet fraternity.

It enables and inspires ambitious entrepreneurs by providing capital, enablement and other strategic inputs across Africa for building businesses. Several opportunities in this space are being evaluated.


Nigeria CommunicationsWeek believes that technology makes life more exciting and helps improve the lives of people around Nigeria and indeed the world. So since 2007, we have devoted our energy to independent reportage of technology and how they affect lives.

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SON Looks Elsewhere as Banks Issue Substandard Electronic Cards



Customers of money deposit banks in the country have expressed concerns over the poor quality of electronic cards also known as ATM cards issued to them by their banks, Nigeria CommunicationsWeek has learnt.


They spoke at the just concluded DigitaPay conference held in Lagos.


Mr. Julius Nwankwo, compared the cards issued to him by his bank in Netherlands with the one his Nigerian banks issued to him and demonstrated how substandard Nigerian issued cards are.


According to him, ‘my Nigerian bank issued cards don’t last till their expiration date before they change form and are rendered inactive, but this card (he displayed the Netherlands bank issued card) was issued by my bank in Netherlands. I have been using it to travel for a very long time now; it has not changed form and still active’.

He wondered what Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) is doing while this anomaly goes on without check.


Responding, Adebayo Olarewaju, head, Digital Banking, First Bank of Nigeria, acknowledged that Nigerian bank issued electronic cards are not comparable to the ones issued in the western countries, but added that it is work in progress and that when banks get their feet in digital banking process quality of cards will improve.


He however, expressed worries over absence of will power to drive technological innovation by regulators in the country.


According to him, ‘our regulators does not understand innovation which makes it difficult for them to regulate, this results in the country playing catch-up when other countries have gone far with such technological innovation’.


He cited regulatory barriers to lending through FinTech companies. “The way services are rendered to underserve should not be the same way it is done as in normal commercial banking service. As well the way you regulate normal banking should not be the same way you regulate financial inclusion initiative,” he added.


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Danbatta Bags NAE Fellowship Award



Prof. Umar Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman, Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has been awarded Fellowship of The Nigerian Academy of Engineering, during the Academy annual lecture and investiture.


Danbatta at the occasion disclosed that, the framework for spectrum trading in the telecommunications industry is already out and that a lot is being done to introduce more frameworks but that they will make the content of the framework known gradually.


“This recognition will further encourage us to do more and we don’t want to talk about it now but as I am talking to you, there are new frameworks already out, on spectrum trading.


“With this new framework, you can transfer, lease and share your spectrum.


“These recent achievements of the commission will ensure optimum utilisation of spectrum.


“Also there is going to be a new price flow for data, the work is going on.


“We will soon be releasing lists of licenses for the value added services; I am talking about data licenses.


“There is quite a lot on our memo. We will be making available the content of the memo gradually” he stated.


Danbatta added that his induction as a fellow of the Nigerian academy of engineering will spur him to work harder in ensuring that they deliver on their mandate.


“This act has empowered us to ensure access to communication services, access that is efficient, as well as ensure competition in the Nigeria Telecommunication space.


“So we are going to strengthen this recognition and continue to put more efforts and to deliver the mandate to Nigerians.”


Prof. Joanna Maduka, the outgoing President of NAE, said that the occasion should remind those in the academy to ensure advancement of engineering education and practice.


Maduka said that the advancement would be achievable through continuous learning and strategic collaborations with relevant professional associations and industry.


She said that the academy should be proactive by tackling emerging socio-economic challenges in the country as regards engineering and technology.


Maduka added that the academy should be able to anticipate challenges and proffer appropriate solutions.


Prof. Fola Lasisi, while making his investiture speech, said that the newly constituted council of the academy will start off from where the past president stopped by ensuring true continuity.


He noted that he will ensure that the programmes developed by his predecessor to develop a technology village are achieved.

He added that council will encourage more cooperation with stakeholders in the industry to focus on the technological challenges bedeviling the country.


Prof. Lasisi, called on the newly inducted fellows on the academy to make themselves available whenever they are called upon to serve the academy in committee level or any other critical assignment.

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MTN, Ericsson Fuel the 5G Racing Line



Industry partners, MTN South Africa and Ericsson , have validated the technological prowess of fifth generation (5G) wireless technology in the first demonstration of its kind in Africa – a live feed from a car on a skid pan at the Gerotek testing facility in Pretoria, mounting terminals in a vehicle on a live 5G network trial, using 100MHz of spectrum in the 28GHz band, the audience was able to view the driver’s surroundings whilst moving around the track allowing them to experience what the driver was seeing, in real time.

The demonstration was then taken further by fully obscuring the driver’s windscreen, leaving him to navigate the track using the live feed from a 4K video camera to his VR headset.

This was possible due to a throughput of more than 1.6Gbps and less than ~5ms latency on the connection – a record of mobile 5G performance on the continent.

The solution demonstrated, consisted of 3 radio units, baseband equipment, a 5G user equipment (UE) prototype with an external antenna, a vehicle with the UE installed, a 4K video camera and a VR Headset, demonstrating the performance of a low-latency network.

This is just one of the use cases that the partnership has released following the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in November last year. This was followed by the launch of the first 5G trial in Africa in January 2018.

““5G presents an opportunity for operators to improve their existing consumer businesses and address previously untapped value chains in the digitalization of industries.

The collaboration between MTN South Africa and Ericsson has led to an exploration of a variety of use cases and applications for digital transformation of industries.

These include the automotive, mining, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and utilities sectors. We are proud to be demonstrating this use case with MTN” says Rafiah Ibrahim, Head of Ericsson Middle East and Africa.

“At MTN Business, we are very excited to have demonstrated our IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities, enabled by 5G technology, to our top tier customers today.

Using pilots like this, we are not only assessing and preparing our network to roll out 5G in the future, but we are also future-proofing our infrastructure to enrich customer experience and take industries to the next level,” says Wanda Matandela, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, MTN SA.

“There are great opportunities for both the private and public sectors to join us as we forge ahead, harnessing the power of technology to unlock applications that can optimise enterprise efficiency and improve the delivery of services.

This demonstration supports our vision of leading the delivery of a bold, new digital world for our enterprise customers,” concludes Matandela.

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