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Google Brings Relief to e-Commerce, Courier Operators in Lagos

peter oluka

With the addition of not less than 1, 000 new addresses on Google Map covering areas like Ikeja and Ikoyi areas of Lagos State, the company is surely helping e-commerce and courier delivery men solve perennial issue of haphazard addressing system in Nigeria.

The problem is not unknown to the Nigerian Government, as the national addressing system has been fraught with challenges, leading to difficulties in accessing infrastructure and accurate data for economic development.

The national ICT policy document released in 2012 identified that postal code system developed by NIPOST in 2000 can become much relevant through an efficient addressing framework, as both the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) and private operators are currently faced by unorganized street naming and house numbering address systems by Local Government Authorities.

Recently, Mr. Adebisi Adegbuyi, post master-general, Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) recently said his agency has entered into agreement with 'WorldThreeWords', a UK-based company, to tackle the perennial issue around awkward 'addressing system' in Nigeria.

Hear him, “E-commerce is one area that is exponentially growing. People are buying stocks on line. If they are buying stocks online, necessarily those parcels must be delivered by an institution and the institution that is better placed to do that is of course NIPOST because of our reach, world. Another issue that is a problem all over the world is addressing system.

“The masters in that area are coming. We have signed MOU with WorldThreeWords, It is a UK based addressing solution company. We have signed MOU with Risket, it is a South African based company, they are bringing their expertise, technology and funds.”

Well, on his recent visit to Nigeria, Sundar Pitchai, the chief executive officer, Google,  said that the new additions on Google Maps would help improve address search experience in these areas.

“The second addition is to buildings. Google also added detailed outlines of more than a million commercial business. This building footprint will help users get a better understanding of the world around them,” Pitchai said.

He also said, “Google has added more than 100,000 small businesses across leading cities in Nigeria, like Abuja and Lagos, to help improve local search experience significantly.”

The Google CEO said that the company took the decision because the number of people using Google Map had doubled in the past one year.

“Nigeria has over 100,000 local guides, and one of them includes Samson who has added more than 700 places, which were initially missing, to Google Maps.

"For instance, Google Street View is now available in Nigeria with over 10,000 kilometres available in Lagos only,” he added.