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NIPOST Part of Knowledge Based Economy, Digital Convergence- Adegbuyi

peter oluka
Bisi Adegbuyi, post master general of the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST)
Bisi Adegbuyi, post master general of the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST)

Bisi Adegbuyi, post master general of the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST), has reiterated that the Service will queue-in into the knowledge-based economy and digital convergence drives of the Federal Government promoted by the Ministry of Communication

This he said is being pursued by the new leadership through the deployment of technology to tackle financial and other leakages in the Service.

Adegbuyi made the remark recently in Lagos at Bulkpost Venture Customers Forum adding that the mandate of the new leadership to abide by the global standards, deploy technology to block leakages and increase the revenue base.

Adegbuyi said, “Deployment of technology to tackle leakages is paramount in our drives to serve the customers better, because if our competitions serve the customers better we will lose out. Also, now that the ‘party’ is over; the dependence on monopolistic product is over, we are ready to deploy technology to tackle leakages and through that increase our revenue”.

He added that NIPOST will queue-in into the knowledge-based economy and digital convergence drives of the Federal Government promoted by the Ministry of Communication.

“It is very pertinent to start by saying that world-wide this postal brand is not just known; but very powerful, one of the most critical social roles of the Post is connecting he world through postal service. However, in today’s highly competitive scenario, a dynamic postal brand must represent far more than traditional service to the public,” the PMG said.

According to him, to continue to be relevant in today’s dispensation, a postal brand must not only proactive but must also evoke trust, security and highly qualitative service that is able to enhance customers’ loyalty.

“Knowledge-based economy is the way forward, because it leverages on the dynamics of the citizens and Nigeria cannot be different. We need a convivial environment for discussions and I believe the Bulkpost Venture Customers’ Forum is one of such platforms. We need robust ideas on how to judiciously deliver on the mandate using available resources. NIPOST only needed a leader to show the way because we have competent men and women in the Service to deliver on the mandate.

“Postal administrations world over today, face series of challenges in an attempt to achieve maximum efficiency and excellent quality of service. However, as customers’ expectations and demands continue to grow, the post has also risen to the occasion by striving harder to be more customers friendly through networking, partnering and knowledge sharing while deploying ICT to enhance efficient service delivery,” he added.

Conscious of the critical role of feedback in today’s mailing business; Bulkpost Venture introduced the customers’ Forum/lecture/dinner and awards night in 2001 as an avenue for interaction amongst the stakeholders in the capital market specifically and bulk mailing industry in general.

“However, the theme of this year’s forum ‘The Impact of the Action and or Inaction of the Capital market Major Players on the Financial Prosperity of NIPOST’, is a demonstration of our grave concern for the unimaginable downturn in the revenue accurable to the Federal Government through NIPOST from this sector of the economy,” he said.

The PMG said that as revenue generating agency of the Federal Government, so much is expected from the sector especially with the fall of the oil revenue to the federation account.

He however said that what is really intriguing about the introduction of compact discs (CDs) some years back and recently, SMS as replacements for hard copy AGM reports and notice of meetings was that unlike the e-dividends, e-bonus, etc, there was neither prior notice nor any form of sensitization program seeking the opinion of other stakeholders.

“While cutting cost is quite apt in business setting, we sincerely believe that all stakeholders in the capital market mail delivery chain. Even though as an organisation we are not opposed to ‘change’ especially as related to the deployment of ICT by Registrars and company secretaries in the mailing business, we are bothered about the sudden turn of event. For instance, was the interest of shareholders who are in the rural areas and have no access to computers and the internet facilities or the kind of phones to download the reports put into consideration? Was any thought given about the impossibility of sitting down to read the whole report at once? Not forgetting that hard copy paper documentations are almost immoral in nature whereas, one may lose his GSM phone, tablet or computer, loss of devices’ memories and virus infestation may cause loss of documents.

“As we take flight to e-platforms, I think all these should be carefully considered by Regulators and other stakeholders here present. Even in developed countries of world, certain documentations are still being done ‘hard copy way’”, he explained.