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Motorola Back in Nigeria, Launches New Range of Smartphones



(L-r): Shedrack Otura, country manager, Motorola Nigeria; Marcelle Van da das, business operations and development, Motorola Africa; Gozy Ijogun, managing director, TDmobile;  Nnamdi Eziegbo, CEO, SLOT Nigeria Limited and Manoj Rajasekharan, business leader, Motorola West and Central Africa, at the Motorola Core Dealer event held in Lagos.

Lenovo, through its Subsidiary, Motorola Mobility, at the weekend unveiled a new range of Moto smartphones to core dealers in Nigeria at a groundbreaking event which held in Lagos.

The smartphone models which include the Moto E4, Moto E4 plus, Moto C 3G, Moto C 4G and Moto C plus boasts of exciting new features and user friendly applications. Motorola’s range of innovative smartphones guarantee consumers the opportunity to experience high definition display and cutting edge design at value prices.

Meet the Moto E and Moto C:
The Moto E which also features the Moto E4 Plus in its range, provides exceptional value for an end user as it combines the things you need at a price you will love.

The Moto E has a vibrant 5″ HD display, elegantly wrapped in metal and thoughtfully designed to fit right in your hand. It also features a high definition camera which will enable consumers to shoot beautiful pictures with advanced cameras even in low light with long lasting battery.

The new Moto E Plus gives you a huge 5.5″ HD display and a massive 5000 mAh battery which can last up to 2 days, unlocks using the touch of your finger. Watch videos, play games, and more powered by a quad-core processor at 4G speed, the Moto E Plus is more of a good thing.

The Moto C Plus device, is a super affordable and fully packed mobile with all the essentials required for any user. It has 4000mAh battery that allows consumers use their device for hours after a single charge.

Its quad-core processor can handle multiple apps at once giving consumers the benefit of streaming music and videos smoothly. It also has a refined design featuring a vivid 5″ HD display, and micro-textured back covers in several colors.

Moto C Plus gives you cameras that take stunning photos and selfies, even in low light and it also runs Android™ 7.0, an updated version of the world’s most popular operating system.

With the Moto C Plus. Expect more.
Speaking at the event, Shane Solomon, head of Marketing at Motorola said, “It is indeed a great pleasure to be back in the Nigerian market to introduce these new range of smartphones. Our commitment to improving the mobile experience of our users has enabled this premium innovations we have launched here today. Nigeria is a huge market for mobile phones and it is a market for consumers who are constantly looking to more in terms of what they can achieve with their smartphones. Being the pioneer of the world’s first smartphone, we are excited about our presence in Nigeria once again and we look forward to delighting our customers through the Moto smartphones.

“We decided to launch the smartphones with our top dealers from all across Nigeria. With this engagement, they will have firsthand knowledge about the phones and our plans to make the phones available throughout the country,” he added.

Nnamdi Eziegbo, CEO of a retail Mobile Phone Company, SLOT Nigeria said; “Motorola is a renowned brand, across the world, for its innovation of high technology smartphones. We are happy they are back in Nigeria. As a retail partner in Nigeria, the company has created an opportunity for Nigerians to choose from the varieties of mobile phones available in the market. We will continue to support the brand to ensure that these Moto phones are available across every region of the country.”

The Moto E4, Moto E4 plus, Moto C 3G, Moto C 4G and Moto C plus will be available to consumers at all retail partner stores in Nigeria. The brand has come to stay, with an end user experience that is different with the sake of being better for everyone.

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Reps Query Non-Patronage of Nigeria’s Multi-Billion Satellite



Committee on Information Communication Technology of the House of Representatives has been mandated the to investigate the cause of non-patronage of the multibillion Nigeria Communications Satellite Limited.


The committee is also to proffer solutions and report back to the House within four weeks for further legislative action.


The House resolution followed a motion sponsored by Honourable Danasabe Hosea entitled, “Need to Investigate the Non Patronage of the Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited (NIGCOMSAT)”.


The lawmaker recalled that the Federal Government had contracted Kosmo – 3m Rocket from Russian Plesetsk Spaceport to launch its first Earth Observation Satellite, the Nigeria – 1 on September 17, 2003, at the cost of ₦30 million.


He added that, “Nigcomsat – 1 Communications Satellite was launched in China at the cost of ₦200 million, but it failed in orbit in 2008 after running out of power, owing to an anomaly in its solar array.


The Federal Government he added that, had, since 2003, spent about ₦85 billion on five Satellites which were meant to provide communication data and images for government agencies and the private sector with the aim of saving billions of foreign exchange and generating revenues estimated at $ 20 billion for the country.

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NCC Set To Dump Paper Numbering for Automated Numbering System, Meets Stakeholders



Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) yesterday held a consultative forum with a broad spectrum of stakeholders as part of the processes planned towards the introduction of an automated numbering system in Nigeria.


This is Consistent with the commission’s distinctive tradition of broad spectrum consultation prior to taking regulatory decisions.


Speaking during the consultation forum, Ubale Maska, Executive Commissioner Technical Services who represented Prof. Umar Danbatta, the EVC/CEO of NCC informed the participants that, “Numbers are scarce resource and one of the core functions of the Commission is to ensure that this scarce resource is effectively and efficiently managed”.


He also informed the audience that the automated system will be launched very soon by the Commission.


Paul Dinwoke, CEO Molcon Multiconcepts Limited, Consultants to NCC on the project also told the participants that some of the benefits of the automated system include convenience, transparency, efficiency, easy tracking, ability to choose number options, and strengthening of online payment systems.


Bako Wakil, Deputy Director Technical Standards and Network Integrity also told the audience that the deployment of automatic numbering management system is part of NCC’s efforts to automate her business processes within and outside the Commission.


The Forum was attended by many stakeholders, including licensees of the Commission and staff.

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Five Reasons To Stop Wearing Headphones Always



By Ogunfowoke Adeniyi

Headphones are very important because they make work and travel more fun. Therefore, it’s so common today to see people strolling with their headphones.

Despite the seeming advantage (s) of headphones, it should not be constantly plugged in your ears for the following reasons shared by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency.


You Can’T Hear Cars Coming At You

It’s much safer to walk around without your headphones. This is because you cannot hear cars coming at you and this can lead to an unavoidable accident. According to research, serious injuries have increased 300% in the last six years for pedestrians wearing headphones. So, make it a rule not to use your headphones on the road.


Headphones Overuse Can Damage Your Ears

Your ears may be damaged if you overuse headphones. So it’s probably best to let them breathe now and then.


You Can’T Hear The People Around You

For people who are headphone addicts, they must have been told several times by a friend that they called out to them and they didn’t respond. Why? Because they had their headphone plugged in. If this is the report you always get, it is time to stop plugging your ears when you are around people.


You Miss The Little Things

After sight, hearing is the most important sense that engages us. If we can see but lack the sound-correlated ambience, we become dissociated. It’s like we are putting our minds on autopilot, and just going through the motions of daily life.


You Risk Coming Off As Rude

Even if you’re the friendliest person around, headphones make you unapproachable. It makes it harder for people to call out to you.

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