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Begho, Kshetry to Speak at CFA’s Startups Hangout March Edition

peter oluka

Testimonies are already pouring in from startups who have taken out time to attend such a simple, no-hype meetup, where they listen to exceptional entrepreneurs or top executives share few thoughts based on experience.

In fact, the testimonies do not just end with the startups as the speakers are also excited about the setup, the environment and the event in general.

The speakers for the February edition were Rev. Sunday Folayan, President of NiRA and Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, Chairman, Sam Ohuabunwa Foundation and both expressed joy at the potentials of this monthly meetup.

CFA’s Startup Hangout is a monthly meetup where startups meet to learn and grow from experiences of successful entrepteneurs and top executives, as well as network with one another.

This March 2017 edition will focus on “Excellence as the key to a Successful Startup”.

It is obvious that a lot of events are happening within the entrepreneurial space, but the CFA’s Startup Hangout is strategically tailored towards bringing the best out of the young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

It is simply a no-holds barred forum where established entrepreneurs and top executives are invited to share their path to success.

With majority of the startups and small business owners going through the recession period, there are still practicable solutions that could help to alleviate the hard times.

This edition of of CFA’s Startup Hangout will, however, feature Nkemdilim Begho, a Nigerian entrepreneur who runs Future Software Resources Ltd, an IT service company with a core focus on Online Solutions, E-Learning and IT Security. It will also feature Atul Kshetry, a successful business mentor who has led IDM Services Plc through a fast track diversification process.

These are two successful entrepreneurs with lots of experiences, capable of transformating any business.

At the moment, we have recorded registrations from many startups and the CFA team cannot wait for the March 2017 edition to kick off, because it sure promises to be explosive.

Frankly, these are indeed trying times to be an entrepreneur, but history has proven that in the face of great difficulties, focused and exceptional people can go on to create life transforming solutions.

If you are a startup reading this post, it is important to note that this is certainly not the time to give up, rather this is the time to turbo on as long as you are not trying to flog a dead horse.

Here is a quote from Mark Zuckerberg that serves as a life-long admonition; “Building a mission and building a business go hand-in-hand.”

One reason we came up with the idea of the monthly hangout is to ensure that we provide an additional platform for young entrepreneurs to succeed and also create an opportunity for more established entrepreneurs looking to add value to lives of young people.

Finally, we believe that you will not miss out this month’s edition, which comes up on the 17th of March, 2017, at Adna Hotel, GRA, Ikeja. The event is free, but registration is required