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Eventshub Mobile App Debuts

vincent Lemuwa

The events publicity sphere is set to be illuminated with the emergence of Eventshub App. Events are an everyday occurrence across the world and the method of getting people to attend has evolved over the years, starting with the town criers, to electronic and print media, to social media.
However, the dissemination of mass messages largely flooded the space and getting the right information to the right audiences becomes more difficulty especially with the characteristic and lifestyle of audiences changing.
The audience need to get tailor-made information to meet their particular needs per time.
Eventshub was designed to bridge the gap created by the jump from mass media to social media; mass media provided information to everyone, social media basically provides information from individual social network. However, with Eventshub you get information on events based on your interest per location.
Eventshub is a mobile App currently available on Google Play store (ios version coming soon) that provides information on events to users based on their selected interest and location.
The app also provides navigation assistance to the user on how to get the location of the event. The app is fully integrated with the phone calendar and with just a tap your desired events can be added to your calendar.
The push notification feature ensures that you are always in the know on the what, when and where of your events choices.
Eventshub also provides a direct link to ticketing platforms, making it easy and effortless for you to get your events tickets.
Eventshub provides an easy and cost effective way for event’s organizers to reach the audience based on their pre- selected interest category and location of interest. This allows the advertiser to only pay to reach audiences that are already interested in the type of events being organizing and in what area it is to take place.
Eventshub equally allows you to share events across several platforms, enabling you get the viral effect for you event.
Eventshub is free to download on Google play store and was developed by Semences Innovation Limited.