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Finnih, Clark to Speak At CFA’s Startups Hangout July Edition


The July 2017 edition of CFA’s Startups Hangout has been scheduled to be held on Friday, July 14, 2017 by 5:00pm.

It promises to be a very exciting hangout as we have two successful Entrepreneurs that will be sharing their knowledge with Startups so they can learn and grow their businesses too. The Speakers are Bolaji Finnih, CEO, TechPreneur Africa and Ommo Clark, CEO, iBez Solutions.

The Speakers at the June 2017 edition were Nadu Denloye, Co-Founder, Telnet and Deepankar Rustagi, Co-Founder, and the Startup attendees were treated to various business tips to help their businesses grow by thse two great .

The July 2017 edition of CFA’s Startups Hangout is being sponsored by Adna Hotel Ltd, TechPreneur, TAMS, NiRA and DCHub.

“We expect to see a many Startups attend this in order to tap relevant knowledge from the distinguished Speakers. Remember to invite friends and family to attend this awesome session. Register to attend the July 2017 edition of CFA's Startups Hangout -”, CFA said

CFA is the Founder, & Co-producer/Presenter,Tech Trends on Channels Television