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Okere, Alawaye to Meet Startups at CFA's Hangout September Edition

peter oluka

The September 2017 edition of CFA’s Startups Hangout, scheduled to hold on Friday, September 22, 2017 by 5:00pm, is set to feature two successful entrepreneurs, that will be speaking to the Startup attendees. They are Austin Okere, Founder, CWG Plc and Banke Alawaye, Country Manager, Praekelt.

These two are poised to lay bare their arsenal of business knowledge for the Startup attendees to download and apply to make their own businesses too to grow and scale into strong and virile businesses.  

The September 2017 edition of CFA’s Startups Hangout will be powered by TAMS and Remita. 

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek, and Guardian Tech are among the media partners whom the organiser thanked “for their continuous support in sharing posts on the Hangout for the benefit of our teaming Startups”.

Register for the event by booking a seat. You can register for the September 2017 edition of CFA'sStartups Hangout @