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Recession: Cheki Nigeria Sensitizes Car Dealers On 'Leads to Sales' Strategy

peter oluka
 *Dara, CEO of sensitizing participants at the Dealer Conference.
*Dara, CEO of sensitizing participants at the Dealer Conference., Nigeria's leading cars website, at its dealer's conference on Thursday, said, notwithstanding the present economic realities in the country, car dealers can stay afloat using the right strategy and technology adoption.

Mr. Gbenro Dara, chief executive officer of the Cheki Nigeria, notable for providing safe and conducive environment where buyers meet car sellers, said the conference (and awards) event was as a result of the need to sensitize the dealers, providing them with platform to network while learning from industry best practitioners.

"We also wanted to share with them our discoveries from the backend. It is generally meant to help them increase sales by not allowing leads generated get away without results", Mr Dara told Nigeria CommunicationsWeek.

Speaking on the significance of the conference theme "Maximizing Sales Opportunities in a Recession", he said that Cheki was even prepared to assist the dealers increase sales using available means to reach the buyers.

The Cheki's CEO said, "The conference came as a result of feedbacks from dealers; we felt it was high time we brought them together to engage each other while learning from industry best practitioners. We also wanted to share with them our discoveries from the backend. It is generally meant to help them increase sales.

"We can't wish away the fact there has been a downturn in the market, however, every seller or dealer must strategize on how to meet target. That is part of what we are offering our partners; helping them to see ideas of restructuring their internal processes that will make them overcome the recession. As I mentioned earlier, one of such strategies must ensure their leads conversion rate is higher; whereby the inquiries are turn to sales.

"We got a lot of feedbacks from buyers who complained of slow response to their inquires. So, part of the conversations with the dealers centered around sensitizing them on the need for quick responses and follow-ups; basically about relationship management.

"It is not enough for you to send an SMS or call, there should be a process to help give the buyer a good experience to be able to make a decision, choose to buy from you. They (the dealers) have to remember this is a big market where buyers are searching from multiple sources. So, you have to give every buyer a good reason or product at a right price and experience".

Nodding in agreement, Engineer Kiran Sunil Parab, managing director of WOW Motors, said that transparency and right pricing are critical factors the players must consider, adding that quality and swift responses to leads are part of the determining factors in winning the potential buyer's interest.

He said, "Irrespective of the economic recession, car dealers still have market. It is a choice we have to make in order to impact the economy positively too through different sales approach.

"Networking will help the dealers to meet buyer's demands in some circumstances. But never forget to integrate the inquires, follow-up (meet and greets), demo sessions and impressive service are the bedrocks of sales processes."

Participants at the conference were taken through in-depth analogues on improving sales with ‘after sales’ supports, while some were awarded for excellent performances in the past years.