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Sheyi Shay Unveiled as Face of Gionee in Nigeria

peter oluka
 (R-l): Somoye Habeeb, marketing director, Gionee Nigeria; Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua (a.k.a Sheyi Shay), new Gionee Ambassador; Chukwuka Austin, managing director, Gionee Nigeria and Chinese representative, during the unveiling of the Brand Ambassador in Lagos.
(R-l): Somoye Habeeb, marketing director, Gionee Nigeria; Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua (a.k.a Sheyi Shay), new Gionee Ambassador; Chukwuka Austin, managing director, Gionee Nigeria and Chinese representative, during the unveiling of the Brand Ambassador in Lagos.

Gionee in a strategy move to reach out to teeming consumers in Nigeria, has unveiled Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua (a.k.a Sheyi Shay), the iconic Nigerian singer, writer, performer and R&B Artist with a superb blend of lyrics, as the new brand ambassador.

The choice of the iconic artist according to the Gionee, is to make products of Gionee appealing to Nigerians and create a stunning brand reputation locally.

The new brand ambassador is expected to lead the brand’s promotional activities, become a spokesperson for the brand, and help reach the targets many Nigerians, who are music lovers and fans of Sheyi Shey.

Speaking on the choice of the brand ambassador for Gionee in Nigeria, Somoye Habeeb, marketing director, Gionee Nigeria, expressed confidence that Sheyi Shey has all it takes to Gionee brand to the apex, where it belongs.

He said the choice of Sheyi is justified in all ramifications considering the criteria and yardstick provided by the company, adding that the iconic singer stood out amidst other contenders.

“We needed an ambassador to localize the brand. To tell it around the world that Gionee is in Nigeria to stay. Gionee is one of the top five mobile phone brands in the world. We had a list to pick from but we wanted somebody that will sell the value we stand for, he said.

“We needed a popular artist, beautiful, energetic, of good age and a socially responsible person. We looked at the demography of this artist and that of our target customers. We also considered the psychographic factors. And Sheyi Shay combines all these and that was why she won the chance to be the face of Gionee brand,” Chukwuka Austin, managing director, Gionee Nigeria added.

Speaking at the event, Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua, the new face of Gionee said, the brand matches the uniqueness of her style of music and her personality; adding that she will do everything within her power to make the brand a household name in Nigeria.

“I got to where I am today by hard work and I’m very grateful for the position I’m in today. For me, Gionee represents freshness, strength, agility and the future. So when I was approached to take up this role, I had to oblige because this is everything I built my brand up to be.

“My brand of music is organic and I appeal to a wide segment of the market ranging from age 12-50. I intend on pushing with all my might to make Gionee the number one phone here in Nigeria. I look forward to a great and productive relationship with Gionee,” she said

Sheyi Shay
She has several musical hits in her kitty, her single 'Irawo' released in 2013 is still enjoying waves and it is no surprise the singer chose the name 'Irawo', meaning 'Star' in Nigerian native language Yoruba because she’s a star. Known for her stage energy and power, she has performed in some of the finest A-list events in Nigeria and across Africa, including The Big Brother Africa show and the MTV Mama 2015 Awards in Durban, where she performed with Grammy-award winning international artist, Neyo. She was also nominated for Best Female and Best Music Video at the MTV Mama 2015 Awards.

She has been selected because of her success over the years in the music industry and far being an inspiration to millions of Nigerians, she will work towards the attainment of the interest and attention of the customers.

Her duty is to make the products, services, and other offering of Gionee more appealing, so as to draw the customer's preferences towards the brand, representing the organization at the time of celebration events, trade displays, exhibitions, and other promotional events. Her primary function is to be spokespersons for Gionee.

She will appear in regional and local media like magazines, periodicals, public shows, television shows, etc., and advertise the products of the Gionee.

Gionee Communication Equipment Co. Ltd. was founded in September 2002 by Liu Rong. It is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on R&D, production and sale of cellular mobile devices. In 2005, Gionee obtained the GSM and CDMA mobile phone production license.

R&D Centres are set up in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou among several other places. In 2006, the first phase of the project had a total investment of more than 1 billion RMB, covering an area of 500 acres at the Gionee Industrial Park. The production capacity currently stands at 40 million units per year.

Once the entire industrial park is completed and put into production, production capacity will reach 80 million units per year, making Gionee Industrial Park the largest mobile phone production site in China.

In addition, Gionee has 41 provincial general sales agents and 40 provincial service centres with over 500 franchised outlets. In 2007, we received the honorary title of "Guangdong Province Famous Trademark". In 2011, Gionee achieved an overall market share of 7.2% and GSM market share of 11.2%. These accolades put Gionee in the third place in the overall cellular market, and in the first place in terms of the domestic market.

Since 2011, Gionee has grown rapidly, expanding its presence in countries including India, Nigeria, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand and Philippines. Gionee products are currently on sale in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Middle East and Africa, with exports reaching 1 million phones per month for the overseas markets.

Gionee believes that products should be as unique as the people who use them. We define ourselves as a global provider of mobile and internet technology that is user-friendly, stylish, and wallet-friendly. In other words, we strive to help consumers make their lives better.