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Solving Nigeria's Unemployment with IT Job Creation

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata
Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, presenter of Tech Trends on Channels Television
Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, presenter of Tech Trends on Channels Television

There is no doubt that the current economic recession being experienced here in Nigeria is adversely affecting quite a lot of the citizens of this country.

Many manufacturing as well s services oriented companies have continually laid off staff in order to reduce costs and stay afloat.

The recent statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics showed the in one year, between October 2015 and September 2016, a whooping 3.67 million Nigerians lost their jobs!

The hopes of many unemployed in landing a job in any of the existing companies are also becoming slim by the day. One area, I am sure, however, that many of these unemployed as well as those who have lost their jobs to this recession can turn to for succor is the IT industry. I believe that this area is one that still has more than an ample space for those who are ready to kick-start legitimate online money making ventures.

The truth is that, although, lots of scams can be found online, there are still actually a lot of work that people can legitimately do, and are in fact, currently doing online, from which they can make good income.

One advantage of engaging in online work is that you can set up your work space right in the comfort of your home and operate from there.

By doing this, you will be saving yourself the problem of looking for an office space to rent as well as the other accompanying costs that running an office will entail.

Interestingly, working from home is not a new phenomenon just as earning money online is not. For many decades, scores of famous writers, artists and performers are widely known to have worked their way through various home-based programs and the tradition seems to be never ending.

Craftsmen, for instance, generally lived on the same premises as the ones in which they had their shops. Most brick and wall traders today also have their shops attached to their places of abode, hence, working from home can truly be rated among the most time honored human traditions that we know of today.

With the advent of the incredible computer and, a significantly huge number of people went on a voyage of rediscovery – seeking out the golden principles of ingeniously developed ‘work at home’ jobs. In more recent times, unique facilities, along with unlimited opportunities, offered by the use of the internet has rapidly increased the demand, as well as encouraged a vast number of those who have bravely risen to meet this enormously huge demand.

Armed with the new knowledge of how to earn money through the internet by offering numerous income-generating opportunities, they have gladly accepted the prospects put forward.

Technology has now blessed us with the internet today which has eased up the way we communicate, interact and engage with one another. These are the hallmarks that make the conduct of business to thrive.

I know of many Tech businesses these days that conclude most of their business transactions online without physically meeting their clients. What they do is that they project their line of business through a well constructed website which showcases all the businesses they engage in and market these through their social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It will interest you to note that most of these tech-business owners have never personally met almost 90% of their clients but they relate and do business online.

Most of their clients get to know about them through their websites, blogs and social media platforms. These clients contact them and they start conversations that leads to striking business deals which are carried out and delivered to the clients, all these without physical contacts with each other.       

Some of the things you can set up to do online from home include Website Designing, Social Media Marketing, Online Virtual Assistant work, Affiliate Marketing, Writing, Editing, Graphic Designing, etc.

To enable you to work from home engaging in some of these businesses, you need to learn and be a reference point on them to gain the confidence and trust of clients.

To enable you to effectively work from home, you will also need to acquire some basic things such as, a Laptop, internet modem and access to constant electricity. Government should improve the state of these infrastructures to ease the work of those interested in the IT business.

There are also many online sites where you can offer your services as mentioned above so that people interested in your skills can patronize and hire you as well as pay you through those platforms.

You will, have to pay such platforms a token out of each payment you receive for work done through their platforms.

Affiliate Marketing is also a business that you can also carry out online from home. It is a globally known phenomenon, which has now become a household name to everyone who even seldom makes any use of the Internet.

According to Wikipedia, Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Earning money through online affiliate search engine marketing is a lucrative way of earning on a constant scale.

It is a sustainable source of producing a steady income by working from home. In reality, making genuine money through online affiliate programs requires getting to learn the true secrets.

There are countless other things you can legitimately do online to make money while working from home. All you need to do is to find the opportunities that exists online and key into one that you are passionate about.

You must not allow the wind of this current economic recession blow you out of existence. Take action today.