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Google Gives Reasons for N13,000 ICE2 Smartphone in Nigeria

peter oluka

Google is set to launch an affordable device for the Nigerian market – ICE 2 smartphone, with the intention of bringing more people to the internet.

Google chiefs in Nigeria, during the week, expressed that the ambition has been to make the internet more relevant and accessible to every African.

Sunday Pitchai, Google‘s chief executive officer, said, “Yes, Google is set to launch an Android device in September. One cool thing about this device is the price. The Ice 2 would be sold at N13,000 when it is launched.”

According to him, the device will come with Google Play Protect, which continuously works to keep devices, data and apps safe.

Cesar Segunutpane, VP, Product Management at Google, spoke further on the tech giant's drives to empower the people, thus, "We don’t want to create internet for African rather enable them to create the internet they want through the access, platforms and products we create.

"Access is important, by making sure they are connected to high internet. Whether students or workers, MTN, Mainone and others have done a lot on internet/broadband deployment to empower these people in Nigeria.

"We strongly believe faster broadband will Improves Africans Lives and Innovation".

On platforms, he said that Google don't  just build platforms, but eco-system for other companies and startups to leverage.

"Android is the largest tech ecosystem in the world today. In 9 years it grew from one phone to 2billion smartphones across the world.

"With have continued to work with partners and OEMs to develop devices for Africans, especially Nigerians, like $40 smartphone; we are brining another device ICE2 in partnership with MTN.

"The device comes with all google apps and will start shipping in September for only N13,000. it will be the first device to come with Google Play Protect", the VP Product Management said.

Segunutpane said that Google will also launch apps to enable strong FinTech uptake in the country, adding that Android is a platform for innovation meant for local entrepreneurs to leverage.

"For products, we have made YouTube, Google maps and Search more relevant to Nigerians. For instance, Google Gboard now supports major Nigerians- Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. We will help the locals retain their languages", he said.