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Visionscape Discloses How Technology Will Redefine Waste ‘Recovery’ In Lagos



(L-r): Thomas Forgacs, chief operations officer, Visionscape; Adekunle Otusemade, executive secretary, Lagos State Environmental Trust Fund; Abiodun Bamigboye, permanent secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Environment; Dr. Adejare Babatunde Samuel, commissioner for Environment, Lagos State and Babatunde Hunpe, special adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Environment, at the Cleaner Lagos initiative/Visionscape media workshop held in Lagos on Tuesday.

Visionscape, a leading environmental utility group providing turnkey solutions in areas of sanitation, energy and wastewater treatment, has reiterated its commitment towards ridding streets of Lagos of wastes, transforming same to other useful items.

Actually, managing waste in the 21st century requires more than just a conventional approach of collection and disposal of waste, however, Visionscape is undeterred by the existing loopholes in waste management in the Lagos State in the recent past.

To this end, Visionscape commissioned by Lagos State Government to handle its waste matters, has partnered with technology leaders and ready to deploy RFID indent systems, UHF transponders and GPRS sensors in the management of wastes in the State.

The intent, Maimuna Malibe, manager, Environmental Product and Service Development at Visionscape, said, is essentially to ‘recover’ wastes, turning them to other useful ventures for the society.

Speaking to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek during a Cleaner Lagos initiative/Visionscape media workshop, on the sidelines of immediate measures in place to rid the streets of Lagos of waste dumps, she said that the company, through its 60-day intervention, is working assiduously on waste containment and will provide bins to residents, wastes collection, transportation, disposal, treatment and resources recovery.

Immediate Interventions
Malibe said, “The immediate intervention is covered in our 60-day programme to create awareness for Visionscape services and make sure there is no service gap in waste collection in Lagos State. Before we rolled out of compactors doo-to-door collection, we procured tippers that will collect wastes from blackspots, immediate environments and highways where wastes are indiscriminately dumped. For 60 days, which commenced on July 1, 2017, we are going to be collecting wastes. So, members of the public who spot any blackspot in their neighbourhood should reach out to Visionscape and we will clear it. That will proceed the commencement of our operations in September. The charges are at Visionscape’s costs.

“We are going to be involved in waste containment providing bins to residents, wastes collection, transportation, disposal, treatment and resources recovery. Basically, we are looking at the entire waste management chain; to create value out of waste. I like to say waste is not a waste until you waste it. It is always something to do with different materials we produce in our homes and in commercial places. Even a day old baby can produce wastes.

“So, at Visionscape, we are looking at different ways of converting the resources that we collect; it goes beyond collecting from the residence and go bury them at the landfill sites. We have the concession facilities that we have taken over the operations like the three transfer loading stations located in Agege, Oshodi and Tappa. They will provide the stop-gap for our operations. Therefore, we are trying to stop our trucks from traveling very far.

“Imagine the truck that has to travel from Badagry to the landfill in Epe; it doesn’t make any operational sense; in terms of our freight management and cost of operations. Thus, we have taken the concession of the three transfer stations in such that all the contractors- tricycles, pick-up trucks that collect wastes from the residents or communities, are going to dump wastes at the transfer-loading stations closest to that particular community”.

How Technological Will Redefine Waste Management in Lagos State
On technological interventions, she emphasized that Visionscape’s waste logistics set-up takes into considerations all relevant parameters including area population structure (densely or sparsely populated), dominant building structure, waste types and volume; and other geographical parameters for sequenced and optimized routing calculation.

Thus, technology enables to be deployed will assist them in real-time respond to existing and new orders via our automated order management platform which is visually supported and route optimized; utilise Modern GPS supported waste collection and monitoring system; manoeuvre through the hectic road traffic situation by selecting the most efficient and economical route for our complete fleet and view single vehicle and overlay of vehicles track.

According to the Manager, Environmental Product and Service Development at Visionscape, “each transfer stations has the capacity of about of between 1500-2000 tons per day. Lagos produces about 11,000 tons of waste per day. If you look at it, each transfer-loading station has the capacity to take off enough wastes to be collected in a particular shift. What is going to happen is, after dumping at the transfer-loading stations, we are going to be compacting the wastes for bulkers to move the wastes to the landfill sites. Our landfill site is going to be an engineered one with an eco-pack with sorting facilities. They shall be sorted into different components. So, there is a whole lot that goes into VisionScape’s processes, not just waste collection and disposal.

“So, our bins are going to be fitted with infrared and tags. There are going to be code attached to each bin; so we know the bin that is supposed to be in Ikeja, for Ikoyi and other places. If the bin that is supposed to be in Ikoyi miraculously finds itself in Epe, we would be able to tell that is a wrong spot for it.

“Our trucks too will have signals that will be able to open up the bin locations as they drive through the communities as well.

Plans for Recycling
For recycling, She said, “we have to start door-to-door collection, and will open recycling collection points in different wards. As we all know, there are 57 LCDAs in Lagos State and under them are 377 wards. So, what we are doing in recycling is we are taking it back to the grassroots, where waste is being produced. We know that some of the wastes are going to end at the transfer-loading stations and landfill sites, but we are trying to recover the wastes from point of collection. Eventually, we are going to end up with 377 collection points; we would encourage the people to swap plastics, papers and other wastes to receive some incentives”.

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek believes that technology makes life more exciting and helps improve the lives of people around Nigeria and indeed the world. So since 2007, we have devoted our energy to independent reportage of technology and how they affect lives.

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FG Warns of High Increase in Illegal Kidney Harvest



The federal health ministry has written the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) to warn all doctors in relevant specialties to “be aware so that Nigerians will be circumspect while embarking on medical tourism in Egypt


The memo is to create awareness to Nigerians intending to travel to Egypt for medical attention. Patients stand the risk of getting their organs illegally trafficked or losing their lives to the growing trade in illegal organ harvest and transplant.


It raises concern about patients possibly seeking treatment abroad and their doctors referring them to any complicit hospital.


Dr Wapada I. Balami, director for Hospital services, in a statement for the Minister of Health entitled, ”41 Suspected illegal human kidney traffickers on the trail in Egypt” revealed that there is an increase in illegal harvesting and transplanting of human organs in that country.


It was also gathered that 41 human kidney traffickers have been arraigned by Egypt’s prosecutor Generals and the hospital in which these atrocities were committed were listed.


Nigerians are, however, advised to be aware of the said issue while embarking on medical tourism in Egypt.


The office of Egypt’s prosecutor-general has issued names of private hospitals in Giza area of Cairo complicit in the trafficking of human kidneys.


  • Dar al-shefa in Helwan, Cairo
  • Al-Bashar Specialist Hospital in Faisal, Giza
  • Al-Amal Centre for General Surgery in Maurinteya, Giza
  • Dar Ibn Al-Nafis Hospital, Giza



“If some of our colleagues are in that trade, that is very disheartening,” Mike Ogirinma, NMA president.


“For us as an association, we may not have such powers to stop it but we can investigate.”


But NMA is handicapped to sanction erring doctors.


The regulatory body, the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, which hosts a tribunal to try erring doctors and dentists cannot constitute a board since it was dissolved in 2015.


“The organ left for us is the regulatory body, MDCN. Professional misconduct or negligence are taken before it. Unfortunately that council was dissolved immediately this administration came in, and NMA has been pushing for it to be reconstituted.”

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MainOne Pledges Support for Host Communities, Renovates School in Lagos



MainOne's staff in group photographs with pupils of Ilasan Primary School, Jakande-Lekki.

By peter oluka

MainOne, West Africa’s leading connectivity and data center solutions provider, has once again proven its continued Corporate Social Responsibility commitment in its host communities by renovating the Ilasan Primary School, Jakande-Lekki.

According to the Company, the CSR was in a bid to provide the students with a conducive learning environment.

Led by Mrs. Oluyomi Johnson, MainOne’s Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator, the company renovated all 14 dilapidated classroom blocks within the school premises and decorated the classrooms with learning materials.

Speaking on the Company’s CSR initiative themed “Changing Lives, Impacting the Future (CLIF)” at the launch of the newly refurbished classroom blocks,  Mrs. Johnson stated, “MainOne prides itself on being a relevant and integral member of its host communities and as a socially responsible organization, we believe it is important to give back to our community. We will continue to provide support in every way we can including volunteering the service of our employees as we seek to change lives and impact the children – our future.”

Mr. Kayode Olutayo, head Teacher, Ilasan Primary school, commended the company for its support in renovating the school which had been overrun by bushes, suffered severe flooding and dilapidated classrooms, making for an unsafe learning environment for students.

“This project is a welcomed development in our community. We thank MainOne for their efforts in refurbishing our school and making it a conducive environment for our students.  However, like Oliver Twist, we still ask for more. We need teachers, more learning materials and funding to keep our school running. We therefore call on the government and other organizations to take initiative from MainOne and come to our aid,” Olutayo said.

Congratulating the company on a job well done, Chairman Eti-Osa Local Government, represented by the HOD Education, Eti-Osa LGA, Mr. Oshin applauded the company’s initiative in improving the standard of education in the school and community. He also pledged the government’s support in working with the school to ensure all their needs are met.

Speaking on behalf of MainOne, Mr. Kasope Akindele, manager, Legal & Regulatory Services, thanked the school and the Ilasan community for their warm welcome. “MainOne will continue to play its part in contributing to the development of its host communities. We also urge the government to push policies that will improve the standards of education both in the community and state,” he added.

Since 2011, MainOne has made supporting educational institutions in Nigeria a priority through yearly donations of learning materials including text and exercise books, writing materials as well as renovation of critical infrastructure facilities.

The contributions of the company towards the development of these learning institutions forms a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility focus in Education and Information and Communications Technology.



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Ogundare, Newcross CEO Donates Digital Library To LUTH



(L-r): Professor Afolabi Lesi, provost college of Medicine University of Lagos Idi-Araba; Dr. Bolaji Ogundare, Ceo Newcross Petroleum; Professor Oyinkan Sofola, dean, Faculty of Dental Science, College of Medicine University of Lagos and Professor  Akinbo, deputy provost, College of Medicine University of Lagos, during the handing over of a Library built by Dr. Ogundare for the Faculty of Dental Science, College of Medicine University of Lagos Idi-Araba

By peter oluka

As part of efforts to expand access to global information and aid learning in medical education, Dr Bolaji Ogundare the chief executive officer (CEO) of Newcross Petroleum, has donated a digital library to the Faculty of Dental Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Lagos Idi-Araba, Lagos.

During the handing over ceremony held recently, Ogundare called on the private sector players to consider urgent and massive investment in health education as that will tremendously improve capacity and competencies for Nigerian hospitals and aid availability of world-class healthcare services locally in the country.

During his address, the Dental Surgeon remarked that the library which he donated to his alma-mata was built in memory of his late father, Mr Samuel Olatunji Ogundare, describing the project as his contribution to health education in the country.

Ogundare said he was challenged to take on the project due to the low level of infrastructure in the College, appealing for urgent private sector intervention for infrastructure upgrade at the Faculty of Dental Sciences.

“Infrastructure upgrade and personnel motivation can help this College a great deal. If the private sector invests more in healthcare services, capital flight will be prevented and many healthcare services for which Nigerians travel abroad can be accessed at affordable rates and convenience locally. I urge all well-meaning citizens and business interests to urgently intervene.”

Commending Ogundare for his contribution to the college, the provost of the College of Medicine, Professor Afolabi Lesi said the library mirrors the core of the educational institution. This project has touched on the essence of this institution of learning.

Prof Lesi urged other alumni of LUTH in public and private sectors to emulate Ogundare by investing in healthcare services and educational development. He therefore promised that LUTH management will maintain the project maximally.


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