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Andela Sacks 420 Nigerians, Others in Restructuring Exercise



Andela, Africa-focused tech talent accelerator, is axing about 420 jobs as it restructures its talent pool to “more closely align with global market demand”, the firm said in a statement.


Under the restructuring exercise 250 junior engineers and staff from its Nigerian and Ugandan hubs will be leaving the organisation.


Another 170 engineers may also be affected in its Kenyan hub.


According to the company, “Andela is now working with all impacted and potentially impacted employees and is committed to providing a holistic professional and financial support package,” it said.


“The company is partnering with CcHUB (Nigeria), iHub (Kenya), and Innovation Village (Uganda) to help connect impacted developers with opportunities in their local ecosystems.


“Together, they have identified over 60 companies who are looking to hire top quality junior engineering talent. These hubs will also offer impacted engineers the opportunity to use their co-working spaces free of charge for the next three months.”


Commenting on the action, Omowale David-Ashiru, Andela Nigeria country director said: “We’re proud of what we have achieved at Andela in five short years; we know the impact we have made both in Nigeria and globally.


“However, we have reached an inflection point that has required a change in strategy, which is why we are announcing these changes to our talent strategy.


“Our immediate focus is on providing practical support to those employees who are impacted by the restructuring, and we will provide them with the resources they need to succeed in their next steps.”


In his remarks, Jeremy Johnson, Andela’s co-founder and CEO, said the company has to grow its senior talent base faster because there is a higher demand for experienced talent.


“This shift in demand also means that we now have more junior talent than we are able to place. This is a challenge for the business, and for these junior engineers who want, and deserve, authentic work experiences that we are not able to provide,” he said.


“Five years ago, we launched Andela to solve a global challenge: Brilliance is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. To succeed in our long-term mission, we have to make tough decisions to continue growing a company that we know will change the way the world thinks about talent.”


The company said it has plans to hire 700 experienced engineers by the end of 2020.


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Konga Gives Loan Facilities to Merchants ahead of Yakata 2019



Konga, foremost e-Commerce giants, has taken a step further towards making the 2019 edition of its Yakata sales an unforgettable experience for its customers. To this effect, Konga has made available soft loans and credit facilities for merchants on the Konga Marketplace.


Konga Yakata – as Konga’s Black Friday sales are known – is widely regarded as the biggest sales event in Nigeria’s annual shopping calendar.


The sales extravaganza occupies a special place in the consciousness of millions of Nigerian shoppers, many of whom look forward with eagerness to its commencement.


By extending soft loans to the merchants on its platform, Konga is hopeful of equipping the merchants with the capacity to grow their business and make more products available to shoppers ahead of the 2019 edition of Konga Yakata.


Speaking about the loan facility, Prince Nnamdi Ekeh, co-ceo, Konga said “Konga Yakata is around the corner and our intention is to make it the best ever in the history of the company for our customers.


“For all of us at Konga, nothing comes in the way of ensuring our customers are satisfied.


“This is why we have taken the uncommon step of providing credit facilities to merchants on the Konga platform in preparation for Konga Yakata 2019.”


“We understand that our customers will be looking forward to the widest assortment of genuine products across multiple categories on Konga.


“This is why we are committing significant funds into expanding the carrying capacity of our merchants for the sales fiesta.


“No other sales event comes close to Konga Yakata. Therefore, it is only fitting that Management has decided to go all out and make it a memorable one for our teeming customers,” Ekeh enthused.


Indeed, access to loans and credit facilities one of the encumbrances that has constantly hobbled businesses in Nigeria in their attempts to scale.


This remains a huge challenge for most small business owners who have limited access to credit facilities and loans with favourable interest rates.


This point is not lost on the management of Konga – Nigeria’s only omni-channel retail platform – which under its new owners, has achieved remarkable growth and expansion, setting it on the path of profitability.


“We have partnered with Simple-Fi to make these loans available at very low and convenient interest rates of 2.08% only.


“Merchants on the Konga platform can also take advantage of flexible repayment plans,” Ekeh concluded.


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#WorldFoodDay: Leveraging Digital Solutions to Tackle Hunger in Africa



By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke, PR Associate | Jumia Travel & Food

One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is global hunger. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) backs this up by stating that “From Africa and Asia to Latin America and the Near East, there are 821 million people in the world who do not get enough food to lead a normal, active life.”

In fact, a 2019 report by the WFP confirms a rise in world hunger for the third year in a row. “There were 821 million chronically undernourished people in the world last year, up from 811 the previous year. 1 in 9 people in the world now faces hunger.

“Africa is the region with the greatest prevalence of hunger in the world – the figure changes to 1 in 5 people hungry in Africa. Hunger is also on the rise in Western Asia.”

The hunger situation is dire in Africa and these numbers keep rising daily. Regardless, this should not make us forget that hunger is a global problem and not exclusive to Africa.

This is perhaps why the United Nations World Food Programme tagged this year’s celebrations of #WorldFoodDay “Our Actions Are Our Future. Healthy Diets for A #ZeroHunger World”.

What are we doing to tackle global hunger? Well, in Africa, Jumia, the continent’s leading eCommerce platform is leveraging digital solutions to tackle hunger in the continent.

Jumia through its food marketplace, Jumia Food connects millions across the continent to healthy and delicious meals that are sold at affordable prices.

The food marketplace is present in 11 countries namely Ivory Coast, Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda. And in each of these countries, Jumia Food has become the go-to platform to order food.

You may appreciate this more when you look at where Africa was before the entry of Jumia and where the continent is today.

In the past, the idea of ordering food online was literally non-existent. However, with the digital revolution and the painstaking efforts of Jumia, it is now possible for everyone with a mobile phone and internet to order food on the internet.

Jumia Food riders are now a familiar sight in Kigali, Lagos, Kampala, Tunis and Nairobi among other cities; delivering the food requests of millions of customers at their doorsteps and offices. Of course, what is unique here is that the foods are well packaged and are healthy. This, in no small measures, can help contribute to the reduction of hunger in Africa.

It may interest you to know that the process for signing up restaurants on Jumia Food is thorough and exhaustive. Also, discounts on some of the foods have further made meals affordable to many Africans in general and Nigerians in particular.

As we celebrate World Food Day, the Managing Director of Jumia Food, Guy Futi says that all hands must be on deck to tackle global hunger adding that “Jumia Food is playing its part in combating hunger by connecting Nigerians to healthy and affordable foods which are delivered at the quickest possible time.”

Hunger is a global problem and every small action aimed at tackling it will go a long way. Jumia is taking action through its food marketplace to make healthy and sustainable diets affordable and accessible to everyone.

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Lagos Gridlock: Google Maps Opens Lanes for Road Users



A 2017 study listed the 150 least to most stressed out cities in the world. With Stuttgart in Germany nabbing first spot as the least stressed city to live and work in, Lagos came in at 148 (just two spots ahead of the most stressed city – Iraq) which will be no surprise to daily commuters on Lagos streets.

There were obviously factors other than traffic playing a role in defining this list but lack of space and cramped environments, including high traffic areas, featured high on the list of reasons people are stressed out in cities like Lagos.


Traffic is a challenge, no doubt about it, but there are tools available for Lagos road users to use to help smooth their journeys and make life a little easier.


Do the most with your travel time using Google Maps:

Lagos traffic may seem like an insurmountable, unavoidable, stressful part of the workday, over which it may seem you have no control. The truth is, there are several ways you can use technology to reclaim a few hours every day or make good use of your time on the road.


  • First and foremost, how real is the traffic situation?: Who says you have to hit the road at 07h30 or 17h00 sharp? With just one tap, you have access to information like ETAs, live traffic updates and quickest routes to familiar places – like home, work and the gym. This will help you decide whether you should join the fray or stick around, head off to the gym or make a stop to buy the milk you know is needed at home.

  • Know before you go: If gym is an alternative to traffic for you but queues aren’t, try using Google’s “Popular Times” feature. This is accessible through Search and Maps and will help you decide how to better use your time. If the gym’s too busy and filled with other traffic dodgers, for example, you can choose to see how busy things look at your local mall or the library or the supermarket.

  • Share your ETA and location: Sitting in traffic on your way to work and your boss keeps asking for updates? Use the Share Trip Progress functionality in Google Maps to share your journey with them, via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or even email. Once they open your shared link in Maps, they’ll be able to track your progress with ease. In much the same way, you can share an actual estimated time of arrival at home with your family, keeping their minds at ease on those “extra trafficky” days.

  • Driving in cars with kids: If it’s your turn to drop the kids off at school, and you have an Android device, why not use Google’s Bolo app to use their time in traffic wisely? Bolo is a speech-based reading app that helps kids learn how to read in English – your kids can read out loud with the app, which “listens” to them while offering encouragement and feedback to help improve their reading skills. Bolo operates offline so there can be no “poor coverage” excuses!

  • Mixed Transit options coming soon: People, in general, are quick learners and those faced with traffic on a daily basis will often find ways to shorten or ease this process. For some, this means mixed options when it comes to transport. You could drive or cycle to a taxi/bus station, taxi/bus or rideshare from there and then walk the last few metres to work. Google has announced its Mixed Transit feature, which will be coming to your phone soon and promises to help commuters plot their mixed transit options out every day – choosing the fastest option available.


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