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iSON BPO Empowering the Girl Child through ICT



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In a bid to foster empowerment, self-confidence, expansion of choices, and improved access for the girl child, iSON BPO in conjunction with the Kwara State Ministry of Education embarked on a six (6) day intensive training on information communications technology for one hundred (100) Senior and junior secondary school girls from ten (10) different schools in Kwara state. The aim is to educate the girls and change the World. With this in mind, iSON BPO offered specific support and opportunities by providing incredible tools for engaging students in the classroom, making teaching more participatory.

The girls had the opportunity to use iSON’s state-of-the-art training facilities equipped with Computers and other 21st century gadgets to enhance their learning.

In the course of the training, the girls were encouraged to adopt research techniques that helped them build basic computer literacy. It is believed that in places where textbooks are old-fashioned, the internet can offer ways to connect with current events and up-to-date knowledge can be tapped from the endless information in the global community.

Other areas covered during the training includes; Detailed and practical knowledge on computer memory and operating systems, computer hardware and software such as; windows XP and OS, Microsoft office (Word & spreadsheet) basics, introduction to the internet and E-mailing.

With excellent team drawn from InfoTech, Training, Operations and Human Resource, iSON BPO was able to add gadgets and life- advice to the classroom experience. Issues like relevance and sustainability were adequately addressed.

Having identified the fact that audio-visual material can be used as instructional tools to aid learning, as it is widely known to arouse learning interest of students within their age brackets and also sustain effective learning, iSON BPO gave audio visual learning materials containing all the topics covered during the training, elaborate illustrations or demo on the use of software applications as souvenirs for the 100 girls and other students in the schools who were not in attendance. It is believed that this will further strengthen the Girl Child and position her for a brighter future.

This gesture has received tremendous commendations and request from stakeholders to further continue this programme hence, iSON and the Kwara State Ministry of Education hopes to continue this laudable scheme to educate, inspire and equip school girls with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in computing fields.

iSON family is excited to be part of this earth breaking milestone as 100 girls are now ready for certification and graduation.

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Only Disruptive Entrepreneurs Can Save Nigerian Economy – Ekeh



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Leo Stan Ekeh, serial digital entrepreneur and Chairman, Zinox Group has declared that the only way the Nigerian economy can realize the desired impetus to survive is for the Federal and State Governments to support disruptive entrepreneurs who are now the corporate miracles of every progressive economy.


He cited America as an example which has produced the known whizkids of the century and raised global giants such as the Googles, Facebooks, Amazons and Microsofts, etc. of this world.


He said this while delivering an incisive talk at the Access Bank-sponsored 2019 African Fintech Disrupt Conference held at the Landmark Centre.

Leo Stan Ekeh, Chairman, Zinox Group, speaking at the Access Bank-sponsored 2019 African Fintech Disrupt Conference held at the Landmark Centre.


Ekeh, whose talk kept the huge crowd cheering for more, noted that Nigeria has a huge stock of smart kids who can change and sustain the developmental story of this country, adding that all they require is an enabling environment which is not too expensive for the government to provide.


While advising entrepreneurs not to see hope as a strategy in business, he reminded them of a critical configuration required for a self-audit before deciding if they really want to be entrepreneurs.


According to Ekeh, who also doubles as a global advisor to Microsoft, success as an entrepreneur in Africa requires 40% common sense, 20% spirituality and 40% knowledge of the business.


In his opinion, the 21st century has defined two types of entrepreneurs – disruptors and regular entrepreneurs.


While advising startups and other budding business owners, he noted that their passion must pay their bills, else there is no justification for the business they are launching.


He reminded startups of the essential few ingredients of success, humility, ability to see the end from the start, an eye for the bigger picture, creative mindset, knowledge and energy to occupy the sector as well as the capacity to manage cash and excitement.

He, however, cautioned that they must be prepared to take reasonable pains before pleasure as they must postpone luxurious life until when they have built enough reserves to sustain such a lifestyle.


Counseling female entrepreneurs, the self-professed disruptive entrepreneur assured them that they will lead in the second quarter of this century as informed women are known to operate efficiently in structured environments with auditable systems.


He affirmed that no government has a choice to deny the youths of progressive infrastructure, except they want to face the wrath of this dominant segment of the populace.


With a round of applause punctuating his speech, Ekeh ended by advising those leaving the country for supposedly greener pastures not to waste their time as the population and lifestyle of Nigeria holds unquantifiable demand structure which is wealth on its own.




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Cisco Reinforces Commitment to Nigeria through New Partner Repair Centre



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Cisco, global technology leader, has reinforced its commitment to support the digitization of Africa’s communities, businesses and governments through several initiatives for skills and talent development, innovation and job creation.  Cisco is set to launch a new Repair Centre, train one million new members of Cisco NetAcad and introduce Cisco Edge in Nigeria.

The company made these plans known in a statement released on yesterday.

By investing in repair centres in Nigeria, Cisco intends to contribute to job creation and skills development.

The new repair centre will work as a partner program which aims to work with selected distributors who will repair and restore Cisco hardware and make high quality, refurbished technology accessible, especially for small and medium sized organizations.

In addition to repair, Cisco intends for the centers to carry out testing, quality engineering, fulfillment, process management and procurement, as well as inventory control, serving Cisco’s customers in Nigeria.

Commenting on the partner repair program, Olakunle Oloruntimehin, General Manager Nigeria and West African Countries, Cisco said, “ we are living in a world that is changing faster than ever imagined.

“We are inspired by the prospect of an economy with abundant jobs, a place where entrepreneurs can thrive. Our goal is to enable small and medium businesses to accelerate their growth by helping them access our world class technology”.

“Our goal is to create value through ‘glocal’ manufacturing and channel models. By glocal, we mean utilizing global manufacturing practices with local execution. We look forward to a Nigeria where everyone will have access to technology and utilize it for the growth of the economy”, Olakunle Oloruntimehin added.

The repair centre is part of Cisco’s vision to have technology enable inclusion and opportunities for people, wherever they live and whatever their condition.

For more than 20 years, Cisco has invested in educating and upskilling students,  graduates and unemployed youth through its Networking Academy (NetAcad). NetAcad provides students hands-on digital skills to prepare them for careers in the digital economy.

Since its launch in 1998, close to 700,000 students have participated in NetAcad courses throughout the African continent.

This year, the company has set an ambitious goal to train an additional one million students in Africa (including Nigeria) by 2025. The students wil be trained during the next three years, followed by reskilling initiatives for active workforce and job seekers, based on content from Cisco NetAcad.

Through NetAcad, Cisco intends to support the creation of Digital Learning Hubs in public libraries, accessible by the local population. The Company also plans to actively engage with employers to identify job opportunities that align to the skills of NetAcad students and alumni.

Cisco continues to help society securely connect and seize tomorrow’s digital opportunity today. In November 2018, Cisco opened the first Cisco EDGE Incubation Center in Pretoria, South Africa. In the coming months, Cisco plans to establish a similar centre in Nigeria. EDGE stands for Experience, Design, GTM (Go to Market) and Earn.

The objective is to share business knowledge, help develop small and medium businesses in the digital age, speed up their entry to market and, as a result, create new jobs for the local economy.

EDGE Centres function as incubators: they provide small and medium businesses with state-of-the-art Cisco communication and collaboration technology, alongside training and enablement programs.  They specialize in topics that are relevant to the local economy, such as smart ports, IoT in agriculture and smart cities. In addition, small and medium businesses are able to connect with global Cisco experts, who can support them with developing business ideas and concepts.

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NECLive Conference To Become A 3-Day Event From 2020



Ayeni Adekunle speaking at NECLive
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Starting from 2020, Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NECLive) could become a three-day showcase.


Ayeni Adekunle, Founder and Convener, made this known at the 2019 edition of the Conference which took place on Wednesday April 24, at Landmark Event Centre in Oniru, Lagos.


Now in its 7th year, NECLive is an annual convergence of practitioners from all sectors of the entertainment industry ecosystem.


The conference sees them come together to have conversations, workshops, exhibitions and master classes in other to proffer practical intellectual solutions for the advancement, growth and development of the Nigerian entertainment industry.


As with previous editions, this year’s conference themed ‘Mobile, Data, Consumers and The Future Of Entertainment’, featured various speakers including PiggyVest Co- Founder, Odun Ewenyi who spoke on the topic ‘Democratising Payments’. MTN’s Chief Transformation Officer, Bayo Adekanmbi gave an insightful lecture on ‘Understanding Data For The Purpose of Economic Freedom’, while Fade Ogunro, the CEO of Bookings Africa and Dayo Adeyelure, a marketing professional and founder of Booked By Us both spoke on the topic ‘A Business Of Numbers’.

Having hosted over 100 celebrity guests and speakers, and over 25,000 live participants in its seven editions, Ayeni says a single day showcase will no longer be sufficient.

With the planned expansion to a three-day event, the all new NECLive 2.0 will accommodate more activities transforming the conference to a more interactive and experiential event.


In his presentation titled ‘Let’s Do Things Differently’, Ayeni gave a detailed description of his vision for NEC Live moving forward.

“From 2020, we’re going to experiment with having the conference over a course of three days.

“We will consolidate on turning this into a full interactive and experiential experience.”


Shedding more light on the proposed new format, Ayeni adds, “We will experiment with a model that lets us keep part of it free and also provides opportunities for those who want to hold sessions, consultations and meetings.”


The Nigerian entertainment industry has grown exponentially in the last two decades.

However, much of that growth is domiciled in Lagos, the entertainment capital of the country.

As part of the new proposed NECLive 2.0, the conference which has always been held in Lagos will now be held across three locations in Nigeria with Abuja and Port Harcourt in view.


“I don’t believe in just talking,” Ayeni remarked as he closed his presentation.

“I think the industry is very active right now. I don’t think we are doing justice to all the great things that were doing if we just come here every year to talk and complain about issues,” he concluded.
The 2019 NECLive conference organised by ID Africa in partnership with Africa Creative Foundation, was streamed live and broadcast to millions of viewers who watched from various parts of Nigeria and across Africa.

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