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NOI Polls Urge Regulator Sanction Telcos for Worsening QoS



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Consumers of telecommunications services measure value for money and preference for networks by service quality and affordable tariff rates, according to a recent poll conducted by NOI Polls, a leading opinion polling and research organization.

NOI Poll also found that Nigerians would like to see telecom regulators show more firmness in mandating the telecoms operators to improve on the quality of their services.

The opinion poll which was conducted from October 19 – 22 involved telephone interviews of a random nationwide sample involved 758 randomly selected phone-owning Nigerians aged 18 years and above, representing the six geopolitical zones in the country.

According to the poll, majority of the respondents asked for sanctions for operators that are not adhering to service quality standards.

Oge Funlola Modie, MD/CEO, NOI Polls Limited said that with  a sample of this size, “we can say with 95 per cent confidence that the results obtained are statistically precise – within a range of plus or minus 5 per cent of what they would have been if the entire population had been surveyed”

The poll is part of an ongoing exercise conducted by NOI Polls to rapidly assess public sentiment following various social, political or economic events.

NOI Polls is a Nigeria based opinion research organization which works in technical partnership with Gallup (USA), to conduct periodic opinion polls on various socioeconomic issues in Nigeria.

In usage of the mobile networks, the result from the poll revealed that the majority of respondents (45 per cent ) use dual lines, while the minority (26 per cnet) either use a line or multiple lines(29 per cent :more than 2 lines).

Modie said that probing further, the need for dual or multiple lines was essential for the following key reasons:  the lack of network reliability on all networks tied to the ease of switching to another line in the event of a network failure;  and affordable tariffs on competing networks that allow for longer talk time.

The poll further found that for the respondents that use only one line (26 per cent of the total); MTN clearly leads the market with 89per cent subscribers and is followed by Airtel 5per cent, Glo 4 per cent and Etisalat 2per cent.

For majority that use dual lines, majority of this group (34 per cent) use a combination of MTN and Etisalat Lines whilst 31per cent use MTN and Glo and 29 per cent use MTN and Airtel lines respectively.

On mobile netwok frequently used; the respondents sampled, majority rooted for MTN as with 78 per cent while 9 per cent use Airtel. Glo and Etisalat were tied at 6 per cent.

A look at the ratings of the mobile network operators along main lines used showed a majority of subscribers (31 per cent) to the Etisalat  rating their network very good versus a majority of MTN subscribers (40per cent) rating their network average on performance.

Airtel came second with 43per cent of their subscribers rating their performance as good whilst a majority of Glo subscribers (45per cent) rate their network operator as average.

Results indicated that Etisalat subscribers rate their MNO higher than other subscribers of other MNOs. Again this was tied to perceived value received from the MNOs.

When respondents were asked if they felt they were getting value for money from their main network provider, the majority (55per cent) expressed satisfaction. Interestingly though, from the respondents that use MTN as their main lines, only 53per cent affirmed that they were getting for money, while those using Etisalat 76per cent,  Airtel 62per cent and Glo 55 per cent also answered yes.

These results indicate that across the four major GSM network providers, subscribers of Etisalat and Airtel are more of the opinion that they are getting value for their money with Etisalat getting majority nods.

For the worst service; MTN’s network service was perceived to be the worst with 13 per cent of respondents while Glo and Airtel came  second at 6 per cent.

A key point to note is that no respondent noted Etisalat as having the worst service.

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Hackers Attack Global Phone Networks, China Fingered



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Hackers targeted mobile phone networks around the world to snoop on specific users, according to a report by Cybereason, a US-Israeli security firm.

The level of access they gained to the networks meant they could have shut them down had they wanted to.

Cybereason concluded “with a high level of certainty” that the hackers were based in China, probably sponsored by the government.

The attack – dubbed Operation Soft Cell – began in 2017, Cybereason spotted the attacks in 2018 and helped one telecoms provider through four more over the next six months. It has now briefed more than a dozen others.

None of the targeted firms or people has been named but, according to the report, the hackers collected the call records and geo-location of various individuals from a selection of countries, including those in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The security firm identified changes in the pattern of attack and new activity every three or four months. The hackers gained entry to networks via a flaw in a web server product.

Cybereason said the tools and techniques bore the hallmarks of Chinese hacking group APT10, which is widely believed to operate on behalf of the Chinese government.

A security expert at the University of Surrey, Professor Alan Woodward said the scale and audacity of the attacks were “breathtaking”.

“The hackers used phishing attacks to get privileged access to networks and could potentially have closed them down.

“They could see who called whom, when, and also seem to have been able to track people’s movements.”

While US networks do not seem to be affected by this wave of attacks, they remain vulnerable and could have been targeted with different tools, said Prof Woodward.

While there is no suggestion that Chinese firms played any part in the attacks, it will add “grist to the mill” for politicians calling for mobile operators to distance themselves from firms like Huawei, he added.

In 2018, 30 per cent of telecoms firms reported that sensitive customer data had been stolen in attacks.

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MTN Launches 4G+, Offer Customers Superior Experience



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MTN Nigeria Communications Plc has launched 4G+ in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt.


The enhanced service is aimed at delivering a premium experience to more people across the country.


MTN 4G+ runs on 4G LTE Advanced Technology using a combination of the recently acquired 800 MHz spectrum and 2600 MHz.


The added spectrum and advanced technology extend the reach and capacity of MTN’s data network in Nigeria and enables speeds of up to 200 Mbps.


This means a 30-minute HD video could take as little as three minutes to download on 4G+, while the same video would take around eight minutes to download on standard 4G.


The service is immediately available and will deliver much higher broadband speeds, a more consistent connection and significant improvement in indoor coverage.


Commenting on the new service Mazen Mroue, Chief Operating Officer, MTN Nigeria said “It’s about the customer. We put the customer at the heart of everything that we do.”


Noting that the launch of 4G+ represents a natural evolution from MTN’s already fast and reliable 4G network and further demonstrates the company’s commitment to continued investment in technology that caters to the present and future needs of its customers and country.


“As MTN, we believe that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life.


“With this enhancement, our customers in covered locations can expect faster downloads and uploads, and better browsing and streaming experiences.


“The successful launch of our 4G+ network is a momentous occasion, which advances our quest to provide world-class service to our customers,” he concluded.


To activate the service and enjoy a new digital experience, customers need an MTN Standard 4G SIM (upgrades available in stores nationwide) and a compatible device.



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Konga Crashes Price to Celebrate 7th Anniversary



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Konga,Nigeria’s composite e-commerce giant, has flagged-off mouth-watering discount sales to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its groundbreaking strides in the Nigerian e-commerce sector.


The promotion will cover a wide range of products ranging from electronics, mobile phones, tablets, fashion, wine/spirits, home appliances, computers/accessories, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and much more.


The Konga 7th Anniversary sale will run from June 24th to July 7th 2019. Shoppers on Konga will enjoy amazing offers including flash sales and treasure hunt.


There are also special deals and offers for visitors to its nationwide network of stores.


Furthermore, shoppers stand to enjoy free delivery nationwide on orders above N15,000 from Konga warehouse.


Chidalu Ekeh, head of Marketing, explained that Konga’s commitment to customers in the past seven years is borne out of deep appreciation for their patronage and loyalty.


She added that this comes with an unbeatable offer of best prices and quality products.

“We’ve been able to serve our customers exceptionally these past seven years and that is down to our innovations in technology, swift delivery, cutting-edge service and other interventions that have improved the shopping experience.


“We are closest to Nigerians with the establishment of over 30 experience stores in major locations across the nation.


“Added to this is the presence of massive regional warehousing facilities that cater to the needs of our growing database of merchants and customers.


“The Konga Marketplace, a structure we pioneered, remains the best and most trusted online marketplace on this side of the Atlantic.


“We have also expanded the suite of offerings through Konga Pay, a Central Bank of Nigeria-licensed mobile money e-wallet as well as Konga Travel which remains the first omni-channel travel booking agency in Nigeria with best deals.


“Furthermore, Kxpress, our in-house logistics arm, is a world class company that has resolved the thorny issue of last mile delivery to our teeming customers nationwide. This is in addition to handling critical deliveries to external parties.


“We are excited with the journey and our aim is to go the extra-mile in satisfying our customers – a reason we crashed our prices to make the offers juicy.


“With our effective customer service, we have the capacity to attend to and resolve feedbacks promptly.


“Our customers also have a range of payment options to choose from including payment on delivery, online payment through Konga Pay, payment on collection, cash payment in the store, payment through Visa, payment through USSD and much more,” she concluded.





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