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Online raffle draw: Small business owner wins Toyota Corolla on



Blessing Jonah, the winner of the Toyota Corolla vehicle
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It was excitement galore on the 3rd of December 2018 in Lagos, when Blessing Jonah, a small business owner won a Toyota Corolla worth N2.5 million from, a leading online gaming platform.


Since the unveiling of the brand, this is the first time an automobile was showcased as a prize – which indeed, produced a winner within one month of promoting the prize; this is a remarkable rare feat.


Speaking with journalists, Hillary Nwaukor, CEO of Ekojara said Blessing had won the Toyota Corolla vehicle with just N2,500 after an online raffle draw that was characterized by probity and transparency was drawn.


He congratulated the winner for having the conviction and courage to play the game on, urging other members of society, especially within Lagos to take their chances in a subsequent online draw, as anybody can win.


“Remember, everybody stands a chance to win. Someday, we imagine that people will have a fair chance to win big items such as a Prado SUV on, this is just the beginning.” Mr Nwaukor further revealed that one of Ekojara’s aspirations is to see members of society win houses in highbrow areas like Lekki and so forth.


“Our goal is to add value to the lives of our people through a pure bazaar game of chance.


“The only requirement from our people is to be ready to take advantage of the fair chance provided by the online gaming company, because you need to be in it to win it.”


To participate and stand a chance to win any item on, players must first download Ekojara App from Apple Play store.


We also distribute the Android version from our website. Those who do not have smartphones can simply sign-up online.


“This is a game for many Nigerians who are willing to stake as low as 0.20% of the published value of an item.


“Blessing Jonah won this Corolla vehicle with N2,500; which is 0.10% of the value of the car in the market.


“In fact, we are running a bonanza on a second vehicle were bidders will stake as low as N500 perchance for the car; reducing the risk to 0.02%.


“All listed items to be won on Ekojara’s website have been verified by industry regulators,” he added.


Commenting on what the big win means for the Ekojara brand, Nwaukor said it basically means that our word is our bond as well as adding value to the lives of Nigerians through a chance auction that gives people the opportunity to own cars, electronics and many other items on


“For instance, the lady who won the prize came to our office via a public transport, but she will drive home today in her personal vehicle.


“She might even decide to deploy the vehicle on Uber or Taxify platform and make more money,” because the Corolla 06 is a practical motor, cheap parts and easy to maintain.


According to Blessing Jonah, the winner of the Toyota Corolla vehicle, the joy of winning such a valuable item with a token appears to be unmeasurable. “At first, when I was contacted, I found it unbelievable.


“In fact, I was sceptical when a friend recommended, this is my first time of playing a game on Ekojara and I feel very excited.


“I am urging fellow Lagosians to try their luck on and continue playing because nobody knows who is going to win.”


Blessing added that she was inside a bus when a call was put through by the officials of Ekojara informing her that she had won a big prize. “All thanks to my friend Atinuke who mentioned Ekojara to me.”


Confirming this claim, Shonike Atinuke said before recommending Ekojara to her friend that she had won N5,000 and N40,000 on different occasions.


“I knew about this platform on Instagram and I downloaded the App. The day that I received a call from Ekojara that I won N40,000,


“I was almost crazy because I was screaming out of joy. Going forward, I started telling people about Ekojara including family and friends,” she added.


Ekojara online raffle auction system is designed to accept the predetermined equal number of bids entered by customers to stand a chance of winning an advertised item/- goods for auction.


Players enter their dream numbers (ticket numbers) and submit within the odds of 01-99 into 5 unique boxes provided for the Dream-bid category. These numbers are unique identifiers for your purchased tickets.


“One bidder can buy as many tickets as possible on any category. Numbers played can be generated by the players or by the system depending on the option the bidder wants.


“We are equally positioned to outsource our application to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) Companies, Real-Estate, Auto Retailers and many other sectors in Nigeria and Online Brand Influencers – for their general bonanza, giveaways and promotions driven by our innovative raffle auction system.




Ugo Onwuaso is an ICT enthusiast. He believes technology should be used for general good. He holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the Lagos state University.

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Ericsson to Showcase Music Connect at Mawazine Festival 2019



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Ericsson has announced its participation in the 18th edition of the Mawazine Festival, one of the world’s largest music events, taking place in Rabat, Morocco from June 21-29, 2019. Through a showcase of the future technology, Ericsson played Music Connect to exhibit how the future will look like with new innovations that are developed to create immersive experiences for audiences of such big events.

Music Connect enables musicians in different locations playing together in real time with harmony. It will enable more people to enjoy immersive performances than ever before.

The higher throughput connection and ultra-low latency enables musicians to practice and perform in real time and perfect synchronization, even when they are geographically apart. It will also allow musicians with disabilities to participate in musical events and receive or provide training without physically being present – transforming limitations into possibilities.

Music Connect highlights how connectivity can transform our interaction with arts, and the ways that 5G technology will revolutionize this industry – by providing a much more enhanced, enriching experience through connectivity across the globe.

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Titans of Tech Focuses on Local Content, Infrastructure Protection for Socio-Economic Growth



Isa Pantanmi, NITDA DG
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THE 2019 edition of prestigious Titans of Tech Award will hold in Lagos, Friday, July 19, 2019 at the Oriental Hotels Victoria Island with a special Roundtable on the growing importance of digital infrastructure protection in the quest to further Socio-economic Growth.


Don Pedro Aganbi, managing consultant, Technology Africa, who made this known to newsmen in Lagos revealed that the theme of the Leadership Roundtable is “Cyber security, Local Content Development, Big Data & Infrastructure Protection – Catalyst for Economic Growth And National Development.”


According to Aganbi, “An industry data claimed that Nigeria might have ceded about 70 per cent of the country’s technology market to brands due to apathy for locally made products”. Local content according to him is defined as the amount of incremental value added or created in Nigeria through the utilisation of Nigerian human and material resources for the provision of goods and services in the ICT industry within acceptable quality and standards, to stimulate the development of indigenous capabilities.


Speaking further he said that the widespread deployment of digital and other communication infrastructure is creating an unprecedented increase in the volume of data. It is this deluge of digital data that is now popularly called ‘big data.”


He stated that “data is the lifeblood and an essential ingredient for accountability in the digital economy.”


Aganbi noted that as the economy got more connected the need to safeguard data, secure transactions and protect digital infrastructure grew exponentially.


He explained that more and more people agree that the connected economy is precipitated by the Internet and is rapidly changing the way we work, socialize, create and share information. Indeed, it is continuously changing the way we organize the flow of people, ideas, and things around the globe.


The infrastructure, he said, that makes this possible undoubtedly is a strategic economic growth driver; and a catalyst for socio economic development.


So naturally the protection of such infrastructure, particularly of rapidly growing digital infrastructure, is akin to ensuring the survival of the emerging digital society and sustaining economic growth, he revealed.


Aganbi made it known that several seasoned industry experts and leaders are expected to attend and participate in the seminal leadership round table session.

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AfDB Hosts Masterclass on Women’s Skills in Business Development



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The fourth Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA)/Entreprenarium masterclass began Monday in Pretoria, South Africa, aimed at improving women’s skills in business development and financial management.

40 business women, who came through an online application process, will attend the two-day masterclass, which will cover financial planning, lean start-up methodology and business model canvassing.

A mentoring and coaching session will help participants to broaden their skills. The masterclasses are jointly conducted by the African Development Bank Group ( and Entreprenarium, a pan-African foundation that invests philanthropic capital in the training and financing of women and young entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the opening, African Development Bank Regional Director General, Kapil Kapoor, queried development agendas that discriminate 50% of the population on regulation, skills development, access to information. “We would like to put gender at forefront of our development agenda to cause a transformation that is inclusive. This is a forum where the Bank can do differently to bring about this transformation,” he said.

The training forms part of the Bank’s goal to support over a thousand women entrepreneurs in six African countries. Training has already occurred in the Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon and Kenya, and is under way in Tunisia. From the first three countries, applications for financing are being reviewed with a view to support the most promising projects.

Despite South Africa being the second largest economy in Africa, the nation has very high levels of unemployment (59% youth, 29.5% women), huge disparities in income and too many unskilled youth and women. Many youth and women face numerous challenges that include unaffordable bank fees for those on low incomes, a lack of trust in financial institutions, and informal borrowings.

Access to finance in South Africa remains a challenge, especially to black African women. Some of the major obstacles include inadequate financial literacy; the banking sector’s fear of their perceived risks of lending to women; economic empowerment targets that exclude women’s enterprises; and inadequate or inappropriate bank products.

Entreprenarium has been working with women entrepreneurs throughout Africa since 2004 and has trained over 2,000 entrepreneurs.

Speaking for Entreprenarium, Frédéric Ngirabacu, Chief Operating Officer said, “We developed this programme to support and empower resilient and innovative women entrepreneurs all across the African continent, because they have a right to the same opportunities as men to build their financial autonomy in a sustainable way.”

AFAWA is a powerful and creative new initiative that intends to mobilise over $3 billion of financing for women-empowered businesses in Africa to reduce women’s business vulnerability and liberate unused human potential for sustainable and equitable growth.

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