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Peer-to-Peer Lending as a Means of Propelling Startup Growth



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By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke

Capital is the livewire of any business, especially for startups and established small businesses. Hence, they are always seeking for some additional funding that is too small for an angel investor to get a return for their effort. Banks also think it’s not worth their time. That’s where peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is working to fill that lending gap. This model may be a solution for many small businesses that are struggling with just tapping smaller funding amounts.

Peer-to-peer lending involves borrowing money from your peers, including other business people and investors who are interested in relatively small financing amounts. It has been taken a notch higher with fintechs entering the fray. Small business owners and startups can now borrow millions of naira at flexible interest rates.

Why Consider Peer-to-Peer Lending
There are many reasons to consider a P2P loan, but the most compelling is that you do not require a collateral. Also, lower interest rates tend to be available, depending on your loan amount and loan term, because the peer-to-peer lenders operate with low overhead. You can repay the loan early and not have to contend with any prepayment penalties. Since it is an online lending environment, you’ll also enjoy faster approval and no paperwork except for a few online forms and a digital signature.

What To Look Out For
In Nigeria today, there are so many P2P lenders. Entrepreneurs have a potpourri of options to select from. You need to consider what this type of funding requires of you in order to optimise the benefits.

Some of the things that a good P2P lender must have include: easy access to working capital, quick registration, low-interest rate, collateral-free, and flexible repayments plan within 1-6 months. All these aforementioned are what makes Jumia Lending very unique. Jumia Lending is an initiative that gives you the opportunity to grow and expand your business by granting you access to fast and easy short-term working capital.

As an entrepreneur looking to expand the horizon of your business, you can sign up to sell on Jumia and after 6 months of uninterrupted sales on the platform, you will qualify to apply for Jumia Lending. In fact, before you even qualify for the loan, you will experience a significant increase in sales because you are leveraging on the wide reach of Jumia.

Using P2P Lending Strategically
With these benefits and considerations in mind, it’s important to look at using P2P lending in a strategic way.

Determine which P2P lender is best for you.
Check reviews and get peer recommendations that relate their experiences with a P2P lender, from application to pay off.

Consider all other lending options that are available to you. Do a comparison to see which lending option offers you the best rate, terms, and amount for what you are looking to accomplish with your funds and the state of your business.

Don’t borrow money just to borrow it (or spend it just to spend it). Create a clear plan and disciplined approach to using the funds that will make the money go the distance. That means looking at the ways you can use the least amount possible through a lean startup strategy.

Ugo Onwuaso is an ICT enthusiast. He believes technology should be used for general good. He holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the Lagos state University.

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The Winning Habits of Successful Forex Traders



Abiola Akinyele, General Manager of FXTM Nigeria
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By Abiola Akinyele, General Manager of FXTM Nigeria


Who is a forex trader?

A forex trader is an individual who exchanges one currency for another in the global financial market. The financial market is an over-the-counter (OTC) market, where financial instruments are traded. It is considered the largest and most liquid market in the world, with a daily turnover of over 5.6 trillion dollars.


Anyone who wishes to become a successful trader is responsible for honing their skills through education and consistent practice. At FXTM, we believe educated traders are successful traders, which is why we run very detailed seminars and workshops, both at an introductory and advanced level at our offices and training centers here in Nigeria.


Anyone can train to become a disciplined trader, through self-analysis to see what drives their operations and also learning from their mistakes &forex psychology.


It is a fact that successful traders think and act differently. They  usually have specific habits and usually follow a series of steps or patterns which guide them daily as they trade in the markets.


When you start trading forex, you know that it can be very lucrative and rewarding, but this does not mean that you do not have risks, or that 100% of the time you will be successful.  It is important that you master the basic concepts and understand the foundations necessary to excel to become successful.


Get going!


To achieve what you want, you must focus on trading and make it part of your daily actions. You must alsounderstand that behavior is an integral part of the trading process and thus your attitude and mindset should reflect the following attributes. Let’s have a look.


  1. Manage your money


There is not a single successful trader who does not know how to manage their money. The art of understanding money management – knowing how much you can invest and afford to risk, in addition to being able to establish the appropriate losses and thus take profits at the right time, are skills that are indispensable and that you must acquire. You must preserve your capital always and at all costs, in order to possibly generate wealth in the long-term.


  1. Manage your emotions


Remember that in forex trading there is no place for emotion of any kind.If both the winners and the losers act in the same way, the operations will be executed in a more professional manner and without drastic changes.


You can achieve this with calmness and dedication; for example, if you are upset because one of your trades is experiencing losses, try to take a break from the trade. You can reintegrate once you have calmed down.


Avoid making any emotional decisions, as this can lead you to commit commercial mistakes and disasters that will result in losses.


  1. Take advantage of demo accounts and use them until you are ready


Demo accounts are usually a great way to test the waters in a place where it is not risky since you do not lose real money.


This applies above all if you are a newbie and so you can try different trading platforms. But once you feel very prepared to start a live account, you may try it, and take a chance.


  1. Run your winners in order to have as many benefits as possible


Now, in the financial markets, there are many beginners who think that the best traders are the ones who are always right.  This is a myth because in the world of trading, not everything is theory.


Then, once you have found an asset in which you are good, hold on to it and learn to polish that skill. You should always learn to obtain benefits that are significant enough as this is the only way in which you can cover your losses.


  1. Cut losses early


By taking into account how difficult it is to beprofitable in the competitive forex world, you must keep an eye on them and are willing to cut losses ahead of time, even if they are your profitable trades.


This means that when the market moves against you, you should not trust that it will return soon. Of course, unless there is a signal that is clear and precise and expresses what will happen in the market, in that case, leave soon and go to the next, always with the hope that it might beprofitable.


  1. Learn from your mistakes and see them as knowledge


You learn while doing it. That is why you should not allow a bad experience to truncate the path to success.


It’s a learning curve that would allow better decision-making in the future.


  1. Find the perfect strategy and repeat


It is well-known that trading can belike a big battle to take money out of the market. And to be able to achievethis in the most appropriateway, you will need a repeatable and efficient strategy that works for you in the long run. The market is always changing, which means that you will sometimes need to make adjustments to your strategy.  That way, you will mightmore chances to win if you can find a way to make your strategy works. Don´t waste more time.


  1. Separate your life habits from the trading habits


It is important that you can make time and maintain a balanced lifestyle to your life outside of trading. Having a healthy and calm lifestyle requires that you take regular breaks from trading during the day. This will help you to make better trading decisions and as a result, you will have more chances of being successful.


  1. Search and use methods that have been tested and you can prove it.


Do not believe everything you read and see on the internet, remember that it is a minefield of lies and people seeking profits on the backs of frauds.


That is why you should look for a real test of the methods that are being promoted to you and verify that they really work well.


This insurance process can include going with current trends, also reducing your losses, in case you are seeing a benefit, or letting go.


  1. Never forget the risk / reward


Do not forget that there is always a risk before a reward. The ratio of risk to reward is not going to be the same all the time, due to the fast-moving nature of the financial market. There are times when it may seem that you are failing in the trade with the risk you see, only so that everything can become a reward in this way.

Then you can proceed to make your withdrawals and they can be about half of your returns or even less. Youmust pay attention and definitely not expect for every tradesto produce profits every time.


  1. Keep a trade journal


By having a trading diary, you can keep a record ofyour winning positions as well as the losing ones. It is also important to also point out the characteristics that led you to that position, and be able to analyse these results.


It is necessary to be very orderly in the life of a trader, since keeping a record of trades gives the trader a really objective platform and thus be able to better understand both their options and their decisions. All of these are importantin order to improve the process of trading.


  1. Take responsibility for your movements


This habit is linked to controlling your emotions, with the difference that this time you mustn’t just control your emotions, but that you have to accept them.


You must take responsibility for each of the movements/decisions you make, and you should not blame anyone for your losses. Equally, this means no one but you gets credit for your profits.  Do notinvest in more than what you can afford to lose.


  1. It’s not just habits that make the trader, it’s the personality too


Habits are important because they form a routine for the traderand make them a person who follows certain steps that will lead him to their next gains. However, personality also plays one of the most important roles in being successful trader andit is the perfect complement for these habits to work in their entirety.


A trader must have a defined personality in order to predict a pattern of behavior that will not only help them to understand the market better, but also the way in which the same trader manages that market.


For example, there are traders who are calm and determined; in case they are not 100% sure of a trade, they may decide not to go ahead withit and thus maintain their current balance.In this way, they remain a cautious and patient trader.


At the same time, there are traders who take risks and this can lead them to have big profits,or big losses. Regardless of personality type, the important thing is that the trader knows themselves, knows what kind of habits are indicators for them and whattheir movements are in the market.




Finding at least one advantage in forex trading will help keep you in a superior position; having good tradinghabits can certainly be one of these advantages.


These habits that were explained previously serve for all types of traders, since if there is something that all successful traders have in common, is that everyone must maintain good habits in order to be successful. Organize yourself and create a routine with habits that couldlead you to success.

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How Digital Technology Has Redefined the MSME Sector



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By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke,

The MSME sector is the backbone of Nigeria’s economy. Studies by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) show that approximately 96% of Nigerian businesses are MSMEs, compared to 53% in the US and 65% in Europe. Of this number, about 99.87% of MSMEs in Nigeria are micro-enterprises. With a total number of about 17.4 million, SMEs contribute about half (48%) of the entire GDP in Nigeria.

Thanks to digital technology, it is worth noting that ecommerce platforms like Jumia have so far played a key role in boosting and accelerating MSMEs in the last 7 years. A significant number of MSMEs are riding on the Jumia platform to reach millions of customers in Nigeria and across Africa. Today, these MSMEs are raking in more revenue compared to the past.

The fact is, there is a link between technology adoption and the MSME sector growth with some stating that MSMEs who were early adopters of the technology have increased their annual revenue 15% faster than their competitors. This is what the vendors on Jumia are currently enjoying. This article explores the five leading ways in which technology will encourage growth in the MSME sector.

Creating a digital business

Thinking through and executing a digital business model requires a fundamental shift in strategy because it is completely different from offline business. In this case, you either bring out a new offering or take the existing offering to market in newer ways. This means being able to explore technologies such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to make the customer experience seamless. The option for digital technology in MSMEs is numerous. It only requires very strong business understanding to be able to analyze what the ecosystem looks like, have a very strong understanding of the customer and their insatiable expectations to be able to devise an appropriate strategy to create the digital business that meets their needs.

Social impact

You can’t afford to operate your business as if it exists in a vacuum any longer. The rise of social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram mean your customers are simply a click away and now users can connect without regard to the geographical obstacle, financial background, or even social status.  Indeed, in the past, there were very limited avenues for customers to raise their queries but now as a business, you are likely to incur an unfavourable rant or a bad review on Facebook. This is why as a business, you should not compromise on standards because what goes on on the Internet stays on the Internet. This means that if you earn a bad reputation, it’s going to stick with you. It is for this reason that businesses large and small worry about their digital footprint and a good number of organisations have experts who are on the lookout for potential “bad press” and are out making the rounds trying to be proactive.

Increased interest in and need for security

Businesses of all sizes need to be increasingly aware of the need for enhanced security. The rise in cyber-crime has also led to an increase in interest in protecting data, training employees and incorporating IT into every aspect of the business. At the very least, an organization needs to be committed to protecting data with backups, integrating patches and updates regularly and training all employees to spot the signs of trouble.


Digital technology has also increased the ease with which we can all stay in touch, interact and engage. Whether it’s having your coworkers and employees available via text/video chat at a moment’s notice, or being able to send targeted promotional email blasts to pre-qualified customers when they’re shopping at nearby businesses, the rise of mobile technology has blended almost seamlessly with communication software to create a web of real-time information.

Improved access to information and data

Digital Technology has made it easier than ever to research and find data without leaving the office. Enhanced access to data gives your business the ability to offer your customer service team not only a way to connect with customers but also a way to instantly access complete customer history. In addition to this, you can provide a better user experience for anyone who interacts with your brand.

Irrespective of how big or small a business enterprise is, application of digital technology offers numerous benefits including those that facilitate the smooth running of business operations. These benefits are sometimes tangible while other times; they are intangible. The bottom line is that business applications play a significant role in increasing profitability for businesses while generating the results that customers need.

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Gulder Unveils New TVC To Inspire Consumers



L-R Media Manager NB Plc. Toheeb Azeez, Portfolio Manager, National Premium Brands NB Plc. Sarah Agha, Senior Brand Manager Gulder, NB Plc., Kolawole Akintimehin, and Brand Manager Support Gulder, NB Plc. Freya Doessel At The Unveil of Gulder’s New Brand Positioning – “Own Your Journey”
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National Premium lager, Gulder, has unveiled a new TVC to inspire, engage and encourage Nigerians to continue to own their journey. Known for its sleek golden brown bottle with the iconic helmet, Gulder is set to use this TVC to continue to urge Nigerians to celebrate the small wins on their quest for success.


With the aim of extending its market penetration by redefining the brand to its consumers, the new TVC is hinged on Gulder’s redefined positioning tagged “Own Your Journey”, which was launched in January this year.


The 60 seconds TVC features a young ambitious man who is striving to become successful in his career.


He is seen discouraged by family and friends but, despite the odds, he not only pushes through and achieves great success, but he celebrates the priceless moments along the way over cold bottles of Gulder.


Speaking on the launch of the TVC, Brand Manager, Gulder, Kolawole Akintimehin said; “We believe it is a really nice time to be talking about owning and celebrating every level in our personal journeys.


“As a brand, we want to help our consumers own and celebrate all the spheres of their endeavors.


“The new TVC embodies the type of message Gulder wants to engrave in the heart of every young Nigerian, and we hope to inspire and encourage as many people as possible.”


Gulder lager beer is renowned for being a staple for the, bold and courageous Nigerian. Celebrating the daring and brave spirit of Nigerians, whilst cheering them on to their quests for success.



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