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SystemSpecs Demonstrates Commitment to Develop Youths Through Practical Education



The leading software company in Nigeria, SystemSpecs has demonstrated its commitment to develop the nation’s technology ecosystem by investing resources in young talents through the facilitation of rigorous coding sessions for secondary school students drawn from over 18 different schools from nine states and FCT in Lagos and Abuja for two weeks.

The summer coding class, which was organized for selected students, was hosted in collaboration with Techquest Academy, a technology college charged with the training of people on coding, by using robots and other gadgets.

Tagged Remita Summer Coding Camp, the two-week summer camp was purposed to open the mind of the children to latent opportunities in the technology space and creatively expose them to the technological world while arousing their interest in exploring the world of innovations, creativities and developments.

According to John Obaro, the Managing Director and CEO of SystemSpecs, the summer coding was organised to engage the students and build their skills and create in them the desire to be creative and innovative while guiding them towards exploring the world of technology.

“We just saw this coding camp as part of the opportunity to work with the kids and show them what the future is and encourage them to embrace software development since everything around us these days is technology-enabled. So being able to give these young ones the opportunity to understand what it is and being ready to take over the future of technology,” he said.

Olumide Aderewale, Techquest Operations Manager and one of the facilitator at the summer camp, pledged the company’s commitment towards a continuous follow-up on the students after the summer camp.

“This is just an introduction to whet the appetite of the students and also to create a hunger for them to learn. With this training, they will able to think creatively, work collaboratively and even build simple solutions.

“After the two weeks intensive session, they will also grow with the support of follow-up from us and their parents who will support them by getting the necessary resources. On our part, we have a link posted online that the kids can continue to learn under our tutelage”, he said.

One of the parents who accompanied Aishat Lawal, one of the participating students, to the camp, Olajide Lawal told the media that he purposely brought her 12-year old daughter who is in JSS3 at the Federal Government College, Ibillo, Edo State, to the camp to learn how to write a line of code.

Lawal said that he had to register her ward when he learnt about the opportunities available to students who are digitally-inclined in this present digital age.

“I see a lot of opportunities that are lacking in my local government and brought Aishat here to build her capacity in addition to what she is being taught in Federal Government College”, Lawal said.

Lawal who brought her daughter from Ifelodun Local Government to Lekki, venue of the coding camp said he was satisfied with the high level of facilitators who administer the coding classes.

“Aishat told me that they were taught how to build animation, games, 3D printing and many other things. I know that after the two weeks, she would have learnt a lot of things”, Lawal explained.

Speaking with the media during the summer camp, 13 years old and ss1 student of International School, University of Lagos, Diekoloreoluwa Ajayi shared the impact of the summer camp.

“I have learnt a lot. I have learnt how to build blocks from Scratch. There is a programing language called Scratch. You don’t have to start building from Scratch. With the programing language called Scratch, you don’t have to write code, you just have to bring out the blocks. So I have learnt how to put blocks together.

“I have learnt how to make games with the programming language. I have learnt how to put words together to make sense. I have learnt how to make a questionnaire; like my character can interact with you. It can also ask you questions and give you specific instruction,” he explained.

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Coronavirus Outbreak in China: FAAN Releases Travel Advisory



The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has advised passengers and other airport users to comply with all quarantine procedures at the nation’s airports.


FAAN said the advice is in an effort to protect passengers from the epidemic ravaging some countries and to prevent the spread of such communicable diseases into Nigeria,


FAAN said that all the equipment and personnel used in combating the deadly Ebola virus in 2014 are still very much in place at the airports.


“FAAN has always had thermal scanners in her airports that monitor temperature of passengers and capture their pictures. When passengers walk pass the scanner, it registers their temperature and if too high, they are pulled aside for observation,” FAAN stated in a statement.


Recall that recently, a deadly virus known as CORONAVIRUS broke out in China and has since killed six people, with over 300 also reported to have been infected.


The virus is highly communicable and has already spread to boarder countries like Japan, Thailand and South Korea.


The viruses can make people sick, usually with a mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness, similar to a common cold. Coronavirus symptoms include a runny nose, cough, sore throat, possibly a headache and maybe a fever, which can last for a couple of days.

For those with a weakened immune system, the elderly and the very young, there’s a chance the virus could cause a lower, and much more serious, respiratory tract illness like a pneumonia or bronchitis.


FAAN, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health, have confirmed the adequacy of the facilities at the nation’s airports to prevent the importation of the virus through the airports.


Passengers are therefore, advised to submit themselves for routine quarantine checks whenever they are asked to.



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Team Visa Welcomes Nigerian Sprinter Divine Oduduru to Tokyo 2020 Cohort



Visa announced that Nigerian Athlete Divine Oduduru has been signed on to their global Team Visa program for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Team Visa athletes are selected based on their expected demonstration of strong competitive performance at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, regardless of nationality and background. They are selected based on their personal journey, competitive achievements and community involvement. In talent as well as character, its members represent Visa’s values of acceptance, partnership and inclusion.

Divine Oduduru, is the second fastest athlete in Africa after finishing 100 metres race in 9.86 seconds and 200 meters in 19.73 seconds at the NCAA championships this year.

He actively began his career in 2007 and has since gone on to set groundbreaking records at both local and international levels.

The Nigerian sprint sensation broke into limelight five years ago at the 2014 World Junior Athletic Championship, and recently made his debut as a pro-athlete at World Championship Diamond’s league with active preparations underway for his participation at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Speaking on the signing, Divine Oduduru, said: “Joining other athletes from across the world as part of Team Visa has been a dream come true for me.

“As a track and field athlete, having a strong support system is important and so it means so much to me to have a partner in my corner that provides me with the same opportunities as other athletes competing in Tokyo 2020. I am very proud and honored to be representing Nigeria and Team Visa at the Olympics next year.”

“We are excited to welcome Divine Oduduru into TeamVisa for the highly anticipated Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 tournament said. His dedication, record of accomplishment and consistency in the track and field category over the years, has set him apart.

At Visa, we embrace the culture of extending support to sports men and women to assist them in ways that can motivate them and enable them achieve their goals,” said Kemi Okusanya, Vice President, Visa West Africa

“Divine’s journey has been truly remarkable and inspiring. His tenacity, dedication and passion to the sport are a perfect fit for Team Visa,” she added. “We hope to provide him with a global stage at The Olympics to tell his story and inspire other athletes in Nigeria to follow their dreams and never give up.”

Visa has been a global Olympic partner for more than 30 years and the first and longest-standing global Paralympic partner (since 2003). Since 2000, Team Visa has given aspiring athletes the support they need to pursue their goals, both on and off the field of competition, regardless of origin or background.

Visa provides tools and resources – including funding support and financial literacy training – through its Team Visa program. Since the programme began in 2000, Team Visa has supported over 400 Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls from around the world.

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UK-Africa Investment Summit: Scaling up Investment for Africa’s Clean Energy Transformation



The UK-Africa Investment Summit that was held in London on Monday resolved to Scaling up Investment for Africa’s Clean Energy Transformation.

The summit witnessed attendance of Many African leaders, UK and African businesses, international institutions and young entrepreneurs.

His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari represented Nigeria, supported by a strong Nigerian delegation.

Ahead of the UK-hosted UN Climate Summit (COP26) later this year, a central theme of the UK-Africa Investment Summit was support for African leaders’ call to accelerate investment in secure, low-cost and low carbon energy.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s opening speech highlighted the benefits of clean energy, including jobs and sustainable growth, and announced that the UK would end support for thermal coal mining and coal power plants overseas.

During the Summit, the UK Government committed to use its expertise and experience to partner with African countries to help them transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable, sustainable forms of clean energy.

British High Commissioner Catriona Laing, who attended the Summit, commented:

“In the year the UK is set to host the UN climate summit, COP26, we put clean energy at the heart of the UK-Africa Investment Summit.

Over the past 12 months, campaigners, including the inspirational Greta Thunberg, have shone a spotlight on the urgency for immediate and ambitious action to reduce the potentially devastating impact of climate change.

I am proud that the UK government is showing leadership, including through our legally-binding commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

And I am delighted that Nigeria too is playing a leadership role, demonstrated through the strong participation at the UK-Africa Investment Summit by the Minister of State for the Environment Sharon Ikeazor and Nigerian national Damilola Ogunbiyi, who moderated the panel discussion on clean energy transition.

At the Summit, the UK announced a range of partnerships with African countries that I hope will support Nigerian leadership in setting an ambitious National Determined Contribution (NDC) to global emissions reduction targets.

In particular, I hope that the £10m (over ₦4.7billion) UK Climate Finance Accelerator will help Nigeria secure greater investments in green energy, increasing the availability of sustainable power and creating new jobs.”

In total more than £50m (₦28.6billion) of new UK investment was pledged at the Summit for clean energy projects across Africa and new links were forged between UK and African companies, investors and policymakers to promote clean energy usage.

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