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TB Joshua Claims Vision of His Building Collapse that Killed 115



Prophet Temitope Joshua, founder of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN)
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Prophet Temitope Joshua, founder of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) has claimed that he saw a vision of the incident that killed at least 115 persons in the church guesthouse.

The victims, mainly South Africans, died when a six-storey guesthouse belonging to the church caved in on September 12.

The prophet popularly known as TB Joshua, said he knew something tragic was to befall his ministry and that that he prepared his parishioners on how to handle the tragedy.

He insisted that the 115 victims were martyrs, adding that their relations would see the continuation of the work of God “they died and suffered for.

In a statement posted on the SCOAN’s official Facebook page, the embattled clergyman, warned his critics against accusing him of failing to foresee the disaster that befell his ministry.

“For those who are outside the Lord, they would not know. When you are outside God, you will not know what I am talking. When you are outside the light, you cannot understand what I am talking.

“For the three weeks before the incident, if you heard my message and sat down, you would know I was giving you a vision and prophetic word on how to handle the situation at hand. Trials and tests are for our belief. I go by the directives of God,” TB Joshua claimed.

Accusing his critics of being “used by Satan,” the televangelist said they were just out to “disturb” the faith of his local and international members with “negative words.”

According to him, all the “Satanic agents” criticising him over the circumstances surrounding the incident, would soon “suffer for it.”

Since none of his critics is unable to help him raise the victims from death, TB Joshua argued that they should stop rubbishing his ministry or risk paying dearly for it.

Those who could not stop what happened (building collapse), he said, should be “careful of their tongues” as “anybody can go for it.

“I have been on this journey for 27 years. Do you think God can close His eyes and rubbish everything here? They are asking God to bring more evidence of whether He is the one who called me. Warn everyone to be very careful. This issue at hand is a delicate issue.

“People are using this to gain money and friends. This is a warning. Whatever people want to write let them write; they will be the ones to read it. I said our God would get back to them. He has started somewhere. He is coming. If your brother is involved, unless he can resurrect the people who died, he will join them. If you can resurrect the people who died, you can go free.

“The servants, the people who sent them; the people who heard the stories all around and those who want to use it for themselves and to disturb my spirit, you may likely join them. Be careful. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Let us be very careful with our tongues,” he warned.

Urging those questioning his calling not to sway his followers, he added that they should extend love and affection to the victims and relations of those involved in the tragedy.

 “Your responsibility is to the victims and the relations of the victims and martyrs of faith. If you say you are born again, wherever the victims and their relations are, wherever the relations of the martyrs of faith are, look for them. Let them know you are praying for them. What you eat; let them eat it.

“What you wear; let them wear. What you have on your table, let them have it on their tables, too. Share what you have with them – your love, prayer, affection and strength. Share it with them at this time. This is what we call ‘born again’ – my pain is your pain. Your joy is my joy.

“The multitude of people who claim to be with T.B. Joshua in prayer – if the same people turn to the families of the victims and martyrs of faith, don’t you think life would be better for them than before? Join them; look for them, as many other things they are doing now,” TB Joshua added.

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Nigeria week in review : trade hopes falter, Brexit talks collapse, Gold sinks



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By Lukman Otunuga, FXTM Research Analyst,

It has been a turbulent trading week for financial markets as investors tussled with ongoing trade developments, Brexit uncertainty and geopolitical tensions across the globe.

Risk sentiment crumbled today on reports circulating around China’s lack of interest to resume trade discussions with the United States. Global equity markets were flashing red amid the uncertainty and this negative mood could roll over into the new trading week.

Markets remain uncertain at this point in time as to whether the seemingly confrontational rhetoric following the escalation in the US-China trade dispute over the past two weeks actually spells the death of any trade deal. Perhaps the weekend couldn’t have come at a better time, allowing time for investors to digest the latest commentary and ascertain whether both sides are playing hardball as an intended signal, a show of brinkmanship, or just plain noise before the scheduled G20 meeting in Japan next month.

Pound hammered as Brexit talks collapse

It was already a terrible trading week for the British Pound thanks to the political risk circus in Westminster and Brexit-related uncertainty.

Recent reports of cross-party talks between the Conservative and Labour party concluding without a deal have compounded to the Pound’s woes today. With the failure of cross-party talks and Theresa May agreeing to set a date for her departure fueling concerns over the UK potentially crashing out the EU without a deal in October, Pound weakness is likely to remain a dominant theme.


In regards to the technical picture, the GBPUSD is bearish on the daily and weekly charts. The currency pair extended losses on the negative news this morning, with prices trading around 1.2750 as of writing. A weekly close below 1.2820 has the potential to open a path towards 1.2700 and 1.2620, respectively.

All eyes on Nigeria GDP in the week ahead

Next week kicks off with a bang for the Nigerian economy as GDP figures for Q1 are scheduled to be released on Monday. Investors will closely scrutinize the data for insights into the health of the nation during the first quarter of 2019. A figure that exceeds market expectations is likely to boost sentiment over the Nigerian economy.

Commodity spotlight – Gold

This has not been the best of trading weeks for Gold with prices trading around $1283 as of writing.

Conflicting signals over the direction of US – China trade talks caused risk sentiment to swerve back and forth which ultimately impacted appetite for Gold. Although the yellow metal is trading back towards $1285 level at the time of writing, bulls remain in control above $1280. With uncertainty over trade talks likely to stimulate the flight to safety, safe-haven assets like Gold are poised to remain buoyed. Technical traders will continue to closely observe how prices behave around the $1285 region. Bulls need to break back above $1300 for prices to push higher in the medium term.


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How to Make Online Payment Easy For Customers



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By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke,

Making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay is essential for increasing conversions and sales. This is why your checkout page is critical. It’s the final stop for people shopping on an eCommerce website. It’s the place where they hand over their card information and finally part with their hard-earned cash.  Here is how to make online payment easy for your customers.

Provide a variety of payment methods

It sounds obvious, but there are websites that offer only one payment method. This is not good as customers expect a variety of payment options on the checkout page. While it’s not necessary to offer every conceivable payment method available, you’ll want to take a look at your target audience to see which payment methods they use. Payment options may include bank transfer, card payment and of course payment on delivery.

Ask for essential information only

You want to limit the amount of information you request to the essentials! Nothing kills the morale of your customers more than having to fill out a form with information that’s not necessary for making a purchase. And adding a long list of fields to fill out adds more hurdles for people to jump over in order to pay you.


Keep distractions to a minimum

It probably goes without saying, but your checkout page is the end of the sales cycle. It’s the final step. And in an era when people have very short attention, you don’t want anything to distract them from completing the checkout process. And that means, under no circumstances, should you put up any advertisements. Your objective here is to see people through to making the final payment.

Have clear calls to action

Don’t leave people guessing what to do next! When someone adds an item to their basket, make it clear they can “Continue to checkout” or “Continue Shopping.” The idea is to make it specific and avoid being ambiguous with CTAs like “Continue,” “Checkout,” or “Apply.”

Make errors easy to fix

It’s a given that people make mistakes. Sometimes someone may omit “@” in their email address. In any case, your task here is to point out the error and get them to correct it.


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Must-Have Accessories For Your New Smartphone



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By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke,

Smartphones were once considered a luxury. However, today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. In fact, it has become a necessity as they do not only help people keep in touch but can also allow them to get whatever they need. Nonetheless, when you buy a phone, all that you get is a phone with a few accessories, such as a charger and an earphone. There is a lot more than you can buy separately to improve your overall experience of using the phone. You can buy any of the accessories at a very affordable price on Jumia.

Power Banks

Despite carrying a lot of advanced features, mobile phones still don’t have infinite battery life. You’ll have to recharge them from time to time. Since charging points aren’t always accessible, carrying a phone power bank now becomes essential. If you do not have a power bank, you can get one on Jumia.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Modern Bluetooth speakers are more compact and convenient to carry around. They are now wireless and come with really innovative features and eye-catching designs. Power banks have excellent sound performance, built-in LED and rechargeable batteries that can run for 5 to 8 hours. With the portable Bluetooth speaker, you will say goodbye to boredom.


You can easily go without a smartwatch. However, considering how much time and effort it can save you from having to open your bag and fish out your devices, it may actually be worth it. You can answer calls, send text messages and check your email even if your phone isn’t around.


Whether you’re on a flight or just walking around the city, blasting your favorite music can make the activity more worthwhile. A headphone is a great option for music enthusiasts. Apart from the good audio performance, it also has the ability to collect noise data and cancel them.

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