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Wepay e-Platform Debut in Nigeria, Online Shoppers Can Order Product Without Internet



L-R: GM, Operations, WePay, Fashe Abayomi; GM Technical, WePay, Ravi Narain; Chief Client Services, WePay, Martina Medac and Managing Consultant, WePay, Akin Kehinde at the launch of WePay in Lagos recently.
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Online shoppers in Nigeria are about to experience a new vista in e-commerce with a bold entrance. BODC Trading and Investment Company at the launch of the platform ( in Lagos recently promised to offer great customer services to Nigeria’s online shoppers on its platform.


In his welcome remarks at the event, the Managing Consultant, Akin Kehinde, informed his guests that the company has many unmatchable sales deals and amazing after-sales services to excite our customers and to ensure that they have the best customer experience.


According to him, “We pride ourselves as a platform that offers a widest range of products including the latest of the mobile devices available at cash or credit term payment option driven by a robust credit check technology. It is our focus on driving the best customer experience that informed our leverage in the after sales end of the business. As a matter of fact, the purchase of a mobile device from our platform marks the beginning of a rewarding journey with us.”


Akin listed some of the various value-added services (VAS) that come with the WePay e- commerce platform to include repairs and maintenance of customers’ devices, free accessories like battery chargers, Bluetooth earpieces, hands-free cords, beautiful device casings, external speakers, pouches, table holders etc.


“Our platform will offer the customers extended warranties of three to six months beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, screen protection insurance, opportunities for device upgrade as well as trade-in programs’’.


He called on Nigerians, wherever they may be, to log on to the e-commerce portal, to purchase the devices of their choice with all the ease that the platform offers for various pickup locations or the option to and have these devices delivered to them at their various locations nationwide within the shortest time possible.


Ravi Narain, General Manager, Technical, informed the audience who witnessed the launch that the wepay platform allows customers to shop through web (internet) or through USSD (without internet) with the use of SMS codes.


While responding to issues bothering on internet access, Narain noted that, “the internet penetration in Nigeria, which stands at 70 percent, is good for e-commerce operations but for those who do not have internet access, because they do not have smartphones, data or those whose internet access is down can also shop on the WePay platform.”


According to him, one of the novel introductions wepay is offering its customers is the ability to use non-smart phones, notoriously referred to as ‘palasa phones’ to shop for all their needs with the same ease they buy airtime from their respective networks.


“What challenge this feature has resolved for the wepay shoppers is the issue of internet so shoppers nationwide have the opportunity to shop on our platform whether they are within or outside the network coverage areas; whether they have data or not; and with or without smartphones,” the GM continued.


“Wepay operates in line with international standards, therefore we have ensured that several measures towards security and cybercrime issues are put in place and apply on all transactions. Apart from the multilevel authentication, keeping data encrypted, secure and safe, we also insist that our customers have long passwords.”



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Rack Centre Wins Data Cloud Award Excellence for a Second Year Running



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Rack Centre, Africa’s premium Tier III certified colocation data centre services provider has been announced as the winner for a second year running at the 2019 Datacloud Awards in Monaco.  It won the Excellence in Regional Data Centre Middle East and Africa.

In selecting Rack Centre for the award, the august panel of judges took into account the company’s outstanding ecosystem of robust and direct connectivity with over 35 carriers and five undersea cables, its ability to scale its operations through its modular nature and its low proven Power Utilisation Effectiveness despite a challenging climatic and infrastructural environment.

The judges also considered Rack Centre’s service delivery, its outstanding customer satisfaction, achievement of 100% uptime since inception, and its CloudonGroundTM that offers a locally hosted and world class cloud ecosystem to Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa. Held in Monaco recently, the Datacloud Global Award, organised by BroadGroup, Publisher of the UK based Data Economy recognises teams, products, innovations, initiatives and projects in the global IT industry.

Phillip Low, Chairman of Broadgroup, said the awards helps to define a new era in the IT infrastructure market and acknowledges the inspirational people, innovation and excellence in the data centre, cloud and edge eco-system, and reflect the tremendous success and achievements in diversity, innovation and excellence.

The winners were selected by judges comprised of independent panels of leading professionals from the industry who looked particularly for companies and individuals with evidences of success in performance, innovation in delivering services and high levels of industry’s excellence.

Dr Ayotunde Coker, Managing Director of Rack Centre reacting to the company’s winning the coveted award for the second year’s running commented ” we are truly honoured, delighted and humbled at the award, and thank the judges for recognising Rack Centre for excellence in Middle East and Africa.  A great recognition indeed from highly respected global leaders in the industry, and the leading global industry event in Monaco”.

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Nigeria @ Outskirts of Mobile IoT, AI Services



Chris Uwaje, Africa chair for IEEE World Internet of Things (WIoT)
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The deployment of mobile Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence services in Nigeria has been described as sluggish compared to giant strides by some African countries.


According to the AI Maturity Report in South Africa, commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by Ernst & Young, ‘AI pilots and experimentation are now prolific across South African companies, with businesses showing a willingness to embrace AI and experiment using new technology.


In fact, 46% of South African companies say they are already actively piloting AI within their organisations.


The study is based on surveys, interviews and case studies from 112 companies across the Middle East and Africa (MEA).


Reacting to why AI and mobile IoT services are not visible in Nigeria as well not focus of operators, Oladipo Raji, president/CEO, InfraFocus Technologies, told Nigeria CommunicationsWeek that the biggest problems operators face in the launch of services on the new applications is connectivity and power issues.


“Imagine what happens in a house that is driven by IoT application when network fails or there is power outage how would people inside the house come out in the case of emergence. Why don’t we have electric trains in Nigeria? It is not rocket science only that there is no solid IT infrastructure on where the solution will ride as well power challenge.


“Most companies don’t have the financial capacity to build their own connectivity infrastructure for these services that is why you see them cluster around urban areas where such infrastructure is available,” he said.


Raji cited example of his company’s subsidiary, SmartFocus which spent three years to build infrastructure for its mobile IoT service ‘SmartHome’.


He explained that SmartHome solution allows subscribers to control their devices at home with a smartphone from anywhere in the world.


“The connectivity infrastructure we have built for this solution can’t take care of the whole of Lagos if they are to subscribe to it. Ideally, government should provide this type of infrastructure or enabling environment for operators to build capacity, but the case is different in Nigeria,” he noted.


He also decried none regulation of data service provision in the country which according to him has resulted to the death of many internet service providers.


“Data is free for all. This should not be so, NCC tried to correct it with data floor policy which didn’t work. The idea of four GSM operators selling mobile data to their subscriber and as well sale to corporate offices will not move the sector forward,” he said.


Engr. Samuel Adeleke, managing director, Steineng Ltd berated mobile operators for not doing enough to develop data segment of their services.


“What will drive the next economy is data, but operators are frustrating the impending data revolution through capping of data service to subscribers. They don’t allow subscribers unlimited data service, it is a case of a very wide good road and they are given tricycle to ride on it.


“They need to increase capacity reduce access rate and increase access, this will make subscribers addicted to the service and use more. Profitability is economy of scale,” he explained.




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Huawei Hosts 150 Partners @ Launch of Wi-Fi 6



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Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited recently hosted over 150 of partners at the global launch of its Wi-Fi 6 in Nigeria to discuss network solutions for business development.


The global annual IP club event brought together Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry experts across public and private sectors to discuss network solutions for business development.


Mr Matamela Mashau, IP chief technology officer, Huawei Southern Africa, at the event with the theme `Rethink IP 2019’ in Abuja, said the company’s investment in research and development (R&D) was core strength to its continuous innovation and competitive advantage.


“Huawei Technologies invests over 10 per cent of sales revenue in R&D over the last 10 years. “ Also the Huawei’s global resources are channeled to local operations to better serve its customers,” he said.


The Wi-Fi 6, which is the latest and fastest in terms of speed and digital transformation, was launched.

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